Saturday, October 31, 2015


  Catering O2O marketing battle to add a member. On June 12, the launch stack 517 now only based on Internet technology, supported "ready meals" distribution of smart devices-"stack" intelligent distribution cabinets. "Stack" intelligent distribution cabinets will be the platform to all third-party line restaurants, courier companies, supermarkets, fresh food, e-commerce platform, take-away O2O open platform and a variety of community service providers, providing intelligent distribution of localization services.

  Le stack CEO Wang Yu玥 revealed, "Le stack" intelligent distribution cabinet by gree and Le stack teamed up development, has 0-60 ℃ intelligent temperature control, and security disinfection sterilization, and late alarm, and more screen advertising bit show, function, and support cash, and card, and online, variety paid means, can in community, and Office, and Metro station, and hospital, and school, city of all corner cloth points, arrived in has catering distribution of "last a km". Within the next three years, stack set up hundreds of thousands of outlets in 50 cities across the country. Liang Weihong Panda capital partners opportunity

  Cabinet inlet, connecting is key. At present, stack 517 in addition to being able to provide customers with instant delivery, fresh or cooked food, agro-food and snack food, can also provide customers with accurate data on the development of more than 40 different types of customized food and beverage products.

  Analysts believe that with the core of intelligent distribution cabinets line platform is a kind of offline store formats, but denser, with consumers seamlessly. Through line Xia platform to upstream penetration of C2B mode, future Le stack can using line Xia "micro store" of resources advantage fast achieved on existing store around business district of cover penetration and zero cost expansion, and through and line Shang platform of business integration, established up to machine Cabinet for round points of supply platform network, dynamic integration supply chain, and products, and logistics and more community service, then into based on big data operation of social of electric business.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Uber win Canada judges to dismiss Toronto ban request

July 5, Beijing time, according to a Reuters report, Canada Ontario Court Friday rejected the request on banning Uber operates in the city Toronto. BAT lead what Huawei are betting cloud computing

According to a copy of the Court decision from Uber, Ontario Court of Justice xiaoen·dengfei (Sean Dunphy) rejected the application for Uber ceased operations Toronto, and say there is no evidence to show that Uber is used as a taxi brokers operating in Toronto.

Uber Canada General Manager Ian Black (Ian Black) said in a statement: "we are pleased with today's verdict, which also confirm carpool service is different from the traditional taxi services new business models. "

"We hope this decision and help the next step paving the way for sharing services, and we look forward to continued cooperation with Tory Toronto Mayor and City Council. "Black added.

Representatives of cab driver Canada Twitter iTaxi Association, said they are deeply disappointed about the verdict.

Last month, the Toronto taxi driver had been submitted to the local court pleadings, allegations of Uber for illegal competition, because the City Government believed that Uber carpool services should be regulated like a traditional taxi companies competing. Toronto's attempts to seek to block Uber operations on the ground, unless the headquarters is located in United States San Francisco companies and all drivers to obtain licenses.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Chain after being grilled don t want to reward Yi red the five business principles



  When I turn on the phone, I was living in impulsive, crazy, dazzling the world.



  22 year old Hugh Harvard students do a "chain", in an angel round valued at more than 600 million, would subvert the entire video and advertising industry.

  The world is crazy, the explosive business news yesterday just maxed out my circle of friends, though seemingly is heading the party, but because of the push-through is this news, so can't help but click go in to see it.

  In the afternoon, 22 Harvard to take a student's "chain" news team members are fake.

   Look at the fitness application on the other Keep


  "Chain" home team member, painted portrait of two members of the red box was ported from other Web sites.





  Now is the popular Internet startup, but bragging rights, fake things on the Internet too much, many entrepreneurs easily they undermine morale and become more impetuous.

  Just watched a TED presentation today, tells the story of 5 methods of destroying dreams, the speech for the impetuous Internet help for us in particular, so today to share with you.

  Here is the essence of this mind map.



  One, to believe in fame

  In fact, the things of this world there are few overnight, overnight just to get attention only for publicity. Say "chain" is media hype from the overnight case.

  To tell the truth, desire to hurt overnight on entrepreneurs is very large, because you want to overnight fame, it is hard to settle down to do, it's hard to sit down and research customers.

  Second, the trust has the answers you need

  How to grasp something of the "degree", for our entrepreneurs, is a very difficult thing. Entrepreneurs often heard was persuasion, have questions to ask for help from others, listen more to the opinions of others, but too often hear people say independence, believe their ideas, listen to your inner voice. How to listen or not to listen to the opinions of others "degree", is something we need to measure.

  My point is, can always help others, but don't be too dependent on someone else, don't rely on others to offer you strategies, don't rely on others to make decisions for you, don't believe people have the answers you need. You have to have the courage to assume their share of responsibility, to have the courage to bear the consequences of every decision.

  Third, I believe that in a moment of success should be stopped

  Greatest enemy of excellence not mediocrity, but good.

  When we made some achievements, then we are likely to stagnate, and could stop to admire his work.

  Four, to believe in error is always someone else

  Entrepreneurs are super confident people, because lack of confidence, there will be no business. But confidence is a double-edged sword, strong confidence in promoting themselves at the same time, also blinded our eyes, same error, we would believe that is because someone foolish could have made such a mistake, but does not think that he could have made such a mistake.

  I suggest that entrepreneurs see success less, see more failures. Many entrepreneurs are not successful only because has done the right thing, but because intentionally or unintentionally committed fewer mistakes to success.

  Five, I believe only the goal itself is important

  I have always thought that entrepreneurship can be a spiritual practice, and hone their mental processes, entrepreneurship can help pull people to become efficient, can get indecisive became decisive success brought wealth and fame is important, and tears of joy in the process but is also very important.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ali s reputation revived O2O giant era

  Word take-out through the Department in three APP--Amoy, PayPal, mobile Taobao, meaning Ali full force O2O

  On July 28, this huaxi City newspaper reporter was informed that Alibaba Amoy little APP transforms into a reputation away, while PayPal and mobile phone two Ali Taobao APP at Home also launched Word take-out entrances. Reputation network is Alibaba O2O local living services brand. Alibaba recently around the mouth movements again and again, began to fully develop the O2O business.

  On July 27, Alibaba announced Vice Chairman Tsai as Word of mouth network Board of directors Chairman of the Board, further indicate that Alibaba will in full force: O2O local living services. Before that, in early July, Baidu CEO Robin Li said Baidu glutinous rice to invest 20 billion yuan to Baidu's Group brands, "our goal is the first in the industry. "In January this year, group net announced the completion of $ 700 million in financing. With the new Word of mouth appearance and reputation sells through Department of three large APP, catering O2O has put together the BAT three giants in the field, industry has entered the era of Giants competing for.

  Ali Tsai at the helm to create new Word of mouth Legend of the PayPal mafia entrepreneurship

  Amoy Ali group is a mobile catering service platform provides functions such as ordering takeout and, users find little to search for nearby restaurants, fruits, drinks, dessert-take-away information, and little business in December 2013, to test the waters out, reached 100,000 copies of the single day peak in January 2014. But the last two years, and little market share declines, quarter of 2015, and throughout the online takeaway market accounted for only 4.73%.

  For the Tao's development strategy, there are many voices of doubt. O2O is not a traditional restaurant areas of expertise, and Amoy dot mode is equivalent to restaurant opened a Taobao shop, operation, maintenance and management require the restaurants themselves, so restaurants tend to use third-party platform to help operate the online business. It is reported that, since dots of offline promotion mainly by the agents responsible for, third party partners mainly by merchants settled in the order after charging into management is decentralized.

