Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Valley Park alternative security the hourly rate is half of humanity can work

  Microsoft Silicon Valley campus has some patrol robot, which four groups, each five feet tall, 300 pounds, looked like a rocket. They softly humming sound to different direction, stopped turning, avoid garbage, walls and other obstacles.

  Robot is designed to be friendly but not too friendly, and this is in order to adapt to the businesses, shopping malls, campus monitoring needs. They are made from Knightscope start-ups, since 2013, the company focused on the design, development, testing K5 and has developed seven, four inputs will be applied before the end of this year. The robot can detect abnormal behavior, such as the person through the building at night, and then reported to the remote Security Center. NASA wants to Venus to build a Castle in the sky

  Cute and serious security robot

  To work like a human security, concentrated in the K5 dome-shaped fuselage was fitted with cameras, sensors, navigation equipment, electric motors, as well as a large rechargeable battery and computer. It has four HD cameras (one on each side), a license plate recognition camera, four microphones, and a meteorological sensor (looks like a DVD slot), can measure air pressure, carbon dioxide levels and temperature. Robot via WiFi or wireless data networks with other robots, people who monitor their cameras, microphones and remote communication.

  "According to different applications, K5 can replace monotonous, and sometimes dangerous work, and leave the work to strategic law enforcement officers or private security," said Knightscope co-founder Stacy Stephens.

  GPS systems and laser range finders to help develop robots patrol routes, avoiding obstacles. When they get to a new place, and a wireless controller with robots in the people who walk around in a circle, decided they would patrol areas and understand their environment. "You give a base map, and then it will be processed," Stephens said.

  K5 can monitor their battery usage and to the charging station when needed, single charge its built-in battery can last for about 24 hours, 15-20 minutes for charging.

  While the K5 looks pretty friendly, and does not carry any weapons, but it is not easy to hoax. If you walk in front of it, it will suddenly stop. If you try to withhold it, after a while its built-in alarm begins to chirp away, and sends a low level alarm to a remote monitoring center. If you are constantly harassed, it sends another warning, and a harsh alarm, prompt the operator to use Knightscope to check the status of the sensor, see robots around what happened, and talk to the harasser. If you need help while the robot is in the vicinity, you can press a button near its head, called remote workers.

  Can replace humans?

  More and more companies are using robots to assist or even replace humans to do traditional work done by a human. The trend is accelerating, because robots are getting smarter, more flexible and more adaptable to specific tasks. Although most of the robots are doing Assembly work, there are a few companies, including the Knightscope am sure that robots can take on other tasks.

  Knightscope may not completely replace the security immediately, it is estimated that last year United States employ more than 1 million security personnel. But when these security personnel at Knightscope robots a month more than twice times charges $ 6.25. This may appeal to some businesses and schools a try. There are dozens of potential customers interested in K5, including many security companies, because of high security worker mobility.

  The company has a Super standard robot security application. For example, Stephens idea can develop an app through this app students can request accompanied by a robot at night across the campus. But Knightscope either technically and culturally still faced many challenges, if robots are to serve as security guards, on the one hand, you need to prove that they are effective for a long time, on the other hand, people do not dislike robots exist. 0

  In addition, the K5 balance but also to strengthen because they occasionally tip over, they can't get up by himself like a human security.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Excellent watch Omate TrueSmar

    When I first saw the Omate TrueSmart Smart Watch--this is a connection to a Smartphone device is not required – you know, I was skeptical. By virtue of its own wireless data features a fully functional operating system Android, 1.5 inch touchscreen, GPS and the dual-core processor, the device is basically a small smartphone with a wristband. And I think so many features will be overloaded and cannot be used, and the price is too expensive, because it requires its own data plan in order to exert the advantages of using all of the features.

    Although I was skeptical, but as a watch enthusiast, but I hope someone will, Apple, Google, or something I have not heard of the smaller companies, will let people get a correct opinion ("smart meters to date is pretty stupid"). Audience is definitely in Omate team: the device has received more than $ 1000000 in the Kickstarter funding. So although I am suspicious of, but I still want Omate Truesmart to be successful.

    Of course, such optimism is hard to maintain. Truesmart when I put the beta when the beta version of the plastic case, found that there was a small screw. But apparently this is the only way to open the side of small grooves, you can put the SIM card in it, so you can easily make calls and access the mobile data network. You can also open the phone back into a memory card to increase storage capacity. Just started shipping depends on the memory and storage capacity, the price consists of $ 249 and $ 299.

    When it is turned on. Omate TrueSmart1.5 inch display makes a buzzing sound and flashing the Omate TrueSmart logo. Because of its small size, so extraordinarily simple navigation of TrueSmar. It is equipped with two different interfaces: an Android and an Omate production, looks beautiful, but often seems to Flash back. I'm sticking with Android version, basically there is no problem. Rich applications (it has installed several applications, including Instagram and Twitter), alarm, and automatic updates, or photo card. The monitors were bright enough, you can even on a sunny day is very easy to see the words on the screen.

    In addition to its touch screen, TrueSmart there are two buttons to the right. A control device to open and close above and set the bed, while the bottom button to take you back to the home screen, or if you press it, you can see all of your open applications.

    I also like to watch YouTube videos in the truesmart. Video flow of good, watch the bottom edge of the frame of a trumpet playing the sound. But the screen is extremely small, may seem a bit is not used.

    And input options. TrueSmart watch which has a virtual keyboard, which includes Fleksy, which requires you to figure out what type of content you want, even your fingers typing very well. Use Fleksy after one afternoon, I found typing on such a small screen quickly. But there have been some problems. Fleksy Mini keyboard that account for most, when you type it, it's hard to see the status message you created or. , Type the user name and password is the most painful, because you don't know what you typed is correct.

