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Low price NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 169 99

Low price: NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 9.99

NETGEAR Nighthawk launched AC1900 is a NETGEAR wireless router. 1GHz dual-core processor and a USB3.0 interface, are the stuff of high-end routers only. Nighthawk wave also has its own Spotlight technology, antenna design, the title of King of wall. Other VPN, advanced QoS, individual FTP-compatible time capsule features. OtterBox Note 4 OtterBox

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 low price $ 169.99, about 1030, cost about 1200. About China in the same paragraph in 1499, price is an advantage.

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Low price: NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 9.99 Low price: NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 9.99 Millet router

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Millet router

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As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jiangnan fenqing third party opinions who you hurt

  Third party paid regulatory views sought views draft in last year debate on is big, today this version with last year version compared, actually basic spirit is consistent of, no too big of deviation, compared also slightly loose has, for example on II dimension code paid, some innovation sex paid are no into management within, exact said also left has is big of space, last year debate except limit exception fierce zhiwai, also has is II dimension code paid, this year in this Shang left has cut, also has a important of points is last year has into paid account on shall not back mention four a Word, Year I-card no limit transfer of the same name, which is more moderate and realistic approach.

  But even so, today also is led to has Putian cover to of debate, this debate, actually I probably see has Xia, 99% of media interpretation, including so-called experts interpretation, are basic no mark of, I feel main reasons is big degree is because paid business although everyone are involves had, but too too based has, so instead is relative small all, and this world Shang often more based sex of things, instead will professional sex will more strong, no years engaged in had paid liquidation business of people, Unable to understand many of the issues, system of national accounts estimate four words to make it clear, you might need to write so thick the Oxford Dictionary is a book on, so, is not academic, feel free to read online some jokes you can understand things, not to mention a deep understanding.

  I himself has been think, no based facts of understanding right, on impossible has comments of based, also on impossible has discussion pros and cons on wrong of any possibilities, so, discussion problem itself will return to business itself view, this is has value of, or to last is a heap people scolded to scolded to, to last who are not know pulled of is what, so, I in here on I himself on this approach of understanding, do a I personal of interpretation, right or not I also not know. Then throw out.

  1000 or 5,000 lines how do? silly questions asked by the experts!

  First want to figure out what the problem is 5,000 lines enough problems, in fact, this problem really nonsense, most people are those who know nothing of the news media who fooled. On this question, we must first understand the three basic conditions.

  First, the Management Office of the limits of premises until payment is used to pay balance limits.

  The second is, if balance of payment account when paying, if using a high level of security approach, similar to a digital certificate or electronic signature, not subject to quotas agreed, any amount is OK.

  Third is the payment account balance, without a high level of security validation of case, is 5,000.

  (There is also a provision for a number of small scenes here pay case, if the paying body unconditionally accept full payment responsibility, and a one-day periods not exceeding 1000, can not validate elements, direct payment)

  This three a relationship is layer Layer progressive of relationship, don't separate took out said a article, that is only is you with has you in third party paid company in of paid account in balance to consumption of when only will by this limit, is not is said you with any mobile paid will by limit, simple points said's, you with paid treasure, and micro-letter paid of when, as long as not with inside of balance for paid, is not received any limit of, actually, except paid treasure in of balance treasure, who nothing will in this two company in put so more of money does ? And from the operations point of view, using micro-change package paid to the letter with the ease of use of bank cards through micro-payments without distinction of any kind, directly enter the password, no effect at all. So people don't have to think about 5,000 with enough problems, because this is not a problem at all.

  There may be a lot of people wondering, why give balance to limit, in fact, this is the crux of the management, I made friends in the evening saying, third party payment regulation as a whole, in fact, the two points, two points are actually very straightforward to limit balances this key point:

  The two focused on the first does not allow third parties to pay deposits, the second does not allow transfers within a third party payment system.

  In fact, both if you can do it, third party payment is not paid the company, instead of standard Bank, it is better to apply for a banking licence, there is no need for a third party. Third party paid, do a simple of metaphor is similar Porter, is put different personal in a, Bank of money moved to b Bank of account Shang, global so years view, paid is a help funds in different bank system in designated turned of tool, itself is not touch money of, and Internet paid for representative of third party paid appeared zhihou, market appeared has two is obviously of mode, nature on began differentiation has.

