Friday, November 27, 2015

Pumpkin said completed the 1 5 million angel round of financing users who focus

Pumpkin said completed the 1.5 million angel round of financing users who focus on quality rather than price

  In recent days, said before the launch of pumpkin has completed 1.5 million angel round of financing. This investment-army, lead investor, PA duo angel investment fund and Zhejiang reported that DreamWorks shot. Pumpkin said in June this year to start preparing for July site online open beta, App launched in August.

  Pumpkin says mine is technology's products, ray technology is the first focused on intelligent hardware industry media, launched in March 2014, focus on wearable, smart home, drones and other intelligence hardware, evaluation-related products. Pumpkin said Luo with a media background, the founder, in addition to five other members have business background, or are all the digital enthusiasts.

  Liao Xianghong, founder, "we were like Amoy, and technology products. Our needs of the shopping platform, but the shopping platform is recommended for more cheap, discounted products, bring us cheap products but it does not meet our demand for good things. "

  Pumpkin said before the team Thunder technology team has accumulated many technologies, 3C and knowledge in the field of intelligent products, pumpkin said the pursuit of quality of life and focus more on quality rather than price when you purchase goods shopping platform result for the user.

  In the case of budget relative, pumpkin says pick a good product from a mass-merchandise, introduce and recommend, the user can jump directly from the site to the address the purchase of this product.

  Content production, said pumpkin using EGC+PGC mode, editorial team generates a specific topic or category recommended lists on a regular basis, and to maintain the list. Pumpkin said after introducing the talent mechanism, editors will share into readable list, share talent will earn points, red envelope, sharing and other incentives.

  In terms of business models, Liao Xianghong said, "at present, said pumpkin has its own advertising revenue. Access after a certain amount of users in the future, we will also want to provide users with group buying electrical contractor services, cash back, custom, App-end also became a focus of our development. "

  There are massive shopping platform on the market today, said pumpkin shopping platform is distinguished from preferential information, most of the recommended products are higher priced consumer goods, is also more demanding on quality consumer groups.

  Business Guide Web site numerous today, market consultation on media, promotional information aggregation classes, shopping search and community sharing a few products. Shopping site as a connectivity tools, can reduce the cost of the choice on the one hand, on the other hand to provide seller with quality traffic entrance and lower marketing costs.

  However e-commerce shopping site also faces a number of difficulties:

  First of all, this type of website development relies on sophisticated e-commerce site, by drainage into profits in the process, stickiness is not high promotion costs are also high.

  Secondly, all e-commerce platform development, the advantages of e-commerce giants also began to reflect. A case study of Jing dong, whose brand has been established, very mature logistics system, and users can often get themes recommendations and special offers. In such cases, e-commerce shopping site of the living space and narrow lot. No longer burn O2O spell subsidy in the first

  Liao Xianghong said: "information asymmetry exists, so shopping sites will always have its value. Successful transformation of ' beautiful ' has shown shopping site's business model is viable, but after more vertical areas. "

  E-commerce shopping platform if you want long-term growth, should itself not only as a traffic entrance, but should also cultivate customer loyalty. Improve the quality of shopping on the one hand, vertical in product analysis, on the, you can work directly with brand business, in terms of media properties for profit.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Recalling Ali Jingdong 2015 year cats and dogs

[Recalling Ali Jingdong]2015 year

  Jingdong Mall has been a company for a long time rivals. In fact, in China, the hostile relations between the two companies has been the industry dubbed "cats and dogs" – to borrow each other's products to describe, the Alibaba Group's "cat city" and East Beijing's own online store.

  Alibaba maintain UNIQLO clothing sold on its platform strategy also shows this interest with Alibaba.

  In the past few months, Alibaba and other shopping sites have been trying to pass a special contract or product launch to attract some name-brand enterprises cooperation, but Alibaba also asked them to provide more discounts to sellers on the Web site.

  The end of April this year, Alibaba founder Jack MA (micro-blogging) and UNIQLO's parent company Fast Retailing Co Chief Executive Tadashi Yanai (Tadashi Yanai) to talk.

  Fast Retailing is Asia's largest clothing retailers, have recently sold in the store UNIQLO products, and sold very well. According to people familiar with the matter said news, MA and his team told Yanai that if UNIQLO further loyalty to the platform of Alibaba, Alibaba will boost the company's platform of UNIQLO store traffic and sales continue to grow.