    The watch comes with its own app store, OStore, of which a small number of developers making apps in there, including the OWatchON, when you shake your arm, you can start the smart watch. Weight artifact Smart jump rope is how to make

    TrueSmart was touted as the first smart watch to go with Google play app store. Omate, Chief Executive Laurent Le Pen says, unlock the device will allow it to automatically appear more than 10 Google apps (the code is in the Google+ information pages shared); I did it a few days later, discovered the fun, but also more problems.

    Added Google Play unlock watch shops, as well as a wide variety of applications, including Google maps, Gmail and YouTube, and so on. Helplessness is that seems to have tilted the unlock process TrueSmart. Google play when an application crashes, each trying to reopen it, which obviously increases the inconvenience.

    TrueSmart watch TrueSmart smart phone can also be used, but this effect is not very good. You may need an application at the same time in the Smartphone and TrueSmart installed on the smart watch. Sometimes, the watch does not remind you of phone calls and text messages on a mobile phone. Sometimes, you try to watch refused to make or answer a call, but the smart phone is constantly ringing.

    Camera is an interesting idea, but not very practical. It is located in the right side of the watch, between the power/sleep and Home button highlighting. I took some shots, and found that it was unable to capture the focus you want to capture. So, unless you are very flexible, it is difficult to get satisfactory pictures.

    Watch the battery life is not good, this is a big problem, because you wear a watch is all day. Omate said it should give users 100 hours of standby time, or 240 minutes of talk time.

    Omate' TrueSma do have some very interesting ideas, we want to see is a successful product, with stunning features, such as independent communications ability. In General, the Omate' TrueSmar is a very nice watch.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Qimini Deuce Wireless charging of color dorayaki

Qimini Deuce through a mobile wireless charging devices raise website Kickstarter release, 14 mm thickness, diameter of 95 mm, weighing 110 grams, built-in a 2000mAh battery, through a wireless charging technology for smartphones at once for 50%-75% power.

"Charging treasure" is not a novelty, but super light, super slim also can wirelessly charge mobile devices but still captures the eye of beans you in the first time. On Friday, a mobile wireless charging device Qimini Deuce posted Kickstarter by raising website, simple, keep a portable, Wireless charging is characteristic of Qimini Deuce.

Qimini Deuce: Wireless charging of color

(From the Qimini website)

This looks like a "dorayaki" mobile power 14 mm thickness, diameter of 95 mm, weighing 110 grams, built-in a 2000mAh (mAh) battery, once full of smart phones 50%-75% electricity. Deuce via a USB connector charge itself, filled with approximately 2 hours at a time. "Creative design" design is a big selling point for Deuce: round flat design is easy to carry and three LEDs to display the charge status and power. USB data cable disc around a week, trailing ingenious built-in magnet adsorption, feel free to put it in your pocket or in your backpack. In addition, the Deuce also has four colors of black, white, pink, green, make the pickiest "appearance Association" can put it down.

Qimini Deuce: Wireless charging of color

(From the Kickstarter)

Qimini Deuce Wireless charging through electromagnetic. It has Smart Charging function automatically recognizes phone models. Lumia 930 this carry Qi Wireless-charging standard smart devices, Qimini Deuce can be charged directly. Galaxy 5S or iPhone 5S for devices not equipped with Wireless-charging standard in this class, you need to use Qi Qi Case or Sticker to finish charging.

Qimini Deuce: Wireless charging of color

(From the Kickstarter)

Qimini Deuce charging wire not inferior to a wired device charging, current output reaches 1 and charge changed due to different phone models. : You can make a one-time offer Samsung Galaxy S5 45% power, but can meet the iPhone5 or 5S 75% power. Following is the specific charge time ↓↓↓

Qimini Deuce: Wireless charging of color

(From the Kickstarter)

From September 19 landfall Kickstarter to today (September 22), the Qimini Deuce has raised $ 5670. Although some distance from the targets have a lot of a $ 40,000, but 27 days raised as of October 19, accomplishes this goal is not impossible. In accordance with the timetable provided on the Web site, if all goes well, production test Qimini Deuce will begin in mid-October, and in January begin mass production next year. Qimini team is responsible for communications research and development Vice President Tom Mulvenna said: "we believe in the future wireless charging will be the charge of the world. "Qimini team believes that although Wireless charging technology is still in early stages of development, but future intelligent products of the charges will not be bound by lines. In their view, charging devices currently on the market are not in the "appearance" and "functional" to find a point of balance, often in search of a charging ability to give shape, but Qimini won't give up due to improved functionality and product design.

Qimini Deuce: Wireless charging of color

(Qimini Deuce drawing from Kickstarter)

Here to admire the Qimini Deuce product introduction video ~ (read don't go away, there are "up position" link)


Deuce in English on behalf the number "2", so there are actually Qimini as early as last year, has launched a wireless charging device Qimini Pocket and with a thickness of 9 mm, diameter 9 mm, 78 g became the thin Wireless charging devices, received "in 2013, the red dot design award". Resolve a compatible data cable to charge different devices demand predicament, but the Qimini Pocket can only be regarded as a "Wireless charging pad": If the user is near the power supply with a USB interface, then this "dorayaki" is just a decoration. So, based on the Pocekt, Qimini team has introduced the Qimini Deuce, not only on the Wireless charging technology improves, also has a built-in battery, mobile power supply features have been added. From the perspective of industrial chain of fingerprint

Qimini Deuce: Wireless charging of color

(Qimini Pocket,2013)

Qimini series produced by Tektos company. This is a European technology company based in Hong Kong. Tektos already in consumer electronic products has 15 years of history, is an International Alliance of wireless charging (Wireless Power Consortium) member and Apple's MFI developers. In addition to the production of Qimini products, a company has developed the production of mobile power, Bluetooth devices, smoke detectors and so on.

"Up position": Qi is a what?

Qimini=Qi+mini。 So what are representative of Qi?