  A mode is a third party deduction of payment made directly from a bank account, then go to b in bank accounts, funds through third-party accounts but is not resting on account of third parties, if any, time is very short. Throughout the Bank's surveillance. Foreign BAYPAL is the model, our micro-payments actually looks like (the app is a bit complex, two models have, but the app itself is more inclined to pay channels, but also a balance of management, is the purse)

  Also has a mode actually is a, in Bank of money, first recharge to has a, in third party of account in, third party account will to a, a virtual account, you in this account in can consumption, and buy things, can transfers, can recharge, can buy financial products, this universal account actually is this regulatory approach of core in the of core, this is this file in most important of words: paid account, do lane clear, this only called paid account. Our regulatory aims to restrict the account's funding limit, without limiting the first trading patterns.

  Many people in this account in will some funds of when, front said has can consumption trading transfers buy financial and so on, he on like building has a self of ecological circle has, in many trading including transfers process in the, a, directly a instruction on put money to has b in third party of account in, regardless of is based on consumption also is transfers, looks achieved has account of designated turned, actually for third party paid company,, just account do has a distribution just, third party paid in Bank in of funds, actually is no any changes of, He just adjusted the number, a funding decrease funding b, then either a or b when needed, in deciding whether to extract to the bank account, if a and b are not to the Bank when the money would have been in third party payment on the account. So the question arises, what exactly is a third party payment identity? the money is counted as a deposit?

  Theory third party paid company is no absorption deposits of qualification of, issued third party paid licence of when, clear provides is based on paid technology, and not based on funds collection of, so this money theory just customer temporary store in third party paid in Bank of account Shang, should by strictly of regulatory, although eventually is in Bank in, but actual reaction of logic is, a, in third party paid account rich, third party paid in Bank in rich, Bank in displayed of customer name is third party paid company, Is not a client a, it means that a bank's money is not power, domination of the actual rights in third party payment companies, and so a money safe depends on third-party payment companies credit. If a third party pays the misappropriation of funds, culminating in the collapse, then a total loss of funds, that means third-party payment companies paid is not a company but a Deposit-taking company, but abroad, there is a proper noun, types of deposit-taking financial institutions. They have very strict regulations, and our position is in addition to the Reserve Fund and not much monitored, not I don't care, but because positioning is very fuzzy and very awkward indeed, the deposit is not paid, in theory, is the regulation of banking regulatory Bureau, the Central Bank paid only tube.

  Here can in times stressed Xia, what called account, actually essentially view, account in financial category, actually only opened in Bank system within only called account, because inside of money you effective can use, according to you of instruction for effective dominated, this is all system run of core based, strong real name of reuse sex is in here, account regulatory of first principles is know you is who, then confirmed has you of identity, you on can using this account has, except bank yiwai, In fact is not binding on account of a non-bank institutions of the system can be an effective use of funds, even opened the account for you really have the money, you can't guarantee the money will be used by your.

  So, all third party paid company opened of paid account in of money looks is you of money, daily told you has how many money, actually that are not can was legal authorized protection of, this in this regulatory approach in special stressed has this money, not deposits, just commercial prepaid card in the of balance, only representative paid institutions of credit, once paid institutions appeared problem, will may appeared loss, so, paid account Shang of those money just see with like you of money, is not means really of can you was control, Third party payment companies really took the money, you could do nothing, don't think it's impossible, in fact domestic payment companies go wrong quite a lot. Many paid company is using large customer not mention now to Bank by formed of time, precipitation out large of funds, for he with, once appeared points problem risk on is big, Bank this main regulatory of purpose is not hope large of people, put money recharge to third party paid Shang, then formed huge of funds precipitation eventually appeared great of problem, so used has limit of management approach, forced this money left paid account.

  So so-called of 5000 or, 100,000 or, 200,000 or, are is refers to of is this paid account in of using limit, is not said you cannot mobile paid has, you completely can through third party paid tool bundled you of bank card directly using, didn't not effect, also not increased complex difficulty, because balance of formed itself is need bundled bank card of, actually, most of customer in this regulatory programme in does not will by what fluctuations effect, many people said cannot network purchased has, cannot buy things, That is nonsense, you just can't stay in your third party account for too much money.

  For paid accounts also made two distinctions, one is through the strong real-name authentication, is a comprehensive account, one is the top non-real-name authentication, is a consumer account, literally little difference, which can balance banking, you can transfer, while the latter only consumption, transfer only to himself.

  Said here, first a not allows paid institutions absorption public deposits of problem everyone should are understand has, nature is guarantee customer funds eventually also is can in Bank system within, ensure funds security, many people asked, is Bank on not problem has, here to distinguish a points is Bank problem at least also by deposits insurance system of protection, but paid institutions out problem is not by protection of, he just a commercial credit, you himself to chase paid institutions to. Website false information overload tortured profession

  B, why not allow transfers within a third party payment system?

