Sunday, May 15, 2016

PaPa Pocket cinema experience the portable viewing battery life need to improve


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  "Sohu digital evaluation" (text/Yan Can) with the improvement of people's demand for big-screen experience, projection TV has also slowly become some new consumer choice; and similar to smart TVs, combines TV box + smart projection projection function is also more and more attention. PaPa Pocket cinema is such a smart project, let us take a look at it yourself?

  Sophisticated portable interfaces need to be strengthened


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  As a home projector, PaPa Pocket Theater in appearance with a rounded cube design, giving a sense of exquisite.


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  While on the whole the Milky mirror glass and gold metal match boxes, at first glance is also very generous fashion. Work is also good, edge seams and trimming processing comparatively delicate, no Burr, good texture.


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  PaPa pocket on one side of the projection lens in front of the theater at a resolution of 854x480 (FVGA), 450lm brightness, contrast, 1000:1, lighting LED, life time up to 30,000 hours. 1080p output projection size at a distance of 2 meters is 74 inches, a distance of 3 m can be extended to 100 inches.


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  Focus knob at the side of the fuselage near the projector lamp.


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  As a smart projection, PaPa Pocket Theater equipped with some basic interface, in the lower part of the back is 1 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x TF card slot, 1 x Micro-USB connector, one headphone jack and RESET reset port. These interfaces in addition to the PaPa Pocket theater with traditional projection functions, will also help improve the scalability, such as an external USB drive and an external hard drive for local playback.

  But unfortunately does not come with HDMI interface, after all, in the outdoor scenes, AirPlay and miracast wireless network required to support the agreement, but also stable enough, and via wired connection is more convenient and practical.

  Portability is an important characteristic of PaPa Pocket theater, less than a Palm size, and weight of 200g. Can be easily moved or carried out at home.

  Abundant battery life need to improve


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  PaPa Pocket cinema fuselage has a touch-sensitive power switch, start easy, long press for about 5 seconds after you open the machine will enter the main screen of the system. Touchpad surface at the same time the backlight will light up, manipulating feedback is good.


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  Home screen UI uses the current mainstream box often used Metro style interface on the market, the overall simple, basic functions on the main interface, convenience and choice.

   SOHO to test the waters Internet sharing Office

PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  Operating at the same time, remote control compare with hand, experience is very smooth. But because of its infrared interface and projector bulbs in the front of the fuselage, use some limitations.

  As a smart projection, PaPa comes with a WiFi module can be connected directly on-demand online video resources.


PaPa Pocket cinema experience: the portable viewing battery life need to improve

  Online on-demand consists of two live television and Internet video capabilities. While both feature official content have been integrated.


  In practical experience, either live television or Internet video, the effect is also very good, load flow, picture is good, resources are more abundant.

  While PaPa Pocket cinema also has AirPlay and Miracast functions, Android users can also use "fast" App for wireless file transfers on the PaPa, also increased its ease of use.


  On cooling, PaPa Pocket cinema was in line, after two hours of use in the tests and not overheated; while on battery life is mediocre, only around 2.5 hours of online video playback support. This is connected to pursue portable, after all, in order to light, its built-in 3000mAh battery.


  After a period of time after the trial, PaPa Pocket Theater my first impression was nice and portable, you can easily move, their scenario has a lot of imagination. Second, the rich online resources, interactive is very smooth, which quality is also good.

  But PaPa Pocket movie theaters as well as areas in need of improvement, especially in terms of battery life, after all, one of the main scenarios of outdoors, watching movies, suddenly no electricity also would be a letdown; and parts of its interface and projection also have room for growth. We look forward to the next generation of products will continue to bring us a better experience.

  So, PaPa Pocket Theater position "1499 100-inch smart TV" also is a positive, though not as TV's picture quality, but in a portable and practical, value for money is also good. For rent, space is limited, or like going out and entertainment, while the large screen is also starting with populations in need are well worth it.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Godson Hu has achieved breakeven no longer use foreign CPU


Godson Hu: has achieved breakeven, no longer use foreign CPU


  On July 24, last month, China launched processors based on the new architecture GS464E-Godson-Godson 3B2000, 3A1000 performance than the previous generation has not improved, but compared to Intel, AMD, there is still a certain gap. But Godson, President Hu said that the CPU Godson has the power to make the world's first, but more important is who was the first to build a biosphere.