  Tao added reputation platform, vulnerable under the line is expected to be made up. Scouring the little Ant gold clothing line business resources and teams, will inject a new reputation platform, core strength. Ant-gold suit says new reputation will carry Ali Baba and the ants clothing has always been thought to "platform", "ecology" of the operation in a manner. The ants gold clothing line auxiliary, and dots are no longer alone.

  Alibaba announced through the word and before the Amoy Taobao is dot, PayPal, mobile on July 27, Alibaba announced Vice Chairman Tsai as Word of mouth network Board of directors Chairman of the Board. This is Tsai as after joining Ali for the first time specific businesses. Appointment of Tsai's Executive in charge of reputation networks, highlighted the company's focus on O2O local service. In addition, the ants Fan Chi gold suit will serve as Word of mouth network CEO, responsible for day-to-day operations.

  Aimed at catering O2O sword refers to the Group and reviews

  Reputation was founded in 2004, was focused local life, including food and beverage and lifestyle information. Two years later, Alibaba injection of Word of mouth network, first joined the Department in reputation enjoyed a dividend from Ali. Period through a partnership with Yahoo, Ali wangwang, and Taobao, China, Word of mouth network's explosive growth, glory days, daily 2 million unique visitors, 10 million hits.

  In 2008, Alibaba acquired a wholly reputation network, network integrated into Yahoo Yahoo China and Word of mouth reputation. A year later, however, Yahoo Buzz's performance declined. Reputation network and "married" to the company. Stop promoting after 2011 word of mouth network, out of the public eye.

  In June this year, the company suddenly announced "back to" word of mouth network. The Group and Ant gold suit local live services platform company will set up a joint venture, the joint venture company named "word of mouth", even if both injected 3 billion yuan, accounting for 50% a share. "Word of mouth" program starts from the catering service, Ant-gold suit at the supermarket, medical, vending machines and other fields under the line of business will be gradually integrated into the word platform. This back to "word of mouth", targeting nowadays in the field of catering O2O hot group and public comments.

  Giant time O2O usher eruptive period

  With the new Word of mouth appearance and reputation sells through Department of three large APP, catering O2O has put together the BAT three giants in the field, industry has entered the era of Giants competing for.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Show private pictures under the earthquake Wang yawei dark stars drama the wind


  Recently, the stock market malaise, Star private equity funds are not immune. It is understood that offering a Wang yawei, after private the past performance does not reproduce its luster when managing public funds, high in the last callback was called into question in guard their net management products also had apparently retreated. Sea capital Sun Songting students of five

  During the market slump, private-equity firms are entering liquidation wave, as of last weekend, this year more than 1200 private equity fund liquidation.

  Wang yawei lost "aura"

  Oriental Fortune terminal data show that as of late in the second quarter, a total of 23 stocks has been dubbed the "Wang yawei" concept of aura. Incredible power, Si Erte, the Bohai Sea ferries, jifeng agricultural machinery, red power, storm technology, Soviet pilot, Ho-Yun technology, XJ, Datang Telecom, stocks such as State power NARI new Wang yawei-private equity products in the second quarter into the stock. Among them, the State power NARI, the Bohai Sea ferries as well as Hao Yun Wang yawei three private equity products of science and technology hand in hand into.

  Good theme unit was originally Wang yawei labeling one of recently published information from, Wang yawei is particularly popular for power transmission and transformation equipment sector. In its new shares in the second quarter, XJ, red power, State power NARI, the confidence for electric transmission and transformation equipment unit, continued to hold stock in the emergence of power transmission and transformation equipment plate stock science and monitoring.

  However, in the second quarter and early in the third quarter of this year, the a-share market, in fact, there have been more substantial retracement. Wang yawei part of private equity funds in the second quarter actually opening or heavily invested in certain stocks, some commentators speculate if the private equity groups did not respond in a timely manner, related products or of high standing guard in embarrassment.

  A case study of State power NARI, update display in the second quarter, thousand joint venture owned by Yun feng, Wang yawei securities investment trust funds plans and Yun feng securities investment trust funds respectively, 3rd new 12.1448 million shares, 16.8004 million shares of State power NARI, together hold nearly 29 million shares. According to China economic net reporter roughly calculated that even these private equity funds to buy countries April 1 closing price low of 20.58 Yuan NARI, the unit only to the overall gains in the second quarter of 0.53%. Early in the third quarter of this year, State power NARI continuing a callback at the end of the second quarter, on July 8, fell to 12.89 Yuan, then bounce back only reaching a maximum around 20 Yuan, and then continues to decline. Close September 2, State power NARI closed at 14.70 Yuan. If you do not seize the rebound clearance, private equity funds or State power NARI and suffered heavy losses.

  According to the financial research centre on lattice data show that Wang yawei Yun feng securities 2.6593 drop in net worth from June 12 to July 31 2.1614 Yuan. In addition, Yun feng, 3rd NET 1.2884 Yuan on June 12, to net August 7 as 1.0632 Yuan.

  Drama "flying against the wind"

  Drama at the helm of the city investment city, seem to be more "lucky". Displayed in the recent disclosure of a listed company, part of the city, the city of a private equity fund or has a smooth top. To hang the electrical shares, for example, the unit in February this year, listed shares, end of the first quarter, Jersey City had appeared the unit with 6 top ten lists of shareholders, with 506,200 units. At the end of the second quarter, Jersey City exit 6 hang power shares list of top ten shareholders. In addition, a quarter of marine machinery city, XI-7 in the second quarter dropped out of the list of the top ten shares of the unit.

  Listed companies in hopes to analyze the latest Jersey City investment investments investors afraid to be disappointed, according to East Fortune Terminal statistics, end of the second quarter of this year, only 4 stock is crowns on the "Jersey City" concept of aura, 4 Guangdong electric power in equity a, BDO Runda, kangqiang electronics, Oriental jinyu. Specifically, the end of the second quarter, Ze SE 6 kangqiang electronics held 10,310,039 shares, holdings number over the previous quarter-end unchanged; Jersey City jinyu 8,830,043 1 hold the East, holding the number end unchanged compared with the previous quarter. Guangdong electric power and BDO Runda for Jersey City 6 issues new shares in the second quarter, BDO run Dyne currently planning a major asset and share acquisitions during the suspension.

  In mid-June of this year, Shanghai composite index breaking through 5,100 points at 5178.18 high, continuous sharp correction later. During this period, numerous public-private equity fund net collective slump, some private-equity funds have been wound up. Jersey City private-equity arm of the investment product present a different situation.

  Figures show that since June 12, disclosure of the data, as of August 28, owned by Jersey City net all 5 products contrarian growth by an average of around 50%, Ze SE 1 during the period of growth of 73.48%.

  Private equity industry faces shuffle

  In fact, overall, the listed companies ' interim report seems to suggest that the disclosure of private preferences for new shares. According to media statistics, there are 26 IPOs is heavily invested in by private, 13 of them the largest shareholders of the new shares respectively occupied by 11 private equity products. In addition to Wang yawei heavily outside the Soviet pilot, veteran private-equity owned by Tsai Ming Sen investment buy seal 400,000 shares in the second quarter, as the unit's largest shareholders.

  Some market participants believe that short-term market adjustment, efforts to issue new shares, market preference for new investment could transfer to the oversold stocks in the early. Shares suspended, to improve the scarcity of new shares, a certain margin of safety of high growth new shares will be subject to funding concerns. New shares are new here, and thus attained a higher growth in economies in transition, and new performance expectations in relatively better shape, volatile funds have more appeal in a city environment.