  Second a problem is why not allows third party paid achieved system within of transfers, this actually also not not let turned, actually from bank angle view, a years transfers lines 200,000, basically should can meet a people of basic life needs has, from Bank guide views in, clear provides has so-called of third party paid based dispersed, and small needs, must amount above transfers directly tied card trading on can has, and no increased too more of cumbersome difficulty, so, system within transfers for personal of effect actually is limited of, The programme was really knocked out by the third-party account use easy easy to transfer within the system, disguised itself as a clearing agency.

  This behavior actually involved of level compared more, maximum of problem I personal feel actually is two a, a is let funds from has Bank of monitoring, makes funds into has a relative not so transparent of box in, on very easy formed many may of grey zone, anti-money-laundering, and anti-terrorist are is very severe and is strictly of legal regulations, international Shang are in funds of real name requirements is high, third party paid of transfers after all is weak real name, he is through with Bank for multilayer information trading validation achieved of, The weak trend of the real-name system exists it is difficult to ensure that funds can be effectively monitored and the probability is very high of money-laundering.

  Anti-money-laundering method if concern Xia, everyone on will found domestic currently also is compared loose of, in international Shang this legal is strictly, HSBC on because involved anti-money-laundering, one-time was fine billions of dollars, through large of non-real name account for back and forth cross trading, eventually put in a from bank system within of black box in completed, this things, must is not continued of, also impossible was tolerance, any a national are is so.

  Actually abroad of similar type of third party paid company originator, PAYPAL of transfers is as by many limit, in paid transfers field, General will was requirements in Bank system in achieved, at least all data trading to again Bank can was query, even in abroad of third party account, are not was allows has customer information information, just simple completed channel requirements, and domestic actually just instead, domestic of situation is, Bank not know trading situation, not know customer information, all are is third party led completed, This bank transfer transactions cannot be clear understanding of the situation, must be lasting, does not meet the basic requirements of the financial regulation in each country. In addition, there is the huge transfer of funds in the banking system no longer to achieve, but the real deal in social situations, which turnover rate will eventually produce a lot of slow, giving the implementation of monetary policy in China also brings great challenges. Balance transfer transactions from being knocked out so the system from my personal feeling, in fact, is inevitable sooner or later.

  Third, who is hurt?

  Second we to talk about, what who injured has, this problem is key points, I front just said, most experts are in pulled light 5,000 enough with of things, is pulled light play does, because for most people for, this regulatory views of effect actually is is small of, basic feel not to, only effect big points, is with balance management function of some products, but basically also not effect too big, for example balance treasure of trading completed, I feel substantive effect has, but through Ali network business Bank of established, Butt direct way and agencies, should be to minimize the impact. Therefore, the impact of programmes on the surface is small, at least in the general population can be said to be not affected, who got hurt?

  Most injured of must is third party paid, many third party company ambitious wants to established independent account of thought received great of challenge, actually is is sad love of, third party paid is is about scene application of commercial mode, in two home alone big of paid world in, other paid company finally may found a article possibilities is big of way, results ushered in has this regulatory programme, specific also not know how comments has, I on paid of understanding, in many years Qian of several articles in, also are wrote has, I did not agree with what the industry itself has to pay too much of myself, or go to a article (2014 article I see micro-a letter and the PayPal wars, 2014 book cover Revolution), there is no insult.

  Here to is wants to focus stressed of actually is second a is big of injured who actually is P2P, currently view, this programme on P2P of effect also is is big of, although regulatory layer is tried to of wants to avoid this problem, but actually reality seems difficulty is big, we first see originally of P2P of third party paid of commercial application, nature actually is large of paid company through system design, for P2P building has a managed account system, large investors of money into to this managed account, And everyone owns a virtual account for P2P companies, the escrow account is a virtual account, raised after the instruction of the third party in accordance with the P2P companies borrowed money to a specific company.

  This concept in, actually if understanding not deviation words, P2P company may on cannot opened this managed account has, although can to investors a virtual account has, but personal of virtual account one years of cumulative investment lines up is cannot over 200,000 of, so, actually investment of behavior on must have modified into third party paid through tied card of way directly deductions personal bank in of money to first to P2P in third party paid of a temporary collection account, then again raised expires zhihou, Must be a written transfer to a borrower at the Bank to open managed account or monitor account, third party payment have become real channel paid. Which means that P2P traffic in the industry in the past third-party hosting model means no longer viable.