Qimini Deuce: Wireless charging of color

According to Wikipedia's explanation: Qi pronounced "CHEE", pronounced with the name from the character "qi", is a wireless charging Union (Wireless Power Consortium) specified by the short distance (40mm) low-power wireless inductive power transmission interconnection standards, main purpose is to provide mobile phone handsets and other portable electronic devices to facilitate the universal wireless charging. Wireless charging Union, said Qi is a global standard, means that no matter where, are available for Wireless charging device. All with "Qi" logo device are used similarly labeled as "Qi" logo charger to recharge. Currently 205 member institutions in 20 countries are working to create a global standard for Wireless charging.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Technology of helicopter parking positions can leg

  In General, the helicopter flight speed is nowhere near compared with the jets. And the meaning of it is smaller than a jet aircraft is limited by, can rise and fall relatively free and rested. But even so, the helicopter landing was still under heavy restrictions, at least for now, only very flat and large enough to rise and fall. No pay no time to drink every day freshly ground


Technology of helicopter parking positions can

  According to United States Pentagon's cutting-edge technology development Office has recently announced a message: Georgia Institute of technology are working on a way to resolve the helicopter's maximum limit, you can make it in almost any place to Park, including stairs, rough terrain or even the ground, and so on.


  In simple terms, is to transform the traditional helicopter landing gear, making it into a robot-like devices. With built-in adaptive devices to put on their own "leg" position, the helicopter can land on any stable on uneven terrain. That automatically adapt to the device is done by sensing system. This design still need to be addressed now is automatically adapt to the devices for some of the details of the judgment, such as loose stones, etc.


  And, the chassis design of adsorption device can make their suction on smooth surfaces, over more smoothly in other modes of transport, such as ships. Can shaking in its warships in a relatively stable state, while attempting to land at the maximum tilt angle even reached 20 degrees will not have a big impact, even a forced landing can reduce the damage of about 80%.


Technology of helicopter parking positions can

  The significance of this invention is to reduce restrictions for helicopter terrain factors, to military operations or disaster relief could play a greater role.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Great sales of China made SUV which one would you buy

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?

Lots of kids have a soft spot for SUV, onions said Chinese-made SUV topic. To share a data from the China Association of automobile manufacturers:

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?

What, and you want to do? Many models of onions on the form introduced in previous 5~10 million China-made SUV, today will introduce a few 10~15 the price range of China-made SUV, compact SUV and midsize SUV, have time next week to introduce other models.

Compact SUV

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?

* Brooke GS4 with low cars without luggage racks, car high-1677

* Improved hover H6 sport body size for 4649*1825*1710

* Upgraded version of the hover H6 body size for 4640*1825*1690

Magic speed 1, beiqi S6

Baic's magic 1.5T engine speed S6 compact SUV carrying a total of 7 models, priced at 7.98~11.68 million.

Outward appearance size

From the outside there is a little imitation joint venture car shadow (Lexus-like spindle-shaped front face), but the overall design more coordination, in line with the aesthetic demands of young people, and body size in the car at the same level also holds a big advantage.

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?

Interior configuration

Interior somewhat steady, but the distribution of the Ribbon layers is quite strong, configuration with standard ABS, brake force distribution, multifunction steering wheel, fog, reverse, automatic headlights, automatic air conditioning configuration, different models are also equipped with a panoramic sunroof, GPS, and stitch, a key start, cruise control configuration, some configuration also supports independent selection.

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?


Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?


Magic speed S6 appearance of Interior design is to attract young people's attention, and configuration is relatively rich, is more eye-catching models in space at the same level, power meet household demand is not a problem, generally speaking, this is a relatively high ratio of young urban compact SUV.

2, Qirui ruihu 5

2016 Chery tiggo 5 compact SUV, the 1.5T and 2.0L a total of 9 models, price 8.99-150,900.

Outward appearance size

New Tiger the modification of paragraph 5 as the old model, design compared to the old model a little more refined and stylish. Body size of old models, models belonging to the upper level at the same level, general household demand is not met.

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?

Interior configuration

Interior design with the old models are basically the same, but enrich many configurations: whole system comes standard with ABS, brake assist, traction control, Hill-assisted, multifunction steering wheel, such as configuration, different models are also equipped with electric sunroof, cruise control, GPS, start, reverse image, seat heating configuration.

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?


Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?


Appearance and interior design the doctrine, traditions, applicable to the higher age groups than sober people, and a wealth of configuration and performance space to meet the General needs of families, and cities as a compact SUV, its usefulness is still very good.

3, Qi GS4

Guangzhou Qi GS4 compact SUV powered by 1.3T a total of 8 models, prices range from 9.98~14.68 million.

Outward appearance size

Brooke GS4 designs to create a sports and fashion Visual effects, models at the same level, body size was not particularly outstanding, but I meet everyday household needs is not a problem.

Great sales of China-made SUV, which one would you buy?

Interior configuration Limited edition of 700 late October BMW M4 GTS

Interiors by Duotone Design, rich business and sporty, and full of sense of science and technology, the existing configuration is also equipped, according to different models are also equipped with a key to start, multifunctional steering wheel, cruise control, GPS and engine start/stop, etc.



Dynamic fashion design, Interior technology fully enough to attract young people, configuration and space to be able to meet the domestic demand, while 1.3T DCVVT obvious advantages in the engine in the car at the same level, but as urban transport is not a problem, and more energy-saving and environmental protection.

Version 4, BYD song fuel

BYD 2016 "song" compact SUV, the 1.5T and 2.0T total 7 models, priced at 9.69~14.69 million.

Outward appearance size

"Song" with eye-catching designs, and slowly get rid of traces of the village. Trendy, young, personality and vigor. ... Has a lot of appeal to young people, all dimension belongs to the upper horizontal, urban home or occasional trips to meet.

Interior configuration

Interior line is has design sense, overall atmosphere bias Yu young dynamic, configuration Shang also more please young of favor: full Department except standard ABS, and uphill auxiliary, active security configuration outside, also standard a key started, and multifunctional steering wheel, and set speed cruise, and day lane lamp, and Bluetooth system, hi-tech movement type configuration, other different configuration models also equipped with GPS, and interactive service system, and lane records instrument, and Panorama camera,.