  This month at the third session of the Conference on China's command-and-control, Hu again showed the Godson's strength,

  Loongson is over, "produced by foreigner CPU computer history".

  Of course, these words are not in puff, Hu, currently, Loongson independent hardware and software have been able to meet a single application based on embedded OS (such as weapons and equipment, industrial controls, and so on) and now are combining complex stationary applications such as Office systems, and command system (OS, databases, middleware, browser, Office software, such as Flash, GIS) adapter. He said another 2-3, Godson to meet the national security and economic security-related fix.

  In addition, Hu also pointed out that the PC and mobile sides now have "Intel +Windows" and "ARM+ Google" two ecotypes, the domestic IT industry must set up their own eco-no way. At present, around Godson do hardware and software development engineers have tens of thousands of people, Godson will be based on the existing hardware and software infrastructure of the new eco.

  It is worth mentioning that, Hu said, "Godson has achieved breakeven, Godson in processor design and software ecosystem," catch-up "has been completed and has entered the new stage of self-development. " Devaluation would trigger a currency war


Godson Hu: has achieved breakeven, no longer use foreign CPU


  Godson, President Hu Wu

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Casio TR550 evaluation self portrait artifact evolution again

  Got this machine has for some time, I was with a little feeling in the mood to finish this review. First as a straight man who almost never self edit, finish TR550 right out of the box and try to take a picture after it got out of hand, direct poisoning. Then Casio camera artifact up to now has gone through five years and nearly eight products in the market, has trained a number of beliefs is plenty of die-hard powder (mostly women), TR550, surely many people will ignore up to 6399 worth the expensive price, do not hesitate to chop hand buy buy buy. Promoting self evolved into a cultural phenomenon and is popular among female consumers, Casio TR-series is the magic that so fascinated?


Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again


  As well sought after self-love love show off young's fashion line, Casio TR550 both packaging and product design under both foot work. First match package uses the black gold, revealed deep and a gorgeous. Box layout is simple, built-in charger, rechargeable and lithium-ion batteries and wires.

  The evaluation of our Casio TR550 Lily gold, rather than gold, is more elegant than buff, but showing a Pearly hue of the light. Casio TR550 there are hundreds of alloys, Begonia pink, lilac purple, fragrant grass green colors, all light colors, soft and delicate, can convey the product concept of style, nor too kitsch, pinch, and suitable for women of all ages.


Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again


  Apart from the fuselage color, TR550 appearance the biggest highlight is the lens. Around the lens for diamond cutting technology, crystal clear, showing a spot of light, can be more pleasing in their self-portraits.


Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again




  Casio TR550 continues a strong rotation of the previous generations of outstanding products: any connection location on the fuselage can be achieved at least 180 degrees of rotation. Such as LCD and lens can be upside down when one nearly 200 degrees, while independence can be achieved when the LCD around 270 degrees rotation, in short, no matter what environment you are in, Casio TR550 can find the right camera angle.


Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again


  Body details, Casio TR550 is equipped with two entity keys: power button and camera button. Fuselage open, open battery cover buttons on the left, 950mAh battery capacity, official time for the 55-minute video, or 240 still image shooting, Micro-SD card slot in the battery compartment within the HDMI interface and Micro-USB interface on the right side of the fuselage.




Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again


  Operations, Casio TR550 new Selfie Air touch the self-timer button. On the fuselage side there are two original points raised, touch was the area between areas. Self portrait sliding one hand touch zone when selecting different filter models without hand operation screen to facilitate improved. I personally think that Casio can go further for system optimization, will touch the side extensions to other optional features such as facial level, artistic choice, and so on.


Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again


  Casio camera keys two keys, key position at any angle when the self-timer can be comfortable operating. Based on trials and feedback information, TR550 self-timer operation before the experience of generations have improved significantly.