  UNIQLO once stationed in Beijing East platforms, but in July this year, UNIQLO has announced its withdrawal from the store, claims into the store out of UNIQLO's e-commerce strategy.

  Jingdong said UNIQLO's exit is definitely "business for reasons other than" because in the store, UNIQLO's demand is very strong. However, UNIQLO, declined to comment.

  Alibaba about controlling the absolute majority of the total volume of China's online shopping market share, this dominance can by Alibaba's online store "Taobao" stand out. Taobao now about 8 million sellers, most of which are individual sellers. By comparison, Jingdong "Pat" trading volume is much smaller, but Beijing East currently does not disclose "Pat" number of businesses on the platform.

  According to market research firm iResearch data shows that first quarter of 2015, in the fast-growing e-commerce market, Alibaba accounted for approximately 58.6% shares, essentially flat with a year earlier. However, Jingdong Mall's share has increased from 19.2% in the same period last year to 22.8%.

  Alibaba claimed that in the year to the end of March this year, the Group's retail website, on transactions totaling 2.44 trillion yuan, far exceeding the top five e-commerce company Alibaba group behind the sum of transactions of. Capital is still keen on photography O2O battle

  However, Alibaba also acknowledged that the company faced increasing pressure of competition. Today, more and more e-commerce companies are chasing after the Chinese Internet market, including beauty products, only products, as well as in July this year has just been bought by Wal-Mart's first store.

  Alibaba Vice Chairman Tsai took part in interviews with the media, said the fierce competition "is the nature of the e-commerce industry, particularly in the Chinese market." He said: "the market is very large, lucrative market for honor is very attractive, and you have a large number of entrepreneurs and financial resources in support of them. "

  As the Chinese economy slows, China's e-commerce market, competition is becoming more and more serious. Alibaba recently released lower-than-expected earnings report. Data showed this quarter in the year to the end of June, Alibaba's revenue of $ 3.26 billion, less than expected. It is easy to see, the company is facing a number of challenges, such as the saturated business trends, such as the high cost of transition to a mobile service.

  Last week, Alibaba announced to spend $ 49 purchase Su Ningyun 20% per cent, a move that would store hit.

  In recent months, the company has signed cooperation agreements with the more than 160 enterprises, those agreements are expected in the next year will push Alibaba's online shopping mall increased volume of 30 billion yuan. Among them, at least 20% enterprise and exclusive Cat Mall retailers plan to sell their wares, such as Timberland (Timberland) and Decathlon.

  Jingdong Mall Shen Haoyu, Chief Executive, said: "we look at Ali Baba's exclusive deal, but we do not think that this would be consistent with the brand's interest and purpose. "Tsai claimed that company signed an exclusive agreement with Alibaba, mainly because they know that" we are able to promote their products. "

  The two rivals have been fighting. Last year, MA has claimed that East will "eventually became a tragedy"-Ma later apologized for this. In a speech in May of this year, before Alibaba Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng said, "as long as what Alibaba Jingdong soon to follow." At that time, Zhang Jianfeng said the words, is mainly aimed at Ali Baba to the rural market to expand, strengthen overseas sales operations, moves into cloud computing and online payment services.

  Allegedly, East Beijing Beijing one of the slogans at the offices of a number of red flags, one of which is "fight, fight, fight, fight first!"

  In July this year, Jingdong have insinuated that Ali fake, claims that shouldn't earn money always even. In a speech in July this year, Liu (micro-blogging) has claimed that East was "those who pay attention to quality and genuine consumer supposed to select online shopping platform".

  Alibaba is different, Jing dong is a buy product from the supply, and then sold directly to consumers. In addition, the East also runs a store in the Mall, brands can sell merchandise and pay Commission to the East. In fact, the company does not actually sell products, but to connect buyers and sellers, by using the Mall of millions of businesses and independent retailers to provide advertising and other services for a profit.

  There was Italy's senior brand choices in Beijing set up shop in the East, without selecting a cat Mall of Alibaba, the senior brand company said this is mainly because Beijing East gives a written undertaking, be sure to put this brand of piracy and parallel imports of goods out of the East website.