Design eye-catching, dynamic interiors and stylish, practical spaces to meet household or travel requirements, full vehicle deployment of rich, powerful engine, young for such a high face value and not the lack of the inner beauty of a car should be no resistance.

5, Chang-CS75

Chang-CS75 compact SUV, equipped with 1.8T and 2.0L two engines of 15 models, priced at 10.88~16.38 million.

Outward appearance size

Appearance and style, somewhat tough, muscular full, but it does not lack a sense of motion, model atmospheres and sound as a whole, full size models belonging to the upper level at the same level, to meet the general household or the occasional break.

Interior configuration

Uses a Changan traditional interior design: v-Center, double barrel, the dashboard, and, visually dynamic fashion, configuration is also relatively abundant: the whole system comes standard with ABS, brake assist, multifunction steering wheel, different models are also equipped with a key to start, start-stop technology, reverse video, seat heating, GPS configuration.


* Some models equipped with a timely four-drive system


Model selection, exterior and interior design fashion movement. Good space, a wealth of configuration and power are able to meet the demand for home or travel. For practicality of young people is a good choice.

6, Harvard H6/H6 Coupe

Hover H6 models very much (and diesel), for sale at intervals of 9.98~14.68 million;

Hover H6 Coupe, price range is 14.18~17.18 million.

Outward appearance size

Both models locate people, H6 positioning in the household population, stable atmosphere. H6 Coupe position in young people, the appearance of young fashion. Vehicle body size difference is not great.

Hover H6

Hover H6 Coupe

Interior configuration

Judging from the Interior, and H6 are somewhat sedate; H6 Coupe somewhat succinct fashion.

On the configuration, both models are equipped with rich configuration: standard ABS, brake force distribution, vehicle stability system some safe and practical configuration, different models are also equipped with multifunction steering wheel, GPS, cruise control and other configurations and H6 and H6 Coupe some models are also equipped with Quattro system in due course.


Hover H6 configurations:

* Some models equipped with a timely four-drive system

Hover H6 Coupe power configurations:

* Some models equipped with a timely four-drive system


Harvard H6/H6 Coupe gasoline and diesel fuel in two ways, appearance and different interior location and price range wide, rich configuration and models of selective, interior space and power systems to meet the different needs of people. On the various strata of population, are a good choice. Yes, H6 is the November national champion in SUV sales.

Midsize SUV

* S6 with low cars without luggage racks, car 1680mm

1, S6

2014 S6 midsize SUV equipped with 1.5T, 2.0L, 2.4L, three different configurations of power a total of 16 models, priced at 7.99-123,900.

Outward appearance size

Design style slightly moderate, but definitely translate into a body size at the same price advantage, and there are 5 different models and 7 seats are available for selection.

Interior configuration

Interior styling more than formal, composed, in terms of configuration, standard ABS, brake force distribution, Keyless Start, multifunction steering wheel configuration, different models are also equipped with electric sunroof, GPS, Bluetooth and so on, and in some configurations can match based on demand.



Under the same price, very few nice midsize SUV, while the exterior and interior design from traditional, configurations are basically meet the domestic demand, but high requirement for space, power, and overall comfort for people, is indeed a good choice.

2, S7

2015, upgraded version of the S7 midsize SUV, equipped with total 5 models 1.5T and 2.0T engine, price interval 10.69-139,900.

Outward appearance size

Exterior styling reflect the calm atmosphere at the same time, yet dynamic and fashion, at the same price models in the body has an absolute advantage, and series 7 layout design, upgrading a lot of usability.

Interior configuration

Interior design sense of science and technology, and configuration is also rich: all ABS as standard, upgrade assistance, vehicle stability system, multi-function steering wheel, GPS, cruise control, reverse image, car TV, configuration, different models are also equipped with a panoramic camera, daytime running lights, and so on.



Price of just over 100,000, 7 such a big car, so many configurations, penny picking this BYD seems to apply here?

Well, just like everyone here today and have the opportunity to introduce articles of 10.15 million China-made SUV.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Beautiful round depression finance controversy immediate solutions sustainable

  After following the ripped know Internet car Ranger truth, known among the exposed group is in a financing dispute.

  Not long ago, have participated in the Group on the new round of investors in the know say GMV is 47 billion in the first half of the Group was officially announced, among them, the takeaway: 4.25 billion; film: 6 billion; Hotels: 7.1 billion; deal: 29.65 billion yuan.

  "Beauty mission data is very beautiful, but making money from this thing, GMV digital value is not very high, and revenue is the core. 47 billion of the GMV, actually create revenue (income) is? "

  Exposure material quoted one participation beauty mission latest a round financing of investors of said said, beauty mission the article front losses serious, recently of financing material in the Commission rate has Xia fell to 2%, first half of, its monthly loss about 600 million Yuan around, equivalent to each coming 1 Yuan on synchronization net losses 2.7 Yuan; and high turnover zhixia, is low returns low gold, beauty mission new a round financing suspected blocked.

  Knowing exposed issued shortly, when you prove this to the group by a reporter, the group said, exposed are completely erroneous, and Sequoia Capital, one of the investors said, he was just small shareholders, not easily respond to mission to the United States.

  Meanwhile, exposed "group burn about 600 million a month", a a O2O Tencent technology industry executives said, the results and its internal research estimated that a single month loss. If a loss of 600 million a month is true, then around 7.2 billion loss that year. Group financing of US $ 700 million earlier this year, only last 8 months.

  Industry sources said, the group is engaged in a new round of financing, but the burn speed of the amazing beauty college financing did not go smoothly. According to people familiar with the matter said, "burn a billion dollars a month, Wall Street investors are scared to vote, US stock markets are not good. Change group were more likely to find some reasons for financing of the Fund. But the domestic capital market is not good, everyone is watching. "

  According to another Insider revelations said mainlander cat CEO Shen Li, have already left. Shortly after departure, Shen served as cat's eye CEO just us in the critical period of financing of a compromise measure.