  And in photo mode Shang, TR550 has including self-timer art, automatically pendulum took, square mode, three burst, outside box shutter, remote control shooting, rates transmission, still painting (automatically/very wisdom mode PRO), beauty BKT, action shutter, Best shot,HDR, HDR art, HS night and characters, food, beauty methyl, Art Shot (still painting), video (single channel with sound sound, HS image no sound sound), people face detection, automatically Messenger, mode, can selected type rich, Fully meet the artistic needs of the individual.


Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again



Casio TR550 evaluation: self portrait artifact evolution again






  Over so much, in fact, the most important of which is the self timer effect, following sister paper is served for all self pictures, there are white and smooth the skin contrast. You can see from pictures, TR550 natural smooth image, even under the height of beauty set, detailing in minute detail, and opened in the Dim light flash effect is outstanding. For now, mobile front lens match the United States software difficult to achieve this degree of natural.



  The original image

   China will become the world UAV research and development


  Intermediate facial



  Advanced beauty








  Dark light turn on Flash

  In fact, after seeing all photos and got a answer, why is extremely focused on Chinese market price, Casio TR self-portraits that cost five thousand or six thousand cameras are popular among girls in hot pursuit of enduring? surely that Casio can continue to take women's needs, upgrades and improvements from generation to generation, in achieving business goals at the same time to promote the development of self-culture.

  Casio EX-TR550 product features:

  Selfie Air touch the self-timer button;

  Selfie Art 6 self-timer mode;

  6 grade 6 white, wheat-colored;

  12 smooth skin;

  1/1.7-inch 11.1 million effective pixels CMOS;

  21mm wide-angle lens;

  3.0-inch LCD screen;

  Bluetooth 4.0 with the photo call.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Can be played Bluetooth HIFI q B2 Bluetooth speaker

  Q B2 Bluetooth HIFI desktop speakers

  In the minds of many HIFI zealot, wireless connectivity and voice is a friend, speaker products using wireless connections are also hard to burn the friends be interested on the market most of the speakers are wireless Bluetooth connection is taking the low end of the line, and as for the sound you know. With the progress of science and technology in recent years, wireless connection to Bluetooth technology have enjoyed great development, new audio codec based on Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, finally can meet the need of high-quality wireless audio transmission. This breakthrough has attracted many professional audio manufacturers, to test the water of high quality wireless Bluetooth speaker products. However, such as B&W, and B&O, JBL most of these products are personalized appearance, while price and sound didn't have much appeal. From the United States in a professional listening device origin sound engine sound, its a wireless Bluetooth stereo model B2 is particularly attractive. This amp has the elegance of traditional HIFI-style appearance, elegant and lustrous vocal performance, compared to the average price of 1799 and similar products is also in good faith.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Q products mainly include: active speaker system, and USB decoder, not speakers, power amplifiers, subwoofers, passive audio transmitter, and its compact desktop speaker system is much-respected HIFI ring friends. These small speakers affordable, superior quality, and can be placed on your desktop computer or digital device connections. The B2 in particular is very unique and eye-catching, it placed left and right channels with four speakers in a speaker, two-channel independent of each other, from the outside looks like a center-channel speaker for home theater. For a focus on sound quality of audio manufacturers, in order to make B2 get better wireless Bluetooth transmission, with aptX Bluetooth audio coding technology, can provide higher quality than the previous version voice of near-lossless, and backward compatible with all Bluetooth version, external antenna, together with the Bluetooth transmission distance was extended to 25-30 m.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  B2 from the parameter using the hardware configuration, and another q-box A2+ of the heat is the same, use class AB power amplifier using the traditional analog circuit design. High quality TI PCM5102A DAC Digital to analog converter, has the characteristic of low noise, and high fidelity, you can fill all bit depths into 24-bit, in order to achieve a higher signal to noise ratio. Triple voltage regulator filter in the power section, together with the B2, low noise and low distortion characteristics which cannot be denied, most Bluetooth speaker.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Hand-made wooden box is texture, whether Visual or tactile HIFI with a deep flavor. Quality process not only for the beautiful, of course, 18mm thick MDF with solid wood laminate Cabinet, coupled with the strengthening of internal support can be effective in reducing unnecessary distortion and resonant. Box edge deliberately polished into rounded corners, in order to reduce sound diffraction from tweeter in the front panel. In order to prevent crosstalk, the B2 Cabinet adopted the internal two-channel independent of the complex design, front-hole on both sides of the box have been separate debug, so thorough about a HIFI only to your heart.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Q B2 prepared a total of black ash, walnut, Zebra wood, texture of three different styles, and I hand this is Walnut color, I don't think its color depth for the environment will be more broad. Although solid wood veneer, but under rigorous q-outstanding technology, also has excellent texture like solid wood. Whether Visual stimuli, is touching the touch, are extremely beautiful.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Q B2 body dimensions: 4.25 in (long) x12.25 ″ (wide) X5.50 in (h), weight: 4.21 kg. Such experiences are a lot larger than the portable speaker, but compared with the traditional 2.0 speaker has obvious advantages, also eliminates the excess wire connections, you can easily move around at home.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Box for the detail design is also quite research, in order to reduce unnecessary distortion and resonant, speaker set internally to strengthen the support, filled with a high-intensity sound-absorbing material to reduce unnecessary sound reflections inside. Cabinet edges and delicate, round corners, not only for aesthetic reasons, and in order to reduce sound diffraction from tweeter in the front panel.