  However, for now, early in the third quarter, continued a sharp correction at the end of the second quarter, some private-equity if there is no time to flee or face large losses.

  Private equity funds as a whole from the current situation, does have some heavy losses. According to buy fund research center statistics, as of the weekend so far this year, more than 1200 private equity products winding up, winding up of July and August are the peak total of 389 products winding up, liquidation product of 30% this year. In addition to the products that have been wound up, there are many NET products in the danger zone.

  For the private equity fund is being wound up, insiders believe that many newly emerging private equity risk awareness is not enough, the lack of experience is also a factor. The insiders said that this year nearly 10,000 private, many individual investors, which is, after all, a professional thing, from this perspective, the industry reshuffle is also reasonable.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Aftermarket platform one hand service upgrade vehicle owners do not have to


  One hand was founded in 2013. Zhou Bin, the founder, said: "when we compete with the 4S shops, their market they cut the cake. "

  Now, Zhou Bin on the one hand there is a new plan. First, he wanted to have one hand a home owners do not have to go to the store can be consumer auto service enterprises; the second is, with one hand and the traditional relationship between the 4S shops, now by the competition into cooperation.

  In the two new planning guidance, there is one step forward to a new level, which is based on the mobile scene, the owners wouldn't have to the auto shop can complete their want in sheet metal spraying services. In-store size, in addition to their own site to build shops, one hand still his main business – sheet metal painted into the 4S shop. This on the one hand, reduce the cost of expanded store, for 4S shop inventory of its repair and maintenance services.

  As of now, there is one hand has five stores in Beijing, stores will open soon in Wuhan, and Shanghai store is also in the middle of planning. Beijing has more than 200 employees, part of the staff responsible for operating online, another part is responsible for the line of sheet metal painting services. For both online and offline services capabilities with one hand, online store functionality is more of a production function was to make an appointment online platform capabilities provide entity services support.

  Zhou Bin said, repair this thing in the service scenarios in the future will be a very significant change, from the past emphasis on offline services experience into a scene based on mobile consumption experience. In the past, conventional 4S shop repair service is customer and forms to complete the business face to face. In mobile consumer scenarios, customers without the need for face to face with merchants, but placed directly on the vehicle in businesses and stores.

  Zhou Bin, in order to meet the problems need to be resolved between the customer and the business trust, online payment, transparency issues. It can be said that the solution to these problems is one the main direction.

  These issues have been resolved, the ultimate result is that the customers don't have to shop. At home, in the company, a business trip, and several scenario, customers can be in a car repair shop in one hand; after the repair, with one hand and then returned to the car owner. Zhou Bin said, our aim is to make the owner feel, car is a cool thing.

  Mobile consumer

  Two years ago, stamping injection of one hand by providing the ultimate service experience and reasonable pricing mechanism, quickly stood out in a sheet-Jet market. Zhou Bin told the business journalists of the State said: "when our services value lies in the ' fast ', quick service, fast delivery. "Customers to enjoy rapid sheet metal painting services, traditional 4S shop insurance was voluntarily given up, go to the repair the car with one hand consumption. Because the same sheet metal painting services, traditional 4S shop needs 2-3 day, one hand within half a day to complete, the price was cheaper than they. So what is faster than the fastest? is not used to shop.

  Zhou Bin, first of all, is to have a reasonable density of shops. This is to improve customer responsiveness and fast door-to-door delivery vehicle for capacity to provide protection. In the past two years, one hand developed from only one store in Beijing now has five stores, the purpose of which is to support future customers not to shop consumer mobile scenarios. Taiji 12 Yuan per bottle of water ideal fullness

  Zhou Bin said: "withdraw delivery vehicle drivers we will also set up a special team, shunting of the driver team is mainly responsible for the door. We are also equipped with a set of driver personnel delivery system, to ensure that delivery link problems. "

  Background on the one hand operator is online immediately upon receipt of customer booking order will further confirm the specific time and location, and then send the driver who comes to take the car.

  Drivers after officers drove to the nearest the customer location has one hand store delivery to maintenance personnel. In the idea of Zhou Bin, and this process is monitored by mobile phone video, monitor drivers from car to car to the whole process of delivery services in order to achieve the objective of information more transparent.

  2-3 years ago, Zhou Bin, who thought of that thing, but because of immature technology and market environment have not done. The situation is different now, payment issues, video technology, bandwidth problems have been solved, with one hand just integrate these technologies.

  In addition, unlike traditional 4S shop, one hand will have their own set of effective pricing mechanisms, according to customer's vehicle preventable injury degree with different fees, but certainly is a most customer acceptance of a price.

  From competition to cooperation

  Zhou Bin said: "entrepreneurship is a process of side to side try. In the creation of one hand at the beginning, we never think of the future, one day we will hand the 4S shops, most will think of one hand may be in the 4S shop next to open a storefront. "

  2013 with one hand when it was launched, the main competitors are traditional 4S shop. Zhou Bin the entrepreneurial state that, one hand sheet metal was chosen spray as a market entrance to two factors: one is the sheet metal painting easy standardization, standardization on the easy scale; the second is sheet metal painting is good at business, easy and traditional food market 4S shop cake.

  In 2015, the competitive landscape has changed traditional 4S shops invite one hand managed their own plant business, one arm into the sheet metal painting business of operating traditional 4S shop.

  One car brands 4S shop manager have said to Zhou Bin, you look shop address, but we have a lot of idle resources, we do it together. Finally Zhou Bin readily accepted each other. Called a large number of idle resources, mostly 4S shops by third parties the onslaught of new entrants, the decline in business.

  According to Zhou Bin introduced, there is one hand has cooperated with Toyota 4S shops in Wuhan. 4S stores all the sheet metal Business Jet managed to have one hand, 4S stores while keeping its car service, maintenance, machine repair business operations.

  After both hands, for 4S shop, reduce the rate of a waste site on the one hand, on the other hand increase the size of its revenues. Zhou Bin said, one hand managed Toyota auto 4S shop sheet metal painting business, but more than Toyota Motor sheet metal painting, other brands also can go to shop. Most important for one hand, save shop money.

  At present, in addition to cooperation with the Wuhan Toyota 4S shops in addition to a one hand will be settled in other cities of various car brands 4S shop, is also planning to open up the cities of Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xian, Zhengzhou, will be opened this year in 10 cities.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Creative amazing debut leather key ring phone support

Clever design gives the leather key ring mobile phones support function, really unexpected, for only $ 13, similar products there is nothing more exciting than the idea?! Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Mobile scaffolds, leather mobile phone bracket, pull ring phone support Mobile scaffolds, leather mobile phone bracket, pull ring phone support

Source: patents homes Just Cavalli iPhone 6

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Drop ride accident driving danger certification awarded

  Drops of rideshare service launched recently by people of all ages, but its safety is also a concern. Drops of platforms while hitchhiking trip insurance accident insurance, but if car owners to drive car or passengers are travelling on the car accidents, car owners, passengers are required to be certified before they can be lost.

  Yesterday, reporters try hitching notes that whenever the order successfully, the system will automatically send a prompt message. Reference: "drops of this green travel will be offered 500,000 yuan worth of insurance. "Further understands that each of the insurance for each motorist, every catch the maximum amount of compensation for personal injury of 250,000 yuan, respectively; in addition, per incident, per motorist, every share medical expenses the maximum amount of compensation is 10,000 yuan.

  Need to be reminded of is that assuming ride accident, the owner or passenger wants to provide accident insurance to the last drop must be certified. "Through the owner authentication (need to verify the license and vehicle license), the owners and passengers through the real-name authentication, each up to 250,000 yuan of insurance can be obtained. "Drop car southern region b: How do you tell a reporter, senior public relations manager of PR, from the perspective of protecting both parties, also appealed to the owners to the last drop, passengers were the real-name authentication.