  Once a dominant, unstoppable, but now suffered burning of Shu's camps. Group's current predicament, and the battle of Cao Cao during the three kingdoms, seems to be quite a fight.

  Now beautiful round faced financing difficulties, is what they call the "false", or if the community says "burning money woes"?

  Three pillars of loft

  Dilemma of the United States Mission was not unilateral, but is the result of several factors.

  Commission, advertising, use of money precipitated the Internet financial, is the American dream of the three pillars of income, are also the most likely source of revenue, but in fact, the three pillars was almost vacant, become castles in the air, dream does not shine into the reality of the American Mission.

  Three or four lines of large market area had fallen, is the nightmare began. Three or four line group's traditional strength lies in the cities, is pumped into a granary can be maintained, but now even burn camp, powerful incoming BAT, especially Baidu Hao hit 20 billion to support rice racing, American traditional territories are being eaten up, forage to sustain.

  Business model to save significant deficiencies, is the Achilles ' heel of the American Mission. Majored in high-frequency business group, is the low stickiness and price-sensitive market. Group to rely on subsidies war subsidies to compete for market share, relying on blood transfusion is not stable, lack of customer loyalty, once the subsidy less aggressively than competitors, users will not be reluctant to abandon it. Baidu, Ali into the Council, first of all, is aimed at the United States Mission in this part of the price of HF-sensitive users.

  Same user viscosity is low because, beautiful round platform imagination of limited value, even if the advertising model, there is a big difficulty.

  Huge amount of precipitation from high-frequency trading funds was a potential gold mine of the American dream. Huge capital is a cornerstone of Internet financial, also originally supported Ali, foundations of the vast Empire. Half-month payment term, it could be up to tens of billions of Yuan for GMV Group offers huge capital precipitation, help its Internet financial dreams. Is a pity, that dream almost lost at the moment.

  Rivals such as Baidu, the mass comment lately to attract customers, increasingly T+0 into account in real time, which is equivalent to directly burn the Group bridges to make it capital in smoke. Beautiful round up the dare, continue to follow T+N road, tantamount to their user base to push rivals hug and share the beauty of the fall mission categorically did not dare to take the risk.

  On top of that, us support behind the mission does not have any flow, the mass comment Tencent, Baidu glutinous rice, both from the danger of no flow. Group investments, although Ali, but the investment side of Ali but did not provide any flow to the United States Mission support, instead of at the end of June to invest 6 billion to restart Word of mouth network, obviously meaning leave us in the lurch.

  Immediate solutions, sustainability in doubt

  2010 was US $ 10 million series a investment in July 2011, $ 50 million b round of funding in May 2014, $ 300 million c round of funding in January 2015, $ 700 million d round of financing ... ...

  Does not have a long history of the United States has a long history of financing. This is where the tragedy of the American Mission. In the case of the business itself cannot be transfusion of cash flow and business expansion needs money, can only rely on financing. Financing after the expansion, and then burn, then a new round of financing, a new round of money, so the cycle, fall into a vicious circle. BAT lead what Huawei are betting cloud computing

  Although financing can temporarily solve the immediate problems, provide support for business money, but not a long-term solution. About O2O industries, burn only temporarily to attract customers, bring about expansion of the size of the surface. Neither enhanced stickiness, not for profit, not sustainable. If you can burn money and low threshold for opting to build and wear down opponents, future prospects, but there seems to be blind to this possibility.

  In the face of Baidu, Tencent, is worrying about money not spend advocate, beautiful round with game money, obviously it would be wise.

  Commission rate continues to decline being questioned

  Mode can now be expected three income (commissions, advertising and use of money precipitated the Internet financial) of vacant situations, the group vigorously burn results, it seems that the Commission rate steadily declines. Group Commission rate has now dropped from 5% in the previous round of financing 2%. So of low of Commission rate, not only makes beauty mission by Commission into local of dream basic lost--at least now also see not to way, more led to beauty mission of business expansion became "loss earned yell" of sale, GMV more high, deficit more serious, according to projections, currently beauty mission of monthly of loss General in 600 million Yuan, in losses surface not continues to expanded of situation Xia, this year annual losses will up 7.2 billion of giant. Could only finance a rising on the blood transfusion.

  Future unless Wang can create more barriers to new revenue models and competitors. Now, perhaps, but more is not possible, in this regard, Wang might also know perfectly well. But it is obvious that the repeated "Finance-money" must not help the Group built the threshold.

  It is reported that the Group had said at the Investor Conference, Commission rates will rise to 7%-8%, or even 10%. This vision is nothing but wishful thinking. On current industry trends, the competitive environment and corporate model perspective, Commission rate is in fact very difficult to rebound. The current three or four of the most competitive cities, to compete for business, competitors will reduce rates, merchants preferred low rate, of course. Reduced commissions have become industry trends, are on 0 and end up with might formed rule is similar to a credit card rates, only 6 thousandths.

  Moreover, O2O in terms of patterns and drainage is better suited for service-oriented businesses, advertising platforms, rather than trading pattern-oriented. Furthermore, takeout, movies, hotels and other areas have formed oligopolistic effects, many competitors, improve the Commission apparently does not reality.

  As one of the few survivors and winners from the "thousand wars" bloody baptism breakout group, buy business also leapt to the top, accounting for more than half of the buying market, market share was as high as 55%. However, the start of the year, with group buying industry "to buy" a rising tide of, and BAT began to accelerate its O2O, beautiful round face unprecedented pressure and challenges.

  The end of July, the Group announced turnover of cat's eye movies in a high profile, but vague attempts to 2.2 billion proved his box office success. Since July the national box office only 5.49 billion, cat-eye box office accounted for half of the United States Mission? when was the film industry after the questioning, cat's eye movies says, 2.2 billion transaction, ranging from pure box office contribution, as well as movie ticket service charges, face charges and income involved in movie marketing. Such results have led to new film company General Manager Zhou Tiedong ridicule on Twitter: "you also talk about the data?"