  Jing dong claimed that protected brands of the company's intellectual property rights, regardless of whether these brands selling goods on its Web site. Earlier this year, Alibaba had persuaded Sweden opened in cat exclusive high-end brand Fjallraven outdoor store, and was committed to increasing the flow of the store. Previously, Fjallraven in Jingdong Mall and other Chinese Web site sales. Fjallraven parent company Lin, General Manager of Fenix Outdoor China Mingwen, said: "we have some very good conditions, including more transparency, the decline in ad spending on the Web site. "Lin Mingwen expects Fjallraven's network business in the Chinese market this year sales will increase 5 times compared with last year.

  Prior to this transaction, Fjallraven CAT had to be priced very low, are better than others on the market in China the price of similar products on the site are low, so you can get more on cat Mall promotions and promotional opportunities. Today, Fjallraven signed an exclusive sales agreement with the cat, in this way, Fjallraven will have a great deal of flexibility in pricing.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Amazon CEO future UAV delivery will be as common as truck

Amazon CEO: future UAV delivery will be as common as truck

  Beijing time on August 17, the morning news, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), said he did not think that unmanned aerial vehicle delivery service would be launched in a few months, but he did not say when this service may be spread.

  Since the proposed drone Bezos shipping idea, many people think your goods purchased from the Internet "Heaven" scene. The idea still makes Bezos cheered, he told the United Kingdom said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Prime Air drones "as common as a mail truck".

  However, the frequency of mail trucks in the streets seems to be getting lower. Well, Amazon's delivery drone when to turn? " Month by month in my opinion too radical, "he said," so it's better on an annual basis. " When the woman began programming when

  Potential benefits and hazards due to drone has sparked extensive debate, so this Bezos comments seem a bit surprising. Amazon's Bezos explains: "the biggest problem comes from regulation. "He told the United States was not satisfied with the current regulatory process, in particular with the United Kingdom compared. But Bezos insists that drones have become an irresistible trend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Robot can cook come out smooth and human communication

  Beijing time on August 27 evening news, according to the MIT Technology Review (MIT Technology Review) reports that European researchers have developed a robot that can read the WikiHow Guide to breakfast. Up position! TMT industry investment in the future,

  Current robot in the Office and at home is becoming more and more common, more and more frequent interaction between humans and robots. But unfortunately, current robots can not speak, read or write very well.

  European scientists have developed a quick reading WikiHow Guide, and through the use of text and voice instructions to make breakfast kitchen robot "PR2".

  For humans, the kitchen is a very easy thing. We can easily perform a variety of tasks based on years of experience, both with dressing bottle, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or set the oven.

  Different from humans is that PR2 robot based on written materials to access to knowledge and execution are not familiar with the task. After the task is completed, PR2 can also send instructions to a public online database for other robots to enjoy, to broaden their knowledge.

  In other words, without any prior to the PR2 robot programmed, we can tell the robot what to do. After repeated received similar instructions, the robot can learn valuable lessons like a human.

  There is no doubt that the higher the level of artificial intelligence robot, we see them at home and in the Office of the higher risk.

  PR2 robot in the kitchen of successful research and development is of great significance. At present, many robots are used to perform some arduous and boring task fixed, and the PR2 robot is different, it can walk, and be able to adapt to the changing environment.

  Second, natural and smooth "man-machine communication" is also a core research area, as more and more businesses need these friendly, chatty robot that can easily understand human commands.

  WikiHow is a collaborative project aims to build the world's largest high quality of instruction manual. No matter what you want to do, this multilingual instruction manual can provide free step by step guide.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Won t write how to start Wills Willing founder said self study


Won't write how to start? Wills Willing founder said: self-study


  Eliam Medina's the perfect Internet business idea. The only problem is: he doesn't understand code, will not find a trusted programmer turned his dream into reality. So, he resigned from the Burger King executives and signed up for the Bloc, a online code teaching school.

  What is it? he founded the Willing, you only need to spend about 5-10 minutes, free online tool can create a will. From the idea to the business, Medina took less than a year's time, attracted well-known investors and thousands of users.

  In recent years, new companies sprung programming education, teaching people how to code, including face to face teaching "programming training camp" such as DevBootCamp, or online schools such as Codecademy, and Bloc just one obscure them.

  Skeptics have questioned whether these absurd courses give students a solid foundation and created work successfully, but Medina's success shows that these projects not only to build for the future work of the programmers.