  In addition, reporters learned that almost all car-sharing platform on the market, requires owners of real-name system, passengers can obtain appropriate insurance platform, and members of the public know little about this. "Before" felt no need to real-name authentication, and tailwind for so long, I really do not know the must after the real-name authentication to obtain insurance. "Members of Mr XU told reporters.

  Apart from a taxi accident insurance provided by the platform, the ride is mostly used to pick up cars, cover commercial auto insurance in case of accident, the availability of compensation for insurance companies? yesterday, the reporter interviewed the Director of the Insurance Institute of Fujian Kan Xiaodong, who think that insurance companies have the right to refusal. Brilliance group living in the shadow of BMW brand

  "The insurance company is a private car when it becomes a free ride or car, then the risk is improving a lot. "Kan Xiaodong said that vehicles entering the operating sector, and on the road compared to the time before the number, thus increasing the risk of accident. "Private premiums much lower premiums than commercial vehicles, owners of private cars, and vehicles without inform the insurance company after the property is changed, still under the original rate of premium in case of accidents, insurance companies can be exclusions. "

  In addition, reporters check out the Insurance Act also notes that the 52nd clear: during the term of the contract, significant increase in the insured risk, the insured shall notify the insurer in accordance with the contract, the insurer may increase insurance premiums or terminate the contract as agreed upon in the contract. If the insured fails to perform the obligation of notification provided for in the preceding paragraph, due to the subject matter of insurance accidents had increased their risk, the insurer does not assume responsibility for indemnity.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alibaba has bucked the stock rally crash tell us anything

  Clunker in the Chinese market and poor's 500 index soared 2.5% yesterday, but what is surprising is, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba shares bucked down 4.69%. 60.91 's closing price of a $ 68 dollars has fallen over the offer price of 10%. US mission personnel changes CSDN editor Liu Jiang

  What the hell is this?

  Let us look at a message yesterday: Alibaba group said that under the influence of weak consumer spending in China, the company expects second-quarter GMV (commodity trading) will be lower than previously expected, and lower in the Middle single digits percentage.

  In early trading on Tuesday, Alibaba Group's shares have been climbing 4.5%, shares up to $ 66.81. After the company released the information, the company's share price plunged, the minimum exploration to $ 60.25.

  Causes found, GMV data a little, was Ali's share price fluctuations of more than 9%. It is why there is so much "power"?

  Total GMV commodity trading, refers to the Alibaba group, the total value of completed transactions on the platform, the e-commerce industry is most concerned about one of the company's main data.

  For the capital market, and the rapid growth of e-commerce companies is far more important than short-term profits. GMV is the core indicators to measure company growth.

  Jingdong to Alibaba's rivals, for example, although the first-quarter net loss of more than 200 million Yuan, but GMV up to 87.8 billion yuan, an increase of 99%, Jingdong share price from $ 24 in the year rose to $ 37 in early June. Although it was then almost fell down, keep the level at the beginning of the current shares. By contrast, Ali's performance is far less, have retreated from us $ 100 at the beginning of about 40%.

  The Alibaba in the fiscal first quarter ended in June this year, GMV growth rates as high as 34% YOY, sequential growth rates 12%. If this is OK, so growth in the second quarter "single digits percentage of lower-middle" of course disappointed the market.

  From GMV in the first quarter and split (below) we can see that Taobao's growth has slowed severely, only 25% per cent. Cat 55% of growth hold up much of the growth of the group.


  Market worry is clearly more than that, GMV behind the decline reflected a potential slowdown in China's economy is the real concerns of the market. "Single digits percentage" refers to the 1%-9%, "lower-middle" fears even more: the growth rate of less than 5%? you know, China's retail sales growth at least in 10%. Less than 5% of growth means that Alibaba's sales growth in the second quarter was less than half of China's overall retail growth.


  In July, national retail sales of physical goods online grew 37%, shopping in the share of the total retail sales of social consumer goods up to 9.7%. As China's largest e-commerce company, Alibaba's slowing growth, further slump means that overall retail growth in China?

  4.2% final consumption expenditure GDP growth in the first half this year, contributed to 60%, were 5.7% higher than over the same period a year earlier. Downturn in the real economy, the background of weak external demand, if consumption growth also slows down, this is the real concerns of the Chinese economy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Comtech core strategic agreements with Baidu

      Taiji 12 Yuan per bottle of water ideal fullness

  Comtech group of core city with Baidu announced a strategic agreement. Comtech core city with Broadcom, ARM, MTK, TI, Baidu IoT ("Internet") the first batch of partners. The publication of the agreement, marks a comprehensive upgrade of the mobile Internet ecosystem, also means that the industry leader will share power, promote the development of China's Internet industry.

  Through this cooperation, ComTech core advantage industry resources and Baidu will be integrated. Meanwhile, the two sides will jointly explore prospects for vertical development of the Internet, promoting vertical industry solutions development and commercialization. Meanwhile, will also be carried out within the framework of the Internet industry association Internet of OS development and promotion of access, Internet, Internet of things cloud services hardware industry cooperation and support medium and small Internet start-ups and other work.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Equipped with a pressure-sensitive screen ZTE AXON full listing secrets mini

  On October 11, 2015, held in Shenzhen zhongxing Terminal "•" AXON secret strategy launches flagship series and AXON announced new members of the cat family--AXON full listing secrets mini. While providing customized NBA, Netcom editions, will work with the three carriers also provide a customized version, equipped with CNC with high version of the pressure-sensitive screen will then be listed. Letv launched six new 3rd generation Super TV

  ZTE inheritance AXON AXON secret mini secret design, cloud pattern front triangle design, 2.5D cambered surface glass, aluminium titanium alloy is used in the back, with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen at a resolution of 1080P.

  Into the 4G era interactive said ZTE is the first terminal manufacturers to establish system-wide voice platform vendors. AXON secret mini support languages such as Japanese and Korean translation in real time.

  Inherit security from AXON secret family genes, AXON secret mini also comes with a fingerprint, VoicePrint, eye pattern triple protection to all users for personal privacy and security. By voice instructions and fingerprint recognition, you can quickly complete mobile phone unlocked via press-type fingerprint recognition, quick access to mobile phone personal space, convenient and efficient.

  AXON secret mini carrying long 6,168-core 64-bit processor, up to new Gao Tongxiao, 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, supports 128GBSD card expansion, 2800mAh high-density batteries, dynamically adjusting power consumption technology, combined with Super AMOLED screen, and lead to longer battery life.

  In the on photo, AXON secret mini rear 13 million megapixel back-illuminated sensor, support phase focus, and feature-rich manual mode. Front 8 million pixel F2.0 large aperture lens, 5-level real-time intelligent beauty. Front double microphones, equipped with independent audio chip AK4961.

       ZTE AXON secret mini pressure screen version in the software on the interactive experience more intuitive and efficient, can meet the multi-touch user interface for precise operation needs, greatly enhance the utilization efficiency of the screen. Delicate touch feedback pressure screen, effectively enhance consumers ' perception of the elements on the screen. Thanks to information, pressure screens can be more widely than traditional multi-touch application extensions. For example, pressure screens according to the pressure weight to simulate a user's handwriting, that the use of teleworking, electronic encryption key.