  Beautiful round and so upset, but let the film industry does not see the people any longer. Can only say Jiyan are enemies of the United States Mission, really nervous sweat.

  Business model to encounter bottlenecks, money in an emergency, perhaps in early July the Group Executive team squad present at the press conference, Wang "generously" confided felt behind the privacy of data. May the Group wanted to strengthen confidence in the capital markets to its mode, order to raise and the next round of financing.

  Investors can be expensive, but you have to see this prospect. Group financing difficulties, the root cause is that its business model.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In those years were in hot pursuit after the start up of gods goddesses doing

  Can say that two years after the Internet was set up some waves, although not completely traditional, but each time she can be called "amazing" after the start we mixed this year, and their individual fates are not the same.

  Hugh 1.22 Harvard students "chain" is herein


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  22 years old depending on the chain's founder and CEO, Jin Zheng JI Cang. Legend is the Forbes China list of top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old one of the youngest, Harvard senior took overseas to return home. Every entrepreneur will make ten start up mistakes

  Is called a ' chain ' products, according to the official description, its greatest value lies in one-way prints the contents of the video into interactive forms.

  It looks cool, I also studied how this principle. To look at the skies cloud chain really is rocket science.

  After the test found, the so-called cloud as the chain is in the video and text labels in the region, can be understood as barrage of tabs, can be added in the limited video anywhere in the region.

  Question: technology pseudo-innovation

  According to know users leaks, this technology has been done a long time ago, technically is not new.

  Question two: film theft

  Depending on the chain and cloud advocacy content, there was the case of many other companies.

  Question three: Executive information of suspected counterfeit

  2. the short-lived "face MOE"


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  Face eruption, making cartoon avatars of a mobile APP. How many boys and girls, young artists are fascinated by cartoons like this DIY head, at that time, face MoE is undoubtedly the most eye-catching, tens of millions of soft money directly to the face of capital markets sprouting, so full of overnight after the founding team was pushed to the forefront.

  Praise and admire, look up to, jealousy, in short all lights are concentrated in this group of young people, and when people want to read on, but found that sprouting quietly disappeared in the face of people's eyes.

  Comment: MoE as gone as the Meteor's face, its outbreak has a chance, it is undeniable that in the market in the early stage, face MoE make people's heads open, but it also has limitations.

  Mode is simple, easy to copy, which faces MoE mishap, especially in the domestic market, too often by COPY. In addition its explosive blooms of Red can only be an instant Fireworks, the most beautiful moments will make you lose interest.

  But MoE doesn't mean the next face does not have its own space for development, is key to the survival of their style and meaning, derived from other products might be able to face is sprouting again focused.

  The intervention of capital market, might make the whole surge of pressure has been too much focus on MoE's face is really able to escape fantasy shadow came out, it is not clear.

  Status: base has been completely out of public view.

  3. the 1% the life of Chen Anni


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  From Twitter to the app, a group called "I'm sorry, I only have 1% life" comic was reprinted by crazy, according to statistics from Twitter in a 2nd time, 380,000 times forward, 310,000 were great, 79,000 comments, poor quality, lack of creativity and content in the market, its author Chen Anni and his team really makes us sit up.

  Although this success spread to Annie's team brought revenue is not high, around 60 million reading translate to install only 300,000, a distance of 1% still a lot. But don't know how Ann and her team will do, maybe make up work again to wait for a long time, but we have to admit that the 1% lit.

  Review: chicken soup is the spirit of the era's best supplements, but had little success stories in comic form, get their story out more about less and less.

  Pictures in mobile terminal propagation and effects now stronger, able to host content just right. This is "1%" to hit one of the reasons.

  And after the identity of the author, more prone to attention.

  To effect it goes without saying that full exposure makes Annie's team earned the eye problem, then how? how does not let traffic pass? how to attract more people to come in?

  Such cases can only be used once, the shelf life is shorter, high quality output is hard to do for a long time, in fact, UGC is able to consider the direction of everyone telling their own story, or a more social element, form the vertical social chain, help increase user stickiness.

  Status: still as

  4. the bear-boy with a broken small balloons


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  Two children after the bear, with balloons took to the sky in your camcorder (primary part without careful scrutiny, all in all very high ... ), So that they can from the most intuitive view to record activity on the surface of the Earth.

  Thereafter this pieces thing was excellent cool of edit knows, and every at excellent cool is and Mo Mo cooperation, so the Edit brother think two bear children of material can take to a with, absolutely didn't thought, the name edit in on Xia cooperation related content Hou play has a "room evaporation", again appeared Shi bear children of works has was copy to has online, and using has original creation party of shooting material.

  Comment: all major platforms often present copyright issues, but for most people after the original content, and is not very understanding of the situation on the market.

  YouTube editor 6000 Yuan cooperation makes two cub after the their ideas out, and we are to blame and that the world is too real, unguarded or should we blame our own consciousness?

  5. pull the Heng Yu Jiawen


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  High school sophomore to earn 1 million, and has since been misdiagnosed with lymphoma cancer life had hit rock bottom, until finally in the brink of bankruptcy, and play dead for two consecutive rounds of tens financing, these sounds are idols of routines. The route of a national icon, and after the pioneering benchmarking.

  While actually on the Yu Jiawen after CCTV, people began according to bear, some doubts are too exaggerated, so our students will inevitably be stripped clean.

  Comment: typical is "spoiled" after the founder, CEO of Halo Yu Jiawen is still a child, too much media exposure led to their not controlled, confided in a few words, young, crazy, this is nature.

  Cold water is not enough, for a new generation of entrepreneurs after the, fathers should care when another way? this is the era of explosive, after the birth of this generation saw so much success and miracles happen. May their hearts not ready to parachute to the lucky one day.

  After the, seems to have grown accustomed to their being detained in the arrogant hat on, saying change the world, change the future, but before more glitz.