  After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in Medina aunts, his aunt asked him to help her take care of her house, and Medina had founded Willing idea. "I realized that, anywhere in the world, funeral planning after death is extremely complex," Medina said. "Most people choose, and gave his family a lot of tough choices. "

  Employment lawyer can be time consuming and expensive to make a will at the same time, each update will have to spend a lot of money. However, contrary to popular belief, unless you have a lot of real estate, or you don't need to hire a lawyer to make a will.

  So, Medina wanted to use existing wills DIY tools, including Legal Zoom and Quichen Willmaker. But Medina and found that these tools are too complex and expensive. He thought the will must be extremely simple and is free for most people. In September 2014, Medina joined online programming Bloc, specialty programmer mentor taught students how to program.

  Bloc's curriculum is divided into two parts: in the first stage, students are taught the basic knowledge of programming languages, such as Ruby and JavaScript; in the second stage, students will have learned is used in major projects. Medina completed the first phase, which usually takes 4 weeks, then he did not study the second stage and begins instead with the knowledge to create Willing. "The whole design process takes approximately 12 weeks, but I did not take such a long time. "He said.

  Medina attributed his rapid success in the business Bloc the guidance of a mentor. "Whenever I met with difficulties, I can call the teachers for help," he said. "They are very good at steering, so I can be at my own pace, work fast, and when I needed help, they were always quick to help me. " Real listen to Director of the Steve Jobs says

  Now, Medina less coding. After he set up the prototype of Willing, Medina has introduced a man named Rob Dyson's Chief developer. But learning coding helps him create companies quickly took off. The programmer under the background of market tension, Medina by creating a prototype proved that he is Willing to seriously start to convince Dyson to join his fledgling company.

  Eventually, their efforts have paid off. Medina said the company handled more than half have reached Legal Zoom will, which was good enough for a new startup.

  The company is attracting some big-name investors to invest, including the Ashton Kutcher's Sound Ventures, Gary Vaynerchuk, and 500 startups.

  This year, the company even received support from YC. "When things happen, when I don't even know who YC," Medina said, "then somebody told me, and then I began to search and know them, it's like a dream. "

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MA Mobile Internet is like the Internet help traditional industries upgrade

  NPC Deputy Ma Huateng presented "Internet +" eco-strategies, hoping to rise to national strategies, the use of the Internet platform, combining Internet and traditional industries to create new eco.

  "Mobile Internet is like electricity, electricity in the past make many radical changes in the industry, now has a mobile Internet, every profession can make use of, to transform their industries. "Ma receiving authorities wide nets financial reporter, said in an interview.

  Ma believes that Tencent is not going to do all the things presented concepts, delivery of essential spare parts, nails, tools such as hoes, so many industries to use.

  He suggested that many industries such as industrial Internet, Internet of things, and even agriculture are likely to use the mobile Internet for his use, currently in the finance, transport, health, education, environmental protection and other industries combined have made some achievements.

  Ma stressed that the Internet is the upgrading of traditional industries, will reuse the original industrial upgrading is not upside down.

  For the Internet industry will replace real estate as the pillar industry of China's economy, MA still energy-said: "in the past after the electricity and energy, electric power, energy companies in place of other industry has become a pillar industry in full yet? is not, it is a complementary process, you have me, and I in you, is to provide a basis for our more. "

  Pony does not deny that in the future the Internet itself will grow very large, while helping other industries making good use of the Internet, the Internet industry itself is also promoted.

  Interview video excerpt:

  The attending, I have four recommendations, including proposals for human development using mobile Internet wisdom.

  First, Internet + traditional ecological transformation of existing industries. We want to use the Internet platform, as well as information and communication technologies to the Internet and the businesses, including traditional industries combined in new areas to create new eco. In the past there has been some achievements, industry has made a lot of contributions, for example in the field of Internet banking, Internet traffic, there are health care, education and other fields, you can use the Internet based on the original sector to improve efficiency.

  Second, how to use the mobile Internet to many relevant government departments in the past a lot of data to link up. Never link up, consumers cannot easily use, we hope to use Internet technology to a lot of information together, improve people's livelihood. In many areas such as Internet transport, education and so on can do. For example, in the field of environmental protection, mobile Internet can play a very important role in these places.

  I have on many occasions said that the mobile Internet is the true Internet. China has the world's largest number of Internet users and mobile users, 650 million Internet users including 560 million mobile Internet users, the penetration rate is much higher than global. I think this is a very good basis, coupled with some cloud computing and data, can greatly promote the development of industries.