  This launch ZTE a gift is delivered to NBA fans, AXON secret mini NBA implanted many NBA elements and content, is designed for sports and healthy life for users to create a dynamic fashion products. This product's built-in selection of NBA wallpapers, pre-installed, Tencent, Tencent Tencent sports video news and NBA hero and other applications and services, user-friendly and convenient to watch NBA games, stay informed about NBA news. In addition, the AXON away mini NBA Edition also introduced the NBA Union and the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks six team customized the fuselage is user-selectable.


  ZTE AXON secret mini versions in the near future, ZTE handsets, Jingdong Mall synchronize two platforms on the line, on sale on major offline store synchronization. Bought ZTE AXON secret mini NBA Edition users can also get the NBA East official flagship store coupons, 88 Yuan worth of exclusive NBA hero games Deluxe package and Tencent platform provides online Watch NBA games broadcast rights.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Low price Casio GWM5610 1 97

Casio G-Shock 5600-derived version of the classic, GWM5610-1 supports six waves, eco-drive drive, automatic backlight life, boss and 200 m waterproof. 5600 series appearance changed little, but all players of the classic choice, Joker profile retro clean either is the current front lines are also a good choice. Marc Jacobs Galaxy Note 4 case

Marc Jacobs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case

Casio GWM5610-1 the current historically low price of $ 97, about 600, price of 670 Yuan. Domestic price 800~1000 Yuan, the price advantage. Marc Jacobs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case

Purchase address

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Chinese brands of auto onion market lower

Onion hematemesis making short videos, network OK if you happen to look ↑↑↑↑↑

Don't know how friends national day, unfortunately, work again, we went on to finish speaking topics, then tell us a little about the Chinese brands.

1 Chang an automobile

ChangAn Automobile background is not small, formerly known as the Republic of ordnance factories, Jinling arsenal. Renamed Changan machinery plant after the liberation, in 1957, manufactured brand 46 jeeps of the Yangtze River, was produced in China's first small four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle. Although the joint venture as well as SAIC and Faw, but developed this is to go to the front, from car escape to the high sales of SUV CS75, did work well all at the same level.


GAC is one of the earliest joint ventures in China. Launched its own brand after GAC-Kei, today has become one of the strongest independent brands, GAC-Kei early using the lfaromeo technology. GAC currently sells Kei GA6 and benchmarking in The GS4 is its own brand models.

3 of Chery Automobile

And in front of few different big brother, Chery was set up until the 90 's, originated in Wuhu, Anhui Province. Local government leaders at that time suffered from economic backwardness, conceived the notion of cars. Due to the failure of automotive production licence, reluctantly and SAIC were also short of marriage. 99 later produced the first Chery car and later the facelifted qiyun, is the first of many cars. Of course, the famous QQ also bring more people into the car owners. Wonderful work but too many brands and models, Chery finally accumulated brand power is divided, but no advantage.

4 Geely automobile Range Rover Aurora convertible version due out

Geely also started as a grass-roots, by Li shufu, Chairman of the struggling domestic auto industry of China's top ten. About Geely's family history, before onions dig Brio Geely said many, although also some sounds that models, but then gobbles like Volvo and this year's launch of Brio, really let us see a Geely's behaviour. Interested can reply in the app "Brio" to view.

5 of BYD Auto

In order to get the production licence, BYD, a battery started in 2003, acquiring qinchuan auto, entered the auto industry. Though onions often ridicule BYD only Toyota before Porter, but almost from scratch for a business, I'm afraid it is helpless. Onions has had several visits BYD's plants, vehicles can also be seen in their efforts. (In the letter in reply, "BYD" can view), I have to say, in the field of electric vehicles, BYD is indeed ahead. The release potential of electric vehicles and Daimler in particular joint venture, spring onions are also somewhat more optimistic. (That is, a little expensive)

6 lifan automobile

To motorcycle engine started of lifan established Yu 1992, at also called detonation up vehicles accessories Institute, after in motorcycle market of excellent performance, lifan quickly accumulated has capital, not willingly only into motorcycle market of lifan decided into car market, but because production license of problem, road also has a few minutes rough, until 2005, lifan only official put himself of first car car--lifan 520 to market. After several years of development, lifan's fame spread household, in addition to China's MINI--lifan 320, and shaodonggu the Bugatti Veyron. To tell the truth, onions like the inverse of private enterprises hit story, it appears that lifan was China's version of the history of the Honda.

7, Breeze automotive

Breeze car birth Yu international SUV market swept of Shi, by river Bell Group in 1999 founded, due to zhiqian River Bell main and Ford, and Isuzu joint venture production light card mainly, so in hard sent off-road market has congenital advantage, later and moved city SUV market, then launched of 8AT models X8 more is caused has not small of sensation, and this year listed of "Breeze version Aurora" (Breeze X7) and once attract has public of eye. But SUV competition is so fierce in the city now, landwind's winning, the onions can only wait.

Well, intermittent said 10 Chinese brand, we also found that many brands is to borrow or learn mature technology developed abroad. Foreign brands have more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, developed a relatively perfect product, it takes a number of iterations, let alone brand of only more than 10-20 years. Make a design, more comprehensive and more sophisticated vehicles, onion brands and models still have a long way to go.

Most smaller partner if there is no open too many cars, and ready to tackle small problems. Onion brand is bought. At least as a start model, you can buy the car, have had positive facet, summer was too much. For consumers, after all, if we say from the open public to open Audi is a step forward, so no car and car, the ten steps.

This month's program has to end here, remember the concern with scallion, more great content waiting for you, we see you next time.

Onion app public: car onion rings. Transmit positive energy here, tried a variety of automotive black curtain, free cars cheat-proof secret, more practical cars, used cars the ultimate coup! Stop headaches, focus on onion rings, add your car service clubs.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why did Microsoft Surface Book launch notebook Keep the Windows influence

Beijing time on October 8, when the brilliant Microsoft rule the PC industry, the company did not launch a notebook, but when the PC market decline was accidentally exposed Surface Book. According to the online edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article, at a time of rapid transition to mobile computing industry, Microsoft wants to maintain its influence, it must be reflections on the old model. Clearly Microsoft, Apple and Google leading the mobile world, can't let Windows marginalization.

Microsoft Press Conference to launch a portable Surface Book

The following is the full text of the article:

In Microsoft-dominated PC business for 30 years, and the company did not develop their own notebooks. Until now.

Microsoft now enters the field of notebook, on Tuesday released a Surface Book, reflecting the changes in the PC business. It shows that in a fast transition to the mobile computing world, Microsoft to maintain their influence, you have to reflections on the old model. Yang yuanqing Lenovo representative of China enterprises

Since its launched in 1985, the first version of Microsoft Windows systems, the company is satisfied with their identity as software providers, hardware companies such as Lenovo, HP and Dell have left to do.

But over the past few years, the industry has been in transition. The decline in PC sales has forced hardware manufacturers to focus on other business areas for growth. Meanwhile, Microsoft's own mistakes almost made the Windows ecosystem is excluded from the system for mobile devices. It forced Microsoft to develop independent mobile phone and tablet computers to ensure that Windows Mobile devices can use.

However, Windows notebooks in the market is not in short supply, so Surface Book likely will be listed at the end of this month on Microsoft and PC a test of the relationship between the partners. But as between Microsoft and PC makers still need to rely on each other, and bilateral cooperation is likely to continue.

Although overall PC sales have been in decline for some time, but the laptop is still a growth area. Market research firm IDC expects notebook shipments will reach 164.4 million units this year, the average annual growth rate for the next 5 years 1.2%. Microsoft's new laptop is likely to erode its Surface operations, starts at $ 1500 will limit it to high end.