  Here is obviously of results, first said bad of said words, bad of results is originally through third party paid building virtual account of way is can let large investors of money into to virtual account in, then in need with of when mention now, and in virtual account in for designated turned, and trading, and consumption of when, actually are is paid company himself internal trading of, this not involved Bank of gateway trading of internal liquidation way, cost will is low, but this file introduced means with, paid company internal of liquidation behavior on was clear suppressed has , Makes a investors cumulative over 200,000 above on must had Bank gateway trading, this when, cost on will became is high, for example is past a people investment 10 million, as long as recharge a times yihou, in paid account in balance is 10 million, as long as not mention now to bank card, so paid liquidation cost on will is low, now words, because highest only 200,000, means with over 200,000 above part of investment redemption, are must had Bank, to produced is big of paid costs. This greatly increased the costs of doing business.

  So here on can answers many people yiqian of confused, why third party paid of trading cost and credit card repayment why often can timely to account, than bank service OK, actually here is involves has a not is fair of competition, third party paid through straight joint each home Bank of way, makes he himself became has disguised of liquidation institutions, a, bank transfers to b Bank, actually for third party paid company,, is nothing more than also also is internal himself accounting of problem, cost is low, and relative convenient simple, And Bank Zhijian trading is is must through Bank unified of liquidation institutions for liquidation, large, and small are has charges rules and standard, while also has by some liquidation Center of trading time limit, so, instead obstacles more, than third party paid more convenient convenient, even many Bank reverse are to take third party paid to completed across line trading, disguised also increased has third party paid liquidation internal of of process.

  If theory said words, is from investors protection angle view, due to this programme knocked has third party paid managed mode, eventually third party paid only opened a temporary collection account, in funds raised finished yihou, on need directly playing paragraph to Bank, Bank in according to corresponding of regulatory or managed agreement, put funds issued to specific borrowing people of account in, makes P2P platform of process at least theory more specification, also further reduced has platform touch touch funds of possibilities, For investor protection is indeed increased, this regulatory scheme, with guidance from the Central Bank's Internet banking are based to a large extent, P2P requests made in that file the escrow Bank, so also for the draft out of third-party payment paid accounts offer guiding opinions. But from a practical point of view, my personal concern is that two, the first is how much the Bank's determination to managed P2P, how high is the cost of the second is managed, the reality of the situation, I feel both are not too happy about it. Therefore, this programme may be subject to the most resistance to each other, is not an easy problem, the programme's floor, to a large extent depend on whether banks can follow, don't matter if the Bank is as slow as ever, it may be difficult to get the effective implementation of the programme. Otherwise, it will soon be born.

  Overall, on above situation view, this programme on P2P of platform effect should has its advantages and disadvantages, key depends on how see, while shield and eliminated has most strength enough of company, for market ordered competition provides has must of possibilities, addition while disadvantages is Bank of discourse right increased, for with is big degree Shang peer competition of opponents,, this must not is good of things, addition due to Bank of relative more slow of efficiency, carefully of business way, will greatly slow P2P of business efficiency. P2P this will usher in a lot of shuffling.

  Four, some of my personal recommendations.

  From my personal view, after the crash, the whole regulatory, financial supervision more obvious trend for the Internet strictly, this is actually not a bad thing, I 2013 speech in Wenzhou have a Word, I was turning out some time ago, I said:

  "To attention Internet financial brings of more big of risk uncertainty, support Internet financial or, attention Internet financial or, are cannot ignored risk, we Wenzhou should is eat has suffered, past has been proud financial for national first, now may somewhat depressed, financial itself is put double edged sword, good of when, can great promote economic development, bad of when, instead will pulled economic water, with economic of relationship is cause, best is match development, had fast, had slow are bad things.

  Nature of financial institutions are expanding lever back finally is playing with other people's money, will bring a lot of negative financial no going back, to be exact, to die while still don't know it is on your own. Therefore, financial is not the more efficient the better, United States subprime mortgage crisis are rethinking, convenient and efficient financial system must be a good thing? not really more convenient way, greater the risk of proliferation, system more easily, resulting in greater impact. A sense of the Internet, the core is to improve efficiency, so, taking into account the efficient use to fit economic development, or the Internet itself can be a double-edged sword. A node of risk, through Internet will very fast of easy spread from, brings more big of not stability, so, must to attention Internet financial of risk, addition, Internet of nature is more open, more inclusive, conversely also more radical, about speed faster, in Internet of world in, has sentence words, is only fast not broken, what are about fast, not consider future, do has say, scale fast up say, this exact said, not good things. Especially in finance.