  The third proposal is the protection of network copyright. In the past I have said on many occasions, this two-year strategy is doing a lot of changes. Our letter and QQ micro platform as a connector, want to build a simple connection, connect all the information and services. Second, what we do is the content industry, and content industries, the core thing is copyrighted. Therefore, we called for the establishment of intellectual property rights in many areas. Next, including music, literature, animation and so on are more formalized more to global snap, I think this is a viable option, but also the culture industry is a very important safeguard. I am very optimistic about China's cultural industry, now a small amount, but television, film and music in the future will have great development in China. Watch road by CCTV exposure of children where

  The last suggestion is the use of accessibility for the blind. A lot of people are in use on the computer cover before, now in the era of the large-screen touch screen do? it would require support in the mobile operating system and application software, used to make accessible for the blind. Abroad there is established the standard, but our nation is still not established. Tencent has long focused on this area.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Ireland Turbospoke bike Turbo exhaust

Boom Boom-~~ belonging to big boys and a boy super aggressive Bicycle accessories here!! Flawless iPhone 6s case

The newest and coolest bike accessories, Turbospoke bike Turbo exhaust pipe! Let your bike has the look and sound of the motorcycle, good ~~ is very easy to assemble, for about 5 minutes to fix. Love unusual shop, Pat shop for sale.

Note: (1) principle: with 3 motocard paddles, pop-up by bicycle spokes different sounds. Mechanical sounds, no electricity. (2) sound great, very crazy. Not suitable for low profile shy. (3) exhaust pipes made of plastic, not metal! (4) won't make your bike is really fast! (5) surfaces as metallic paint, easier to wear, please use.

"Product information"

Brand: Ireland Turbospoke Flawless iPhone 6s case

Name: bike Turbo exhaust

Origin: China (this product is original in the Japan market, Korea imported, are we found to be made in China ~)

Size: exhaust pipe length of 34 cm, diameter 8 cm

Material: plastic

Contains: stickers, tools, such as exhaust * 1, motocard*3, see below for details

Packing: color box

Flawless iPhone 6s case

With immediate effect, with micro-add a love letter to strange as a friend, there are new surprises every day ~

Methods: (1) micro-scanning the QR code on the left of the letter, (2) micro-adding friends, "love strange", or "aixiqi520", can be ~

1, the first to know of new products;

2, micro listener privileges.

If you love unusual fan app to listen to us.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Driving music to give you all the cool new way lane

  Borrow from a writer, "this is a very good time, and to describe the moment is quite apt. After all this is a rapidly changing, is possible, fun and colorful, dream into the reality of the times. Surrounded by network information for the members of the global village, which is a personalized, blossom, chasing fashion, the sea of time.

  This is an excellent time. Theaters Hollywood lets us feel the charm of new technology across an ocean, and aunt; square dancing led to the fashion capital Paris. More and more foreigner speaks Beijing dialect in the Royal Park, and young people wind in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, China, Mori dress flaunts his own age at the right time.

  This is an excellent time. I am becoming ever more important, everyone wants to be a different kind of fireworks.

  This is an effort to take off mass labels, search for small individual time. This is an era of pursuit of cool all the way.

  Remember the where is the father, Jimmy tuck small Chi million words is, do you think this is cool. Do not know since when, cool became an important part of adjectives and a sought-after lifestyle. However, the rest of us, how Ultraman monsters, super hero saving the planet-like cool life? Decoding Tiger sniffing protection of intellectual

  Don't worry, driving music coming! drive as is? it is a car developed by HUD. It is learnt that the HUD HUD is the Chinese name, is short for Head Up Display in English. The principle was to use optical reflection, dashboard data reflects on the front windshield, the driver no longer needs time to look down to see the dashboard, front of the convenient and secure way to view information. It is reported that the drive was originally used for aircraft flight, is now also being used in the automotive industry for the benefit of the majority of ordinary people. As its name implies, driving music is also very happy. This name is already pretty cool now?

  So, driving music cool but where is it?

  First of all, low prices and high quality, driving can enjoy the flying experience. Can become a pilot, after all, only a small number, but do you think that one day I could be anywhere, anytime with intimate contact with the flight cockpit-like cool experience? simply drive can easily help you to achieve the world with dream.