  Status: according to internal sources, almost no investors who dare disk access is super curriculum project for a long time, several founders had only two or three left, decay is evident.

  6. "a Power and Red" Ma Jiajia


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  Whose real name is Zhang Mengning, born in August 1990, Yunnan province in 2008 Chinese college entrance scholar, graduated in June 2012, communication University of China. Graduation day in the vicinity of schools opened a powerfu creative sex toy store fame, followed in all walks of life have exposure, many seniors are the circle look.

  Embarrassed by, after the famous Ma Jiajia still insist on micro-blogging, micro-sex education questions on the letter. Written hit Dafa, keen to tease fans, pointed and well versed in cock wire.

  Comment: undeniable is that Ma Jiajia's entrepreneurial experience is somewhat subverted the public perception of the Internet, there is a demand there will be a market, that everyone who knows, however, on the subject of sex, most Chinese people are not willing to say it out in the obvious place, to say nothing of the topic to do business.

  Not long ago, news that "whether the bubble" could no longer continue to do so when she gave to Bianews answer is, "still do." But it now appears that "whether the bubble" by insiders and entrepreneurs as more of a special case, when we talked about it again, no one asked how do now.

  Most probably mainly due to delayed stall due to cultural factors in China, even in today's openness, people are reluctant to move to sex toys on the table to talk about.

  And for the capital markets, sex toys have their own hot spots, but many investors still took a wait-and-see attitude, the risk is that they consider the first element.

  Take a step back and look, "bubble no" success lies more in person, marketing is Allison alley, fancy, this is investment agency.

  Status: whether the bubble collapse for nearly two years now. Ma Jiajia also eligible for wage-earners

  7. v Ushido shaodonggu Zhang Tianyi


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  Master of law at Peking University Zhang Tianyi and several smaller partners decided to open shop after graduating from rice, since he wrote an article called why sell rice article after my master graduation, channels and newspapers every day in the life of a version to see this guy.

  Articles after the fire and he had to admit that Internet has brought them great convenience "in traditional times, a person has no capital, in the face of strong social reality, to talk about themselves, they are a very luxury thing. But at least for now, it seems, we did it. "

  Comment: v Ushido that are fired in a chance, very good did not know, but a background behind the brand, there is gimmick, that boss is newly graduated master of law at Peking University.

  Without such a background, you can imagine the store's attention may not be as high. The psychology at work making this is human, and public awareness and "violating" laws, are people's concerns.

  Would like to say is, when media is removed, the spotlight off, v Ushido how business will be changed?

  Status: General, about as big as an ordinary bun shop.

  8. claim to be selling FMCG Liu Kenan


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  Liu Kenan, born in 90, tall and big boy in Shandong, he himself once said, "when few people slightly introverted, thinking a little more independent; many people, thousands of field can hold live". But estimates began to sell elephants have this character.

  Same gender supplies, Liu Kenan think the sex toy market is too small to sex toys is a small pond, elephants are consumer products, strictly speaking is a FMCG. Sell condoms can also sell the product thinking, maybe it was only him.

  Yet the elephant, and gradually disappear from public life.

  Comments: packaging and mouth to do the elephant is very interesting, but in fact the word really is "mouth" the monument, all talk about their products, but not many people actually use the product.

  Coupled with Durex, jieshibang brands dominate the market, elephant's survival.

  Elephant if you really want to go, that it is necessary to pay more attention to product experience this link, but it is also the most difficult.

  Status: unknown, estimated not good

  9.90 after the second element leader Xu Yi


In those years were in hot pursuit after the start-up of gods goddesses doing?


  Bilibili (abbreviated b) by the second children's welcome, as CEO of the b station, Xu Yi they often affectionately known as the "webmaster" or "Grandpa."

  Some time ago, b right of communication networks have stations in controversy. According to the Shanghai Court indicates that the judicial protection of the home court announcement, b station in the coming months it will be faced with 9 cases involving the right to network dissemination.

  Comment:, including torts, in early December, the Ministry of culture on the Internet culture and investigation work has made domestic video barrage of Web site names, said the site's ' ridicule ' function without limiting and filtering content, "Netizen's language accompanied by a vulgar picture more sexually explicit and indecent. "

  How much can see a little after the start of the feature, but what is wonderful is significantly under the platform and user is out of control, platform too indulgent without supervision, users are too indulged freely.

  On the copyright issues, Xu Yi was made in the hands of the old River, completely out of luck.

  Has been controversial after the entrepreneur, is using its own unique way of thinking and the outside world think of "reckless" to change the trajectory of the society and the profession as a whole, now after the entrepreneurs can be broadly classified into two types. Is a Flash in the Pan, another would be held.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Green Metal releases long 810 2K screen mycophenolate mofetil for sale 1999

Green Metal releases long 810, 2K screen + mycophenolate mofetil for sale 1999

        Green after the phone was wholly acquired by top think tank group, the first family of green Metal phone officially unveiled.

Beijing time on December 4, the lush convene a new Conference, launched its flagship green Metal version and standard version of the two new products, the flagship version 1999, Standard Edition price 799 Yuan, two new products will be on sale on December 12. Placed at the foot of home appliance manufacturers

Green Metal all-metal unibody design ultimate fuselage constructed of 6063 aircraft-grade aluminum, used CNC machining and Polish, Nano-molding and piano paint process.

Configuration, green cell phones using mycophenolate mofetil 810 processor, 6-inch 2K screen, 4GB RAM+128GB ROM (up to 128GB store expansion), post-16 million pixels camera, front 8 million pixels, 5100 mAh battery capacity, with rear-mounted fingerprint identification button, support China Netcom.

Green Metal releases long 810, 2K screen + mycophenolate mofetil for sale 1999

Green Metal Standard Edition material, and ultimate consistency fuselage after Nano-molding, 3D Jet-zirconium sands, Anodic oxidation in-mold injection process as well.