  Financial was conservative in his bones, the emphasis is on stability and balance, and faster rather than slower, who live forever, is King, they differ greatly in the mind, behind the Internet in high spirits, is in fact not the fear of risk, we need to think about, don't burn out, only to see the good, not bad.

  Addition, from global range view, was defined for Internet financial of several mode, are is in must of control border within development of, China currently yet has clear of regulatory defined, if Wenzhou to development Internet financial, I feel consider to risk lag, factors, also is has necessary can consider first introduced must of industry standard, then in this standard of premise Xia, more of development Internet financial, cost will more low, do don't blind development. "

  Past years we of Internet financial has been in let bullet fly a will of State in the for, and financial of by Lee sex and eventually forced large of practitioners more of is how savage growth, and non-really of practice line so-called of General Hui financial, actually, Internet financial does not is equal to General Hui financial, we past are no concern to this, thought make Internet financial is General Hui financial, is support small micro-enterprise, actually results view, effect also not is obviously, from sociology angle view, General Hui financial is a systems engineering, Is the need for multiple systems, multisectoral and multi-level supporting comprehensive academic proposition, single not restraint Internet financial development is necessarily can't be go to inclusive financial sector.

  I has been said, this world no so-called of panacea, also no a enrollment fresh, need down-to-Earth of, in must framework system within balanced development, collaborative development, so effective regulatory is essential of, so, this of regulatory views, I personal feel actually is expected of things, from last year Bank of regulatory views is in not right of when do has a should do of things of reply Shang, on know this views draft is sooner or later of things, is nothing more than find right of points just, to has this year, guide views introduced, And everybody on the Internet financial understanding reached on a level when there wouldn't be too many voices of opposition, so is the expected thing.

  But we also to in turn see some problem, is straightening waste cannot had are, Qian two years no control of March ahead go of Internet financial, itself is Government promoted Xia of results, so now suddenly to to a brakes, I personal feel this type on simple of a knife cut of practices, actually brings of against will is more big of, general feel, Bank this views draft on third party and P2P of two a key Internet financial industry State of combat had fast had slammed, eventually of practice effect not too good, Lack of feasibility of landing, I feel the best way, in fact, is slowly cleaning up, setting goals, implemented in phases, and don't go in one step, itself to relevant agencies a certain amount of time to upgrade or self cleaning time may effect should be better, some of the comments, not to mention the. Are industry experts that really should be doing something, rather than a bum like me to think about things.

Friday, June 17, 2016

WiFi network upgrade today Beijing bus recovery time to be determined

  TechWeb reported on August 31, Beijing bus WiFi 18 o'clock today were off network, wireless Internet access will be suspended within the bus, restoration of service time, please pay attention to the notice issued by the relevant departments.

  Previously, many passengers have reflected to the Beijing public transport group, wireless WiFi connect problems within the bus, Director of the information center of Beijing public transportation group said Zhou Lijie, wireless WiFi bus group and Beijing Mobile collaboration, quality is not very good in the early. More than one train, with more people, have restrictions on the number of 3G device, flow is restricted, does have these years many citizens did not quite work right. Secrets of deep and dark networks what you do

  According to reports, starting from August 2014, bus groups and Beijing Mobile cooperation inside the bus to a wireless WiFi upgrade to 4G, now the work has been completed, and a significant improvement in results than in the past. But the bus go straight on the road, there may be some sections of itself bad signal, WiFi is not good even there may arise.

  Some analysts said, after the upgrade, and WiFi Internet access speed and carrying capacity of the bus will be greatly improved than before, a WiFi at least 40 people on the bus at the same time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The loneliest place in the world

  These days, friends have a lonely test very hot, topic is this: on the lonely, can you bear to test? answer from the first grade to tenth grade listed separately, such as ' one movie, one to eat hot pot, a person, go to the amusement park, one move ', and so on. In fact, these alone can only be regarded as child's play, in this world, there are alone is far better than this.

  A and lonely library

  Recently, a article name for full China most alone of library of articles popular network, let a name called "publishing company Beach public library" of building fire has, see this Zhang pictures, on not difficult understanding why users will said it is "most alone of library" has's, this library unaccompanied stands Yu Beach, away from city of noise, has a like of lonely sense.

The loneliest place in the world

  Second, lonely hotel

  Tasmanian wilderness is one of the largest temperate wilderness in the world, in the wilderness, one known as "the lonely hotel in the world". This lonely Hotel ——The Pumphouse, is a three-story building, was built in in the 1940 of the 20th century, is located in the Lake St Clair, 250 m concrete aqueduct is the only grounding parts. Designer Cumulus Studio for architecture to do some renovation work, to retain the original look and condition, with textured material shape simple space, space for low-key roles highlight the window the quiet natural environment. In the backdrop of nature, man is very small, the side once again exacerbated the sense of loneliness, was struck by the nature of loneliness.