  Second, drive safely, without looking down. We know that highway accidents often occurs between a few seconds while driving display driving information onto 3-5 meters in front of the car, the whole vehicle information available without looking down. Safety factor considerably strengthened. In addition, it also provides telephone, texting and tweeting the letter features, convenient to order manual password connect, hang up the phone to send and receive information.

  Moreover, the clear highlight, both for day and night use. Diffraction HUD heads-up display with advanced technologies, ensuring that people can fully receive the external scenery and HUD image intensity, that day can still clear obtain HUD image in bright light, night light on the outside environment are not affected.

  Finally, the handy little, voice, gestures, and full control. System compact, easy to install, combined size of the device is no more than a book of 32 opened. The most important thing is driving artificial intelligence directive provides, allowing you to fully enjoy the cool high-tech superiority, as if exposure to Europe and blockbuster.

  Driving music, brings to every owner has all the cool new way lane!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fighting fish s logic and a live video of vanity



  "Betta, is not as simple as you might think. "Craig told us that holding a cigarette in her hand, leaning on a Chair, lying on the floor behind the white cat.

  Who is 24 years old, came to Beijing from Shanxi University, unwilling to return to his hometown after graduation, find a paycheck home to friends and relatives enviable job, live in a small narrow room, usually Internet access being refused AcFun (hereinafter the "site") and beep beep (hereinafter "b").

  But unlike most girls of the same age was her biggest hobby is not shopping or watching dramas, but to play the game, challenging the highest difficulty of the game and collect the game's Platinum achievement, since high school, who developed the side playing companions find overly obsessive habit.

  "At that time I don't believe it was boring to watch others play games," in a video chat, who recalls her experiences in the fighting fish, "of course, I definitely think I have to play the game for others to read to this day. "

  In a sense, fighting fish--it is playing the role of "barrage of live sharing Web site"-changed lives. In fighting fish she has nearly 1000 followers, which is nearly 10 times times the number on her contacts, she almost 20 times times the number on the PSN friends, is her account b station 50 times times the number of followers.

  This is small in the eyes of the fish.

  In this site, Prime time every night will have more than 10 million viewers, including the League of Heroes (League of Legends, hereinafter referred to as LOL), games such as the legend of furnace slag and DoTA2, live video, and interact with the anchor through the barrage.

  In the past year, if betta million salary to sign an anchor zeal has not enough that you have intuitive knowledge of it, then, Wang Sicong appeared to brush, live in the course of hundreds of thousands of viewers, and as platform "Super Administrator" story that will absolutely shock you this new site that was born just two years the force of the explosion. Legend of the PayPal mafia entrepreneurship

  10 years ago, for most people, fighting fish may also was a popular Idol or Coppola's movie. Now, for more people, fighting fish means a new way of life and business.


  Fighting fish on their own links page on the AcFun website in the first place, however, this is actually a now unable to open Web site-April 2014, AcFun domain name. TV change. com,100 days. com domain name is stop parsing.

  Without a station, and bettas may not necessarily face this now.

  In January 2013, a station introduced live plates "broadcasting". For most people, perhaps Japan imported words also seem a bit esoteric, but familiar with NicoNico and Japan the second element of a site user, b, this revision was apparently has been too overwhelmed with rapid momentum of a station brings new opportunities. A station official obviously would like to seize this opportunity, not only in the Home strong recommendation released, a large number of popular UP primary--barrage users on a Web site often to this alleged video Uploaders--have opened their own Studio to attract viewers. Even though a station either on the user's size and development prospects have been unable and great compare to the b station, singing initially confirmed to LOL, popular games such as DoTA consisting mainly of live barrages the combination of harvest and the audience a lot of audience attention.

  "You know, after Fate/Zero our position was not very optimistic," a titanium a station employee told the media, "mainly because we don't know what they carry, then all of a sudden a ' broadcast ', played for a while and found the results were pretty good, really a lot of people thought we caught a chance again. You take breath and jump in to do this thing. "

  However, contrary to the staff and users is unexpected, broadcasting eventually parted company with the a station, he and a majority of users even more confused and dissatisfied is that betta after independent TV originally did not support AcFun the account registration.

  "We and they work in the same building, and are working for a boss, rich people the boss, how frustrating is their own business. "Before the introduction on a station employee told us that" don't monkey, even the King was pushed away, so, the theater is good. "

  In January 2014, independence broadcasting sectors from a fighting fish TV, and sponsored bargains in subsequent years include WE, IG, including a well-known Gaming Club, was in the eve of the Sturm und drang of the esports industry pros and audiences, such moves will undoubtedly have great appeal and eyeballs.