On the configuration, the standard version with 8 core 64-bit processor, 5.5-inch 1080p screen, 3GB RAM+16GB ROM (up to 128GB), post 13 million pixel camera, front-facing camera 5 million pixels, with 3050 mAh battery in support of fingerprint recognition and China Mobile and Unicom dual 4G.

Function, green Metal cell phone equipped with CONG OS operating system, screen supports multi-touch, gesture wake, arc with one hand operation, intelligent management and minimalist patterns.

In addition, two machines are optimized for the functionality of fingerprint identification, support application locking and customize features such as fingerprint recognition custom.

It is understood that the next-generation green phones will also work and Ali Yun OS, the introduction of more new features.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Start up companies governance structure three tender trap

  In graduate school in Shenzhen campus, not long ago I made a theme for "traditional puzzles, challenges and opportunities for industry in the Internet era" share, cited a typical Internet company as opposed to the traditional industry of several core competitive advantages and success factors, typical Internet companies since the beginning of the rapid move of capital and shares, vision mechanisms to attract the best talent. And one of the best uses of capital, technology, talent, and capital market efficiency advantages, which previously created a $ 1 billion, $ 10 billion, or even $ 100 billion of magnitude significantly shorten the time needed by the company.

  In fact, more than a couple of abilities and accelerating the development of logic applies not only to good Internet start-up teams, in advanced manufacturing, smart devices, high-end manufacturing industries, consumer industries, medical industries, agriculture and other needs with technology, business models, non-Internet user experience innovation-driven industry is equally applicable. The success factors mentioned above, equity is certainly smart and hungry team together binders and the cornerstone of the company's development. How to arrange team share structure determines how far a start-up can go, how good can go.

  Following a few "trap" is summed up in our work in the long term investment are more representative of the three categories, worthy of entrepreneurs and investors in the ownership structure of design caused enough attention. Venture down don t cry Take a look at Larry Page

  First, industrial capital holding

  Large industry groups in order to have the strength of independent, autonomous and quickly opened up a new business with the main business-related, with greater autonomy, delegation of internal and external recruitment of outstanding professional managers, and a considerable amount of money, is more important to industry resources to incubate, enabling the rapid development of innovative business. Group management team usually will choose 0-40% shares, and retains the controlling group, while retaining the possibility of teams separate IPO in the future.

  This type of project are representative of the many excellent, e wash bag is one of those cases. If teams share, and authorized management to consider more fully, management team feel that they are the company's real owner, not professional managers will be removed from Office at any time, and to move decisively to cut employment and affiliation with the group management team, teams without distraction, Rubicon, have a relatively high chance of success.

  Were prone to abuse of this type of company is holding too high, while the core team didn't focus, into the business, and advance and retreat is often too much to think about personal gains and losses. Kingdee 100% holding express 100, first in such a hot market that the latter market and first-mover advantage, was a rising star such as finger-express and other next-generation companies rapidly catch up.

  Second, the "super angels"-holding

  A voracious fierce entrepreneurial team, in venture funds often do not do well at the beginning of the preparation, if one has a prominent position "lead to big brother" with a smile on her face, with money in their hands, foot industrial resources appear in front of the team, has become one of the top rings, shoulder-winged angel. If the Super Angel to his wisdom, experience, contacts, industry resources, such as traffic and customer painted a bright future for the team, he can easily use 3 million or 5 million RMB to become the controlling shareholder.

  This model, although there is no lack of good representative Cai Wensheng and Mito, but the disadvantages greatly, entrepreneurs have to be careful to avoid the tender trap.

  During start-up in the honeymoon roll sleeve together, conflicts do not significantly, with the promotion of business, the management team will often find that the main work is to make it, and large shareholders due to the diversity of services, the contribution made by gradually reducing, only some icing on the thing, even not often seen in the company, only point fingers at the Board meeting. Management team will have a strong sense of imbalance, that entered an unfair race track, are elaborate calculations, himself into hard working for shareholder employees. Within the company is likely to appear more and more fierce antagonism against major shareholders, efficiency is greatly reduced, not tend to form a win-lose situation.

  Designing such a shareholding structure, in fact, very high standards for Super wisdom of the angels. Position responsibilities and time to serve as Chairman of the Board and CEO of large shareholders will naturally resolve such conflicts, or major shareholders should be established early in the investment holdings halfway through the mechanism, enables management teams to their repurchase at a cheaper than the market price cost half or more of the shares. Corporate governance responsibility, rights and benefit of straightening out again, to establish the necessary trust and communication mechanisms to avoid planted the seeds of collapse.

  Projects in this category are usually not the investor selection, outstanding, also need to be able to see short-medium-and long-term interests, and make proper arrangements for leading big brother big heart and concessions, combined with its valuable resources can support team time to develop before they can consider investing in.

  Three, team game

  Such patterns often appear in the O2O startups. Generally speaking, is the largest shareholder and CEO of the Internet was born, Internet products, marketing, traffic on the line gets pretty good at, supplemented by offline industry technology, operations, management experts, appears to be a very good combination, and in fact, such a structure to be successful is not easy.

  We had such a project, CEO is BAT-turned-Middle backbone, COO and CFO is offline industry expert, we reached after much discussion about shares an interesting 35%, 18%, 18%+ structure for investors, the shares I call "game-stock structure".

  Dang Internet encountered traditional industry this Mars hit Earth of combination, core team need of running time is compared long of, after all both of career background, and behavior way differences is big, if no long-term cooperation established of trust and understanding, is in do a who are missing have special row of new business, what listening to who of? who do last of decided? are is not determine of. We can see that such a structure is that we did not reach a high degree of consensus on a collective compromise, ownership structure, investor confidence will not usually too full.

  A good governance structure is the basis for healthy long-term development of equity, under ideal conditions (partnerships, not included), a rich industry experience, integrity, good integration of resources leading the team to the CEO, should be holding the largest single shareholder of startups + complementary and even high quality start-up teams + 15% of the option pool, is an ideal initial governance structure. After all, whether the team or the investors, who are reluctant to lose at the starting line.