The loneliest place in the world

  Three, the loneliest cities

  Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the world's largest administrative area, the Wildflower festival here every September in the world renowned, Perth was known as the "Wildflower capital". Sunny, very quiet, but very easy to get lost. Because of 4000 km away from Sydney, Perth was alone, also known as "the loneliest city in the world", yet it is also one of the most liveable cities in the world.

  Four, the lonely island History of the system and finally to the real

  Pitcairn is dangling in a South Pacific Island, residents about 50 people, many of which are United Kingdom generous descendants of the crew of the Royal Navy. In 1789, the generous crew has a crush on Aboriginal life in the Pacific Islands, deposed captain, and a Bay in the vicinity of the Pitcairn Islands burned the ships and settled on the island. Today, in spite of modern means of transport, the inhabitants of the Pitcairn Islands is the world's most isolated groups.

The loneliest place in the world

  Five, the most lonely job

  Located in the Concordia research station on the Antarctic plateau, is perhaps the most isolated place on Earth. Researcher entered after the Concordia research station, closed 8 months out, they not only have to face extreme cold, will also fight alone, so this work is also known as "the loneliest job in the world".

  Future, such a lonely place probably will be less and less, humans have invented all kinds of transport to help. Even if it's just to drive, or you can go to many places; even if that place was strange, even for visiting routes have no clue and no relation, if equipped with a "magical" features "driving music" on-board equipment, you can easily achieve a lot driving goals, as well as driving pleasure.

The loneliest place in the world

  So, with the development of science and technology, alone will be far away from humans more and more, the world will become even more wonderful.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Do not help farmers agricultural innovation is bullying on the Internet

  2015 their Government work report puts Internet "+" national development strategies (set ' +' the Internet action plan, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, combined with modern manufacturing industry, promote the healthy development of the Internet and Internet financial e-commerce, industries, leading Internet companies to expand the international market). Report made no direct reference to agriculture, but in fact, agriculture, rural areas and farmers need Internet + led. This article from the current "Internet + agriculture" problems awareness perspective, some suggestions on rural market-oriented Internet start-ups.

  First, "Internet + agriculture" cognitive limitations

  Various kinds of "Internet +" research reports have been issued, the earliest published reference to agriculture is Tencent (smart-cool Penguin Tencent Research Institute published in May "+ of the Internet" report, first for Internet + agriculture, Internet + other Chief livelihood, education, Internet + Internet + medical, Internet + life + financial + services, Internet traffic, Internet). The Internet + agriculture chapter points are:

  (1) rural business: the end of 2014, more than 200 e-commerce Township, covering more than stores more than 70,000 in 2016 is expected to rural net purchases exceeding 460 billion yuan. Business on behalf of the company as "an acre of land" (providing agricultural price information search services, solve the problem of poor supply and demand information in traditional agricultural).

  (2) rural business logistics: to solve the existing problems of rural logistics service is not perfect, with the original channel resources logistics agency work, construction of county-level service centers and rural distribution points. Representative-East service shops and service centers at the county level as the main strategy in rural areas, services and distribution over 5,000 villages to recruit 5,000 "village extension agents" to help farmers online.

  (3) loans: loans rural folk debit and credit channels active, which contains rush opportunities. Business on behalf of the company to become rural village portal website launched village credit, village into financial products, to be accumulated through the platform's more than 600,000 villages and covered more than 200,000 "Internet village" resources for landing.

  (4) data and cloud computing applications in agricultural production and in the production of agricultural seed selection, planting, harvesting, and other links as well as for recording and tracking of information in the processing of agricultural products, food safety supervision. Based on private capital are yet to see a typical startup appears.

  This report is mainly based on broad market space for the meaning of electronic commerce in rural areas. This is exactly what the current study on Internet + agriculture and part rural electrical contractor, O2O in rural areas of limitations. Including Ali, Jingdong, a number of enterprises to the countryside painting, primarily in their own point of view, mainly to expanding farmers online shoppers is to allow farmers to spend money, rather than a way to help farmers make money.