  From DOOM3 challenge bonus rocketboy on the great wall receives 1 million Yuan has been for 10 years.

  Gaming events in the domestic heat also played a role in fueling the 2014 LOL S4 bonus pool of more than $ 2.13 million, US $ 1 million in prize and DOTA2 International Invitational (Ti4) tournament prize pool will total more than $ 10 million, winner of awards up to $ 4.73 million.

  Fish of the big spenders in March 2014, launched the "King of the road" activity, as long as the eligible for the betta TV prefix ID, betta platform's exclusive live, broadcast market and audience, and eventually served in the LOL get "King" title will receive an award of 10,000 yuan to up to 200,000 yuan. In October 2014, betta sign before LOL Pro and if wind and famous LOL explains ash, community and even spread the ash news sign up to price of 15 million Yuan.

  "At bucket fish put circle in of people are under has, 15 million certainly is pulled light, but yiqian really didn't people wants to had play so big of hand Ah," domestic a electric competing Club Manager memories up at of stories, now still couldn't help excited, "not who didn't money, is didn't people dare so burn money, everyone are think this grandson put ' rules ' are bad has. "

  Already, games, live video crazy people because these keywords these changes that are taking place are more agonistic.

  "After all Li Xiaofeng that people can met not seeking, most actually is unknown, led with monthly six thousand or seven thousand of wage then to entries spell bonus, playing a 35 also out can't results has will consider to community sent resume has, even is wants to to open Taobao shop also does not necessarily earned get money," above Club people such told we, "but now not as has, I playing not game, I also can to dry explanation. Even if you're not playing well, as long as the paying audience, will be able to hold the money. Betta is for you the way out. "

  Betta back in time to the birth year, youku, Tudou video website has been adequate to meet the vast majority of people on the Internet audio-visual needs and imagination, and in that time, netizens have like small contact a station, b station even earlier Niconico barrage of video sites, this new thing they spread quickly.

  And Dang social began flock to sought after "play scene", and "II times Yuan", concept Shi, new of "play scene video live" this has China local features of products (it both draw has Twitch of form to game live as main content rendering way, while and introduced has in contemporary China Internet Shang most loved of play scene) is and suddenly as night spring to General in this group people popular up.

  In about two years time, fish is at an unprecedented speed and scale up rapidly, attracting thousands of users like Craig joined.

  As anchorwoman

  "Betta, this really is like fighting fish," Xiao told us, "really. "

  2014 games video-streaming website Twitch was acquired by Amazon for $ 970 million. It is also in this year's national day holidays, who finally reached in The Last of Us three weeks when the Platinum achievement under the disgusting, she boarded at a station before repeatedly seen betta, and registered the account a week later, she applied to anchor.

  Spent has not to 3 Yuan, submitted application information second days afternoon, small on became has bucket fish of certification anchor, despite she also no expect by shots broadcast to life, but initially for more than a months of situation is particularly dismal, basically no how many people watch she of live video, weekend night recorded one or two a hours, small is found not only no how many play scene, even audience also only district more than 10 people. This situation lasted about a month, in small where the fish are getting bored is about to give up when a chat with friends in the Group made her Avery.

  "Although it is a PS game group, but other than the GTA, while everyone seems to talk about most is that slag, LOL, I compared, compared to discovery and LOL, Hearthstone, the host did not how many people see at home. In that case, I'll try hearth slightly, "who told us," I used to play magic cards, Hearthstone how hard can it be? "

  Is really difficult.

  December 2014 weekend of most time, small where are in play GTA5, to has night is will every now and then to playing several Council furnace stone legend, to has month, she has spent has more than 1000 more open card package, but ladder grade is card in has 14 level, has into has 13 times arena, only 5 times reached has 12 WINS, concern who also just slowly growth to more than 100 more people. On small for, live and she zhiqian play game of difference just is, yiqian she just himself or and friends play game, now she is put himself play game of process put in online let audience see, in live in the, she has never not how talk, only some several sentence also just because hand brand bad and himself, sometimes luck enough good words, live process in the will appeared more than 10 over play scene, but even small where see has also often does not reply.