  Appearance from the B2 looks like the center-channel speaker for home theater, but in the B2 internal and center-channel speaker is very different. Within the design of two-channel fully independent, has a high, bass speaker for each channel. Outside design orientation in favour of sound and treble, phase hole easier front speaker placement.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Q-power amplifiers do not use small speaker pop of class-d amplifiers, in order to guarantee access to the driver, but instead of using the traditional analogue class AB amplifier, two-channel 30W power rating is enough to feed B2. 20mm tweeter with neodymium magnet wire film, this small volume, light weight, magnetic flux can bring more richness of detail, also has a good degree of resistance.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Low frequency use sunken installation method, edges the same after fine grinding, speakers everywhere reveal a sense of refinement. 2.75-inch Kevlar Woofer, use of non-woven glass aramid composite, light also bends under a beautiful spot, sound can render a full and fast bass.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Speaker mesh to protect the speaker function, can effectively resist dust penetration. B2 uses the speaker mesh cover using magnetic attraction, removal and installation is very easy, so that speakers are free to head on opening. However q-B2 match the grey cover, pack up but looks a bit dull, remove immediately after giving the sense of a large. For many enthusiastic fan, we all prefer professional style ~ without a net.


Can be played Bluetooth HIFI: q B2 Bluetooth speaker


  Q B2 attracted me most places, an elegant appearance, the other is for high-quality wireless Bluetooth transmission. Carries the aptX is an advanced Bluetooth audio coding technology, than previous versions can provide a higher quality of sound levels can provide near CD sound quality, while version backward compatible with all Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP. However, aptX also has certain requirements for wireless front-end, as long as it's nearly two years in the Bluetooth 4.0 launching high-end mobile phones, basically can support the aptX audio coding technology.



  Speakers exposed above and below surface in front of us is very neat, full solid wood elegant and delicate texture is passed out, as if the art is not defective. All affect the appearance of the connections with the function keys are set in the back of the speaker, but even the back of the block function is also very neat. B2 is not used nowadays many Bluetooth speaker support SD card read, USB playback and other fancy features, in addition to high quality Bluetooth transmission is only AUX audio input, and it is also in keeping with its lofty qualities. But what makes me uncomfortable is Bluetooth and AUX audio input is not switched, if you use two ways to play music, two kinds of music will meet together at the same time came out of speakers, to be able to add a Bluetooth AUX sound source switch function will be more perfect.



  Installation of the amplifier Board is also very particular about the basically level with the wood edge-preserving. 30W power rating is not large, so speakers also provided no additional radiator, only feel the heat a long time, but the temperature is not too high. Rear power cable connectors and the power switch is set to the right, repeatedly held their logo on a does not affect the appearance of the place.



  Main functional areas in the left side of the rear of the speaker, silver metal volume knob is very delicate, and rotation damping is very smooth and delicate. Below it is 3.5mm AUX audio input port, and Bluetooth connections. On the volume knob on the right is the Bluetooth pairing button, white light, President of the press after a successful pairing, such as the need for pairing again you can long press this building until white light starts blinking after pairing. To enable the Bluetooth signal to greater distances, B2 designed a similar antenna and a wireless router, and made only 10 meters of distance, extended to 25-30 meters, there is a wall in the home of the barrier will not affect the stability of Bluetooth signals and adjustment of the antenna can make different perspectives.