For Microsoft, partners in an already full of similar products in the market launch notebook seems to be difficult to understand. However, Microsoft needs big screens to show off its latest Windows System. Also, Microsoft, business-oriented Tablet Surface some success has been achieved. In addition, according to the financial reports of Microsoft's recently announced restructuring, high profit margins for Microsoft Windows licensing revenue to overshadow the ambitions of the company in the field of low-margin hardware.

So, although Microsoft launch notebook is a gamble, but it is controllable. If it does not do so, price is unsustainable. Apple iOS and Google Android rule the mobile world, Microsoft is very clear, and that is the need to maintain Windows's influence.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5050 innovation and entrepreneurship competition projects first look

On July 27, the Hangzhou high-tech zone to 2015 "5050" innovation and entrepreneurship contest and "new" score of Hangzhou innovation training camp (phase II), the finalists of the ten projects with "6+3" in the form of investor reviews projects and 3 minutes or 6 minutes, first run, road shows to test the waters.

Sitting judges of the investor: business basket boom, State Vice-President, UK snow angel investment fund partners pay for Lee's army, matrix partners China Wang Jun, senior investment manager, and so on.

First group: Victoria spirit (Hangzhou) information technology company electronic skin E-Skin

Electronic soft skin is a skin-like hardware, in the form of wearable electronics, trying to use high-tech perfect combination with others. Electronic skin process is flexible manufacturing, the characteristics of multi-sensor information fusion and accurate medical data acquisition. On June 27, 2014, E-Skin and Google released an electronic tattoo, has a "phone unlock, touch on" and "e-ticket, a touch" function. In addition, they also released electronic temperature stick, the product passed similar electronic band Bindi, and to monitor the patient's temperature. Smartphone users only need to be lightly swept electronic thermometer Bindi, can measure the body temperature.

Question: in the business model of the future, how long can this money earned? most likely what was the breakthrough?

Answer: position in intelligent hardware and medical fields, medical-level data can be collected, pay attention to the back-end data, data on the share of articles can have more to do.

Group II: Gubei electronic technology smart home solutions and single leader broadlink

Gu bei electronics technology focus on three things: ToC, sensor networks networks supporting intelligent life 3.0 era; ToB, provides the fastest and most stable turn-key solutions of intelligent household appliance; ToB seamless interconnection and ToC; Cloud data sharing; Hardware version of the linkage conditions (IFTTT). In simple terms, Gubei electronic focus with Wi-Fi module, build interconnected ecosystem, traditional home appliances, the combination of sensors and artificial intelligence and Internet data. BroadLink depth cooperation home appliance brand TCL, aux, etc. At present, the BroadLink already Wi-Fi module shipments up to 500,000 pieces per month, total orders over 5 million.

Question: ToB is mainly about what business?

Answer: the main air conditioning, except for midea and Haier, others including gree using our Wi-Fi module, there is a kitchen, also use our Wi-Fi module, including toilet and Panasonic rice cookers are used in the.

Third group Hangzhou Hongyun huaning biomedical engineering limited original antibody drugs

Hongyun huaning Biomedical Engineering Limited was established in June 2011 in Hangzhou, registered capital of 30 million. So far, the company has started 11 monoclonal project, completed 5; 2 antibody drug candidates have entered preclinical; declare 8 invention patents. 43 million Yuan and the completion of a round of financing. In terms of business models, Felicity huaning by domestic clinical development of new drugs, transfer of part of the property or in a foreign country cooperative development, long-term planning is a listed drug. Currently 3 products of the more important are: GMA102 (type II diabetes), GMA301 (pulmonary hypertension), and GMA204 (the second generation EGFR inhibitor, induced by EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer).

Question: if authorization is not smooth, to ensure financing to fund?

Answer: the first is 50 million, a round of 43 million, 10 million through the project, which has $ 100 million in hand, financial support is important, two new drugs in overseas rights of a transfer, a or b round of funding in the amount of around 100 million.

Fourth Group Hangzhou Jinyuan Biotechnology Ltd supplies automation and customization services

Jinyuan bio from February 2010 by 15-30 years working experience in the field of the original United States Axyen 4 executives, plus 3 industry elites in China, with a total investment of 30 million. Jinyuan biological do what? first, development and production high-end supplies, for Qualcomm volume screen check, and automation detection supplies; drug development and clinical detection; molecular diagnosis supplies and reagents: PCR, and no create prenatal check blood free DNA purification, series reagents; established samples collection, and save, and transport system: clinical samples and third party diagnosis samples, 2-D code, RFID, independent intellectual property; General experiment supplies. Second, they also do customized services, such as diagnostic and medical device companies from design, manufacture to automated production solutions.

Question: industry matures, margins will decline?

Answer: the Maori now is relatively high, because we have a patent, is not likely to be the price, but to provide better quality services.

Fifth group Hangzhou technology network co m m and interest interesting hackerspace

Hackerspace m and interest covers a variety of products, from social spending, online entertainment, gaming, financial services, intelligent hardware and media to the Internet Internet health care. In 2012, m interest network set up in 2014 and 5 million in support of the Municipal Government of Hangzhou. Meters interest most important of products, more poly APP, is a building a will interest real landing of O2O activities platform, in platform Shang has carefully build featured content, create high grade fine life of overall tone, attract fun youth; can based on debris of and mobile of, based activities, launched line Shang activities, raised line Xia social; through private community activities chat + private chat awareness new friends, compared Yu points on points of strangers chat way, more security reliable. Now in 7 million registered users, daily activities 150-200. In addition, products such as rice fun and games factory.

Question: where is the focus?

Answer: the game is the largest proportion of, the core of the game is developed, expanded to RPG team, coverage, own some channel and flow, such as South-East Asia. Products are always full, because demand is causing.

Sixth group Hangzhou cloud data driven marketing change Sharing economy is dead who did this to you

Cloud orientation is to help retailers Internet and provide marketing data management software and marketing services. In August 2012, several cloud Sequoia of a round of financing by December 2013 earnings, completed in February 2015 Tong Ding interconnected b round of funding. At present, the clouds became the first brand in electric Business CRM, with more than more than 1200 customers, helping brands manage over 150 million members, including international brands, emerging brand, traditional retail brand. Next, a few clouds hopes for a strategic upgrade, transition from e-commerce to all channels from the SAAS model (software as a service) mode of transition to the MAAS (marketing services) provides CRM solutions for offline channels.

Question: the first strategy is very clear, but the current development of what?

Answer: is affiliate marketing, do not take the advertising model.

Seventh group Hangzhou ape-man sign data real time electronic technology limited cloud platform

Real time ( in "real time" is the first electronic evidence compliance with public association in the preservation of the Internet Online Notary notary's guidance is designed to preserve special platforms. Platforms in the design process, in real time, in conjunction with the courts, judicial, notarial, Ministry of public security, lawyers conducted extensive research and demonstration, through a comprehensive review the authority experts. Full deployment in the production environment and platform under the jurisdiction of the notary office, from mechanism to ensure the legitimacy of forensics environment. Platform by the Ministry of public security-certified security technology, keep the computer clean, to achieve a fully credible record to solve the Internet forensics technology key. At present, the platform has actual recording hundreds of electronic notarial business, proven reliability in the judicial practice.

Question: what are now the Notary Office for cooperation?: high threshold?

Answer: the country home, everywhere. First of all, are new to the industry, there is no other competitors.

The eighth set of interactive technology (Hangzhou) limited JAVA coffee machine

JAVA intelligent coffee machines in the market in the original than 19% (2014), in 2015, the United States Branch of "JAVA GROUP" was founded, into the United States market. At present, JAVA also developed the world's first multi-function machine capsule drink, owner of five national patents. Coffee, soy milk, soy milk, have a multi-functional capsule drinks and the world's only BREW Turkey coffee drinks machine. The future, JAVA coffee industry staple social, O2O water coffee industry e-commerce model, services include in-store product hands-on experience; accepts online reservations; combination of traditional and Internet marketing; after-sales maintenance.