  Second, the "Internet + agriculture" blue agriculture and benefit farmers, thus achieving platform value

  2008 Spring Festival evening song of the migrant worker Wang Baoqiang migrant workers play in the classic line: migrant workers earn money easy, money more difficult! e-commerce market in rural areas on the basis of the increase of farmers ' income. Increased income is two-fold: to provide more jobs, leaving the land of migrant workers leaving employment; agricultural production upgrades, achieve higher added value. Personally think that income depends mainly on the latter, so as to drive more migrant workers on the road to get rich jobs in their hometowns. In practice, so don't think much of:

  1, represented by the Ali, East of Beijing enterprises, last year started doing some business activities of the countryside to paint a wall, sparked heated debate. Aims to market electricity to more rural areas, rural or rural O2O concept than substance. From its commodity classification, mainly industrial products to sales in rural areas, this process more favorable prices, product quality assurance, although lift is also benefiting, but vision still is to get farmers to spend more. In the process, such as Jing dong recruiting promoters can provide some jobs in rural areas, but the number is limited and the salary is not high. From this point of view, Ali and Jing dong such efforts will take more then pay a greater price. When Ali started the slogan is not difficult to do business in the world, in helping a group of freelancers to achieve rich dream Ali during the commercial value of the platform. Electrical contractor to the countryside but this block, seem to have forgotten the beginner's mind. This is Ali, East of which used to be the city's biggest companies are grounding performance.

  2, Tencent Research village, mentioned in the report, and an acre of land, while the pen is not much, but the value referred to in point focus. An acre of land as a rural business case, village, rural lending case. But in fact, every village known to more people is the rural business concepts, and is considered the professional painting the walls in rural areas. Only from a business perspective, village and an acre of land, are to provide information and a certain social functions.

  But with the Beijing East, Ali's position differs from the outset as agriculture, services, village core is to control rural areas effective channels of various resources, such as farm shops, rural radio, wall, information bulletin, village officials, and through the development of integrated marketing of rural information landed on the line. The expansion of a region, a region, this work is actually the city of 58 came a similar path under the line in the village of scattered villages and towns expanded, do what others don't want to eat people can't eat the bitter.

  But this remains based on rural portal website, and electric business channel angle, and cannot to farmers brings more more big of affordable, remember a times home Xia, home people told I, near province road of House of that wall a years has a hundreds of block (this two years estimated price rose has points), this is insignificant of, also than a village delivery member of income to of affordable. Therefore, is a village or an acre of land, if only limited price search, classification of information, social networks in rural areas, there is a lack of support of subsequent development or maximum benefit farmers. Not limited to rural areas in General, after all, expensive, limited its channel value, this is a rural house prices and property prices in cities.

  Some say every village is a professional painting company valuations could exceed 1 billion in rural areas cannot be understood, bubbles from growing too big. But the limitations of opinion on this point, Le mode of rural credit, village, is on the farmers ' Entrepreneurship provides more help useful, and are truly benefiting. More products on this concept in the future, the valuation is not 1 billion level issue. Of course, the actual operational level, unknown.

  Third, Internet + vision of agricultural business scene

  How to give farmers more income opportunities, individuals of the following business scenarios envisaged.

  1, happy farm, a virtual reality version. Modelled on the virtual scene of happy farm game, opened in rural areas correspond to the reality in rural areas, by local farmers in the rich farming experience handle, transmit information in due course on the farm by network video, for have the means and needs of the people of the town to choose.

  2, pollution-free special for the common people. Now rural New slogans, such as get rich raising cattle (not the scalpers). To breed a high value (a whole cow selling million) of cattle, for example, can raise way, a group of friends subscribe for breeding cattle. Daily scene in the breeding process by mobile phone at any time to view the video, even in cattle body fitted with sensors, and so on. Habit can be their own consumption or gifts. For example, some powerful companies will rent a mountain in remote areas, hire someone specializing in growing fruit, harvested to employees as benefits or as a gift. This can also be accomplished by methods of delegate of the villagers. Once in special manifestations of food so as to make more civilians. Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented

  3, child life experiential education. Always have some city parents feel their children never know suffering, what some specifically looking for something to give children the opportunity to experience life in the country. In an entertaining manner and some television stations broadcast some city kids to experience life in the country programmes. With the development of online education, experiential education is expected to pass this life network combination of reality and be more widely promoted. Thereby bringing alternative income opportunities for farmers.