  And ordinary Bluetooth devices the Bluetooth connection process is the same, the Bluetooth receiving first phone or Tablet feature is turned on, open and match the B2 is in a wait state, when you search for "Audioengine B2" click when you can complete the pairing.



  General Bluetooth speaker 10 metres distance, out the door could signal the actual environment in the home will be intermittent connections. B2 has a strong antenna, at home in a wall without a problem isolation, so that the signal is always very stable. Good aptX can get more near-lossless audio coding high quality audio transmission, while high-quality TI PCM5102A DAC Digital to analog converter, together with the B2 with the AUX cable and Bluetooth wireless music listening experience will not be much change, the sound quality is far higher than the General Bluetooth speaker.



  Another very obvious feelings is low latency, had also used a number of Bluetooth speakers, listen to music, watch movies can feel a little delay, sound a little bit more slowly than in the picture. B2 aptX audio coding technology, which only 30 Ms delay, reached the level of difficult to perceive, watch violent movies are properly completed ~.



  Believe see here about q-B2 of the sleek look and rationalization of the functions are very accepted, but as a speaker more important are the playback performance. B2 uses a similar box and center-channel speaker for home theater, but its interior is to separate the left and right channel independent, this structure is more suitable for near field listening, and treble outside design or you can get a better sense of orientation.



  Duo cone cells smaller, more suitable for desktop listening environment. 20mm films soprano brings a wealth of detail and has a good degree of resistance, and 2.75-inch Kevlar Woofer can render a full and fast bass. After a period of time, nearly 50 hours of use, B2 's voice getting better gradually stabilized, it seems appropriate to burn is still very necessary. I tried using Regulus iipro HD audio A-e amp + pure flute as a front end, with connected through AUX, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity with voice effect. Desktop front end in momentum, sound density, compared to the overall dynamic control of Bluetooth is of great advantage. Bluetooth and the difference between a massive class gap wasn't, TI PCM5102A DAC with the help of Bluetooth transmissions can be received more ethereal sound, more transparent sound textures, parsing is slightly higher this is my surprise, q-B2 is the voice I heard the best Bluetooth speaker.



  My hands vivo xhsot, VIVO x5max, iPad mini2 several product support aptX, repeated listening using these devices, have shown a high degree of stability, and there were no common Bluetooth speaker sometimes sonic phenomena. Bluetooth mode is used below to listen and share with you a simple sense. B2 's sound just slightly sweet and the neutral line, tri-band connection is natural, wine is not thick, presenting a fresh and slightly dense texture. Because the left tweeter distance is not very open, in listening distance of 60~120cm sound field in a certain location, but does not have any strong levels is not very open. High frequency soft and delicate, extension is also good, rich in detail; if the set-up is brilliant, warm and good overall sense of density, vocals stand out, whether it is male or female has a positive performance. Subject to a 2.75-inch woofer size, low frequency limit for 65Hz is doomed to not be much low frequency output, but the texture is very good, speed has some meat. Using medium and small volume when near-field listening very good sound effect can be obtained, if the sound is too large can seem confusing. Overall sound of q-B2 characteristics more suitable for vocal, jazz, little preparation of instrumental music.


  Iterations of the Apple Empire dilemma the Kings

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  As a regular professional players will touch the new fun products, few have attracted my attention at once, but q-let me love at first sight. I like its elegance of the traditional HIFI-style appearance, combined with solid wood texture of the box can be well integrated into the different home environments. Sound set-up and internal circuit design also show q professional and serious attitude, elegant and lustrous sound has a high degree of resistance. AptX Bluetooth transmission and high quality, you can get very good sound reduction, while gain antenna with the Bluetooth coverage greatly expanded. The only inadequacy is that the AUX audio input and Bluetooth switch is not set, two audio sources can simultaneously access speakers, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable, B2 I really satisfied with others. Average price of 1799 is not cheap, but compared with products at the same level B2 is a product in good faith.