Comment: not all products are suitable for the Internet, and are suitable for social networking, first to do coffee machine itself, the product well.

Nineth group Cisco Vortex (Hangzhou) limited float scroll compression technology

Cisco Vortex took ten years to develop their own technology, founder of global floating-type scroll compressor technology, floating scroll fields have a number of original principles of core patents for invention, and to United States medical oxygen generating compressor patent Delphi Medical Systems and products authorized, valued at $ 10 million. Also developed for NASA space cryogenic device with nitrogen gas compressor, for United States military developed a portable oxygen compressors for soldier equipment and so on.

Tenth Group of micro-nano technology, Hangzhou service/smart TV smart set-top boxes

Micro/nano technology, Hangzhou main service smart TV and intelligent set-top boxes and consumer electronics market, the product line includes: Smart TV-intelligent man-machine interface and Turnkey solutions, intelligent EPG system solutions; smart home Turnkey project – 2.4G/Bluetooth/WiFi chip, module and host the middleware/App household appliance infrared/2.4G/Bluetooth/WiFi cloud services control database. Their end customers including Hisense, TV plus, TCL, Skyworth, KONKA, CHANGHONG, and Alibaba. In the core competencies, they considered themselves to be a leading industry insight and technology stocks; the second, based on independent research and development of SoC, with highly integrated, low power consumption and price competitiveness; and, third, cloud-based user data to improve enhance the user experience. Configuration-free, user friendly operation; Finally, accumulation of advanced human-machine interaction technology, tens of other mass production experience, such as voice interaction, touch interactions, mouse interaction, gesture interaction, interaction, such as face recognition/microphone array-based advanced speech technology; v, wireless connect technology accumulation of tens of other mass production experience, last,

Advanced human-machine interfaces and intelligent TV system number of invention patents in the areas of; and, finally, has accumulated many years of cloud appliance control database.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Before when the bombs came only 60 seconds preparation time what would you do

I believe we are exposed to a lot of live games, such as giving great freedom of sandplay of the radiation of the series, and based on another game MOD since launch of the Day z, this third-person network survival game of the H1N1. In the game the player needs to be in a "fantasy world" looking for first aid kit, material, equipment and other necessities, but also against other players "burning snatch."

(Pictures from the fall out of 4)

Of course, we really don't want to introduce this "burning" loudly. The geek choice playing like everyone can introduce a "dark" survival game: 60 seconds.


The 60s was a Robot Gentleman Studios by producers and distributors of the "action" survival game, unlike large sand play of the radiation, more emphasis within the narrow space of the 60s survival operations (t-t because the view is not the objective of the original have been changed). Before the start of the game you play as the head of Ted will have 60 seconds to choose to collect your home essentials. You can only use your collected items after living at the shelter, during this period, a player not only needs to set out in search of water and physical survival, but also do a lot of their tough choices so that you can maintain, and finally the "likely" survive.

Gameplay and features

The game operates by combining 3D and 2D, of course, 3D run only under the condition that 60 seconds is to take things. You need to grab what you need in the stipulated time carrying survival supplies or families, they were sent to bomb shelters. Protagonists to carry 4 item slots, carried different items have different sizes (such as fat girl needs 3, a canner 1 is required). And there are many in the aisle clutter affects your collision volume.

The interface back to 2D mode 60 seconds after the last game, the game will be through the diary form to interact with players. Diary will show outside of the physical conditions of the game also allows the player to select which characters to outdoor adventure, or implementation of regional character. At this point of the 60s is more like a graphical text games (not as GALGAME).

Although this game is not a high degree of freedom, but the game has a wealth of side quests and plot, though different option to produce different outcomes (BD/ED). Believe players confused why you just start did not carry enough supplies in advance. As the game progressed and game status will appear as the player chooses the appropriate result: hunger, madness, and death.

In the game there are many props can interact, such as gas masks may be damaged while you are out, people go out again if it would be exposed to radiation. Outside there will be a mob broke into gun can defend against attacks. Of course anything is possible damage, everything may disappear, this all results depends on the player's choice.

In order to allow players to adapt to the rhythm of the game, the 60s set a four game modes, the player can choose the single play in different degrees of "tutorial" "world destruction" 60 second "mode" or "survival mode".

We take a look at the official process ~

Hotel reviews After the wonderful work that the team MA s new

The 60 seconds of the game while the game interface is very simple, but players with 60 seconds of foreshadowing and many have difficulty triggering event giving it a very high resistance. High and it does not run the steps and let a lot of players are able to easily run this game. For leisure pastime after dinner speaking, it will not lose other games.

Even more crucial is that it uses a relaxed, dark type game many players had to make tough decisions, while the game's Easter egg and another point of existence is also let players begging for more. Believe you play after a Council will help to keep playing.

Here, we do not want to save the world, but in order to be able to live forever.

Price and purchase

Currently the game is sold on the steam platform, is currently sold at 9.99$ prices (shops searching for 60 seconds), to buy at this price a banned game is very appropriate. Of course you can also discount purchases that would be more cost-effective (and I will tell you that's what I do ~).

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Melting gold PTU theory P2P industry is now out of the tide

On September 9, the new express reported as illegal the melted gold, eight Executive was arrested by Shenzhen police caused concern in the industry. Yesterday afternoon, according to a notice published by the melted gold "on September 9, all associates have returned to normal work." Sun Mingda, Chairman of the platform in your circle of friends also said that, because of health reasons, the recent treatment is rest, temporarily chaired by Deputy Zhang Dongbo, Chairman and President of the company. Prior to net loan house sources said, the "melting gold, was detained by eight Executives ' bail '."

"This result is much more ideal than expected", melt gold the risk Director had told the media that. But insiders said the bail does not mean safe, how still to wait for the official version of events. Express yesterday, Futian District, also called the investigative team, but there has been no answer. Zhu Mingchun, co-founder of net loan express reporters, in fact, the police investigation and P2P is not only melting the gold, "also investigated a number of small platforms before, just melted gold fame are relatively large, so attention." Melting gold after the event as well as the new platform knock the alarm, new platforms in the future or will be reduced to pure fraud platform to survive. In those years COO of Ali how to change China

A guarantor is not equal to sit back and relax

Yesterday, thaw gold by released announcement said "recently, Shenzhen by investigation Brigade visited thaw gold by group and the other some Shenzhen peer enterprise, expand has visited and General check, and group management layer and the part employees for has in-depth survey and Exchange, full understand industry situation and company dynamic, and in not effect company business operation situation Xia, arrangements part colleagues to related units for has further communication. On September 9, all associates have returned to normal work. "

This issue affects the entire industry, and some even "moral" to describe the impact on the industry. Last night at 10 o'clock, Red Ridge ventures, Chairman of Guangdong held talks by some of the leading P2P platforms to melt gold, all contribute to platform for cash flow reconciliations, loan problems of authenticity at a seminar. People familiar with the matter said the incident was caused by internal staff report.

However, the guarantor does not mean mind. Guangdong collection State lawyer firm lawyer xiaojinyang on new express reporter said, bail awaiting trial is refers to in criminal in the police organ, and people's Procuratorate and Court, judicial organ on not was arrested or arrested Hou need change forced measures of crime suspects, and accused, for prevent its escape investigation, and prosecution and trial, ordered its proposed guarantor or pay margin, and issued guarantee, guarantee with biography with to, on its not custody or temporarily lifted its custody of a forced measures.