  In short, does not target thought to increase farmers income, "Internet + agriculture" is a hooligan! let alone using the Internet + agricultural manufacturing concept, rural, rural O2O Rodeo ring in the countryside in the name of money. While only really provide farmers with the help of "Internet + agriculture" innovation in order to gain recognition of the farmers to the heart, which is the biggest claim of farmers. In this feelings, in order to obtain a broad Blue Ocean.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

BlackRock predicted China s economy will not a hard landing

  The securities journal noted that one of the world's largest investment management company BlackRock's latest report on 24th the anxiety wall-climbing China investment risk and opportunity points out that China's economic growth is slowing, but China's economy will not be a hard landing, China's economic miracle will last for a long period of time. Huawei founded by ren zhengfei even if next fall

  Report notes that most affect the BlackRock investment strategies and perceptions of China's four major trends include: China is sharply depressing credit growth, the economy is moving towards a service-oriented model transformation and the downside risk in the housing market and the Government's ability to stimulate the economy in the short term. "We believe that China will be able to meet these challenges in the short term, or there are some ups and downs. Policymakers seem to know of the risks involved, and have been properly prepared a viable long-term plan (blueprint for progressive reform) and short-term instruments (loose monetary and fiscal stimulus measures) driving challenge. "

  Report that the Chinese Government truly aware of State-owned enterprises and local government debt risks, and have the confidence to avoid the credit crunch crisis, are local governments some short-term, high interest debt, converted for a long period and lower coupon municipal bonds. Report predicts that the people's Bank of China will further cut interest rates and lowered reserve currently at historic high, tries to rekindle economic growth. In addition, the Chinese Government seems ready to adopt housing and increased foreign investment in infrastructure, driven property prices and to support the manufacturing industry.

  "Investors should regard China as a continent rather than a country. "The report points out that China economic trends in the region, the level of development and the implementation of different policies. When China's northeast (heavy industry) and Western (mining) economic slowdown, densely populated coastal areas and more affluent economy has remained strong. Investors at a time when concerns about long-term economic situation and risks, you can still continue to be bullish on the financial markets in the short to medium term.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Apple hides Apple Watch sales sold 4 3 million units


Apple hides Apple Watch sales, sold 4.3 million units?


  On July 22, Apple on Tuesday reported third-quarter earnings, iPhone and iPad sales are showing a downward trend, affected by this, Apple's share price on Tuesday, United States stock markets plunged in after-hours trading 8.8%. But in this report, Apple's first wearable products Apple Watch is "absent", and were classified as "other products" list.

  Apple didn't release data, but market research companies have long made the analysis.

  United States research company Canalys reported in the second quarter, Apple has gone beyond the Fitbit and millet and other manufacturers, as the world's largest wearable brands. Reports indicate that Apple has sold 4.3 million in the second quarter of this year Apple Watch, is in need of attention, other than Apple Watch wearable devices cost much higher, the sales of gold, in the case of iPhone, iPad demand slows, Apple Watch is expected to share Apple's pressure.

  Canalys also said Apple Watch sales will continue to grow in the second half of this year, in addition, a new generation will further stimulate Apple after Apple Watch-listed smart watch sales. Wanda strong anti corruption private governors

  But behind the stunning data, Apple had to admit that Apple Watch is not really attract ordinary consumers, this is a major challenge for Apple. Definitely worth perhaps millions of sales on Apple, Cook simply to disclose their performance is better than in the same period of the iPad and iPhone, cleverly hidden seems sensible.


Friday, June 3, 2016

80 investor losses of over 10 almost two weeks lost 3 per capita annual salary

   Proud Internet practitioners to see why the age

80% investor losses of over 10% almost two weeks lost 3 per capita annual salary

  "The results can also count on a rebound be tumbling, weekend not to live. "On June 26, Chen Xian shareholders said to Chinese reporters. Following last week's stock market plunge, the a-share market fell again. Today, the China business daily reporters interviewed flush learned that almost two weeks (6.15-6.26), investors lost an average of about 3 years, only 4% shareholder profit, eight investors losing more than 10%.

  Following last week's plunge, stocks this week does not usher in a rebound, but continued down. As of 26th closed, the Shanghai composite index fell 7.4%, Shen Chengzhi declines over 8%, GEM's first since the Panel opened its biggest 8.91%.

  According to flush and statistics, 26th of a market evaporating 4.5 trillion yuan, nearly two weeks total evaporation 13.26 trillion. Flush with staff, calculated according to generally investors last week, investor loss of 147,000 yuan per capita in two weeks. Calculated in accordance with national average 50,000 Yuan last year, investors in the past two weeks wages per capita losses for almost 3 years.

  Investors profit and loss, and from June 15 to June 26, showed nearly two weeks only 3.99% per cent of shareholder profit, profit 5.85%. In two weeks, investor losses at 96.01%, which lost more than 30%, 6.28% per cent; loss range of 20.01%-30% and the range of most shareholders, 37.31% and 37.35%, respectively; loss of range of 0%-10%, 15.07% per cent. In other words, only 4% investors profit in nearly two weeks, eight investor losses exceeding 10%.