He said once was detained only two cases, was released on bail pending trial, while another is dismissed, "but the closure is unlikely, because investigation is usually to have cycles, results can be dismissed."

"This result is much more ideal than previously thought", melting gold risk control Director said. "We asked investors to companies, and in the group, investors understand that employees stick to their posts." New express reporters interviewed to melt gold investors, which as of yesterday will continue to function.

Industry began to exit the tide

Melting gold strong for the industry as a whole shock and awe, insiders worry or professional managers leaving will be thrown. Express Reporter friends have seen many platform transfer news. "Friends of Guangzhou in the operation of a P2P platform transfers, the current volume of more than 10 million/registered investors about 1000 people, there is no overdue liabilities, interested the details!"

"Now the whole industry is very anxious, I have quite a few friends just started doing P2P, there are no big, but has the intention to have resigned. "Chairman Lee Seok said NET loan workshops," melting gold in case of accident, did the industry played a role in deterrence, AWE is not a pure platform on the one hand, on the other hand leads to many of the strength is not enough companies in this industry to be more cautious. "

For whether will raised industry left tide or exit tide, Guangdong South financial innovation Institute senior researcher Pan Jianming on new express reporter said, "since thaw cost will further push high, yiqian on in website wrote several sentence words, money on to account of days gone, line Xia various information of padded, and fraud will further push high financing cost, makes some small platform or some mismanagement to by cash flow support of platform accelerated eliminated".

However, before the sea ideal financial CEO Sophia says, managers will be worried, "depends on how many senior executives on the perception and acceptance of the company".

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cracking the corporate culture how to get an infusion of the spirit of

Enterprises big getting older is not meant to be pedantic? how can one really was renewed by both enterprises innovation? look at lean startup's father, Steve Blank's proposal.

Starting from a blank to build value and culture that start-ups have the luxury, both companies want to start (or restart) the innovation, it must reset existing and entrenched corporate culture. It is not easy to do, but cultural change fails, any of the company's innovation efforts will be in vain.

Company innovation is not just better technology, key acquisitions and clever talents and. Enterprise innovation culture fit and support. This often means the original corporate culture change. Persuade employees to give up the old values and beliefs is to accept the new challenge.

Enterprise Innovation is often held to authorize CEO the Board of Directors for all the intermediate was sent to employees by a series of memos, many posters and one-day seminars. This approach is usually created "innovation in cinema", there is little innovation.

Two consultants at McKinsey, Arthur Kennedy and Terry Deal has written a book, called corporate culture: corporate life of rituals and ceremonies. Points out in his book, every company has culture-culture was "our way of doing things in their own companies" for short. There are 4 basic elements of corporate culture:

Do everything of value/belief-enterprise philosophy

Story/myth-founders/employees to break through barriers, WINS new order story

Heroes are rewarded and celebrated, you're organization is how to be a hero?

-Company celebrated the ceremony what? how do you celebrate?

The power of corporate culture

When I set up third start-up businesses are beginning to understand the power of corporate culture. In the frenzied start-up values and fundamental beliefs are reflected in this sentence: "Marine Corps of Silicon Valley". If you are not interested in the sentence, then don't come. If this sentence were attracted to you, take out your strength to join it.

When I joined the company, the company has had a lot of "beat the impossible", "independent innovation" this type of story. Founder, from the development of the single circuit board size, configure the computers with the new Intel microprocessor started, developed to sell the operating system and Office workstations (PC), to the other company's story has become a legend. While the CEO "we are not interested in" single-handedly dragged the victory with 45 million dollars before the customer list.

Then each made a big celebration, and sale is treated as a hero. Matching the exaggerated sales in terms of engineering effort, the engineer was also used as a hero. Similarly, when marketers take a red-eye flight to support sales, also known as a hero.

Finally, after the order is completed there will be celebrations and ceremonies. Drums, CEO will send the money to you. Once he even painted with inspiring words on the walls in the hallways so that a new product on time delivery.

Even though my title, business cards and job descriptions describe my job function, but guiding me is these unspecified values, stories, heroes and rites.

Diagnosis enterprise culture

You don't need a company to make it to the culture technique. For example, when a company says, "we attach great importance to staff" but there was parking, special restaurants, a plethora of Executive Office, you know they are just talking about it. CEO can proudly boast of their incubator, incubator but if 5:15 P.M. in the parking lot was empty, and you'll understand what is their real values.

I understand a company's corporate philosophy, heroes and rites, more by drinking coffee and chatting at lunch, instead of reading corporate mission or those exciting poster hanging in the restaurant. In the company of first-order and second-order (Executive or expand their existing business model of the company), the protagonist of the story is a hero and rebel, they managed to do something new regardless of existing processes. Rituals tend to be restructuring, promotion of these companies, title, salary, and so on. Every entrepreneur will make ten start up mistakes

These core values and concepts, and the hero of the story, and ceremonies, also defines the roles of organizations who is important and who companies hope to attract. For example, if the company's emphasis on financial performance, above all, its stories, myths and rituals may tell a hero how to save 5% from the supplier for the company. And if the company focuses on breakthrough products, heroes, stories and ceremonies will talk about product innovation (such as Apple's Mac, iPod, iPhone saga).

Cracking the corporate culture

To be innovative, to crack the corporate culture of the company. The equivalent of psychological warfare against your own company. It requires a well thought out, designed to coordinate human and financial.

Assess employee understanding of current values and philosophy.

Communication needs of new values. Promote staff is hard to think in new ways, from thinking to new values and ideas.

In establishing a new culture at the same time, adjusting the company's incentive plan (pay, bonuses, promotions, etc), tipped to new values. If you cannot adjust the incentive plan, any cultural change is doomed to failure.

To wants to build innovation culture, company need hero and and those created has new of commercial mode, and new of products and won new customer of employees of story; on derived from crazy creative of new products line of story; or like stream to put best have team conveying to enterprise incubator of Manager as of hero; or accept used a acquisition products and will of into success of products line of sector Manager; or out of story found customer needs then development products to meet of and eventually became new sector of engineers team. Rites and rewards are needed to support such innovation.

Cultural changes are almost always encounter problems-subject to change (always), obsolete (the world has changed but our values have not changed), inconsistent (to duplicity of values). Incentive measures to strengthen cultural and change but will be able to do this.

Innovation culture result is unity of purpose that big companies can be passionate, agile rapid action.

Experience summary

Innovation requires a culture of innovation

Corporate culture including values, stories, heroes and rituals

Start-ups are zero-based set focus on the values and culture of innovation

Want to start (restart) both companies must restart the existing enterprise innovation culture-but the road has twists and turns.

Culture can be overcome

Crack need careful planning, need to meet a human and financial

50 times of innovation will be the result.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Sony Xperia z Ultra Xl39h

Remember when Sony Creative camera QX100 and QX10? although this two-lens cameras can be attached through a dedicated support paired with any Android or iPhone models, but is clearly a special case will allow two-lens cameras are more convenient to use.

And in its two flagship models old and new Xperia z and Xperia Z1 designed professional lens of the camera after the protective shell, Sony recently has released a Xperia z Ultra special protective case for giant-screen phones. This protective shell, priced at HK $ 238 (about 185 Yuan), and has a choice of two colors, black and white to match the black or Platinum QX100/QX10. By pairing with both camera and mobile phone can take photos of up to 18.2 million or 20.2 million pixels, QX100 image quality with the currently available cards machine Emperor RX100 Mark II. But apart from Hong Kong, Sony has not yet released the Xperia z-Ultra special cases will be in which listed.

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