  "I was a little disheartened, Hearthstone's face, and has been for so long, I felt nothing special fun place, I just thought was an honest friend to play the GTA. But there are some not resign myself to some anchor the game playing well without me, look a lot taller than me where not to go, but popularity is higher than me, gefilte fish is more than I do. I was not satisfied with some. "Craig told us.

  To bet this breath, small deliberately spent has two or three days time to bucket fish Shang compared hot of game anchor of live between Watch has a again, and put Forum in past everyone discussion bucket fish, and furnace stone legend, of post turned out a page a page to see has a again, last she obtained conclusion, in bucket fish Shang compared success of female anchor or by playing walking to attract audience, or is has himself sharp of style--certainly, anchor also to can calm face audience of taunt and abuse.

  Craig decided to start from their own heads, and old picture of himself made some whitening amendments replaced the previous QQ expression as avatar, she knows she is not cut out for selling cute and dear its routes, so, who decides to put his side reflected in the everyday life.

  "Has once, opposite Mage only 7 blood, I think to stability win on shouted has sentence ' this Xia stability as dog has '," small memories road, "results abruptly let family God pumping put I reversed has, following on brush play scene booing" stability as dog ", at I also really some virtual, but wit of I immediately on ' Wang barking ' has several sound, then everyone on are is happy has, also on didn't again entanglement has. "

  Craig began to interact with audiences, she built a QQ Group, in the Group also met with several online eating you can talk to friends, and before the extremely boring personal harassment eventually removed, small and even put up their Twitter address.

  "I received the app, ask about not about, I thought I'd made a mistake or a joke, went over and asked the next, resulting from fighting fish that came, directly asked how much money I got irritated, straight back, black. "Small who indignantly told us that

  "MOM says, the Internet is a scary place, she's got a point. I don't understand how did he know I'm a little letter. "

  Although ladder rank eventually or stay in grade 10, but in more than a month's time, fixed broadcasting five hours a week of attention but gradually grew to more than 800, most-watched a live broadcast for almost more than 2000 people.

  Who got what?

  "See the ' Peas ' no, that's why I just got bonuses," small side over, pointing behind the cat, cheerfully said, "accidentally, I also make some gefilte fish, the blood money come out the same way. Ins and outs, but I put on the hearth to open packages of money hasn't been filled yet. Such a count, plus electricity, networks and a variety of snacks at sixes and Sevens add up, I lost some of them into the fighting fish. "

  In fact, the small who can feel it around more and more people to play the game, and the size of her male colleagues usually discussed most often is LOL and DoTA, betta Watch games were also on start up.

  "I've heard many people say there is no bullets can't watch video, I was laughing at that time and now I have. "Craig said," but a lot of times you need to know to play the game is actually very tiring thing, and many people are born can not play. So I feel like I can understand there are so many people on the betta to watch others play games. "

  Small who live the longest one lasted 4 hours and 34 minutes, remember so clearly, because she loves while playing games at sunset time (Before Sunset) read the trilogy. But who has lost count of how many times they have seen others games live from the afternoon to see the early morning, sometimes she even because in watching others if you yourself live video and lost the game on the viewers laugh at – fighting fish, users while watching other anchors anchor in their live act called "rounds".

  "A sense of participation? ridicule? empty?" Who could not explain why they sometimes stage generally addicted to watching others play the game, "our generation is more or less ' House ', maybe everyone is just ' home ' with nothing to do to pass the time. "

  However, even more people may not have realized that fighting fish in the extent to which changed the barrage and live video of the traditional model--the "barrage of live video Web site" is not only not "home", surprise surprise, rather than have the potential of mass.

  And a, station, and b station, different, bucket fish and animation, and comic, has sharp II times Yuan features of "House" elements and no more big relationship, and play scene video website of UP main different, bucket fish Shang of anchor need directly face audience, and past of play scene different, bucket fish Shang of play scene is in content producers and consumers Zhijian rates synchronization produced of. In the fighting fish on, users not only see live video and send a barrage of passive spectators, but also is an active participant. Betta users do not need to make MAD, does not require knowledge of the video clip, even live cats are attracted to the audience.

  Anyone can be an anchor, which always became popular because of this or that reason.

  Vanity Fair

  And little different, Chen is a popular anchor on the fish.

  She initially played betta simple only because the newly installed 20M fibre, before that, she said she played the Blizzard of "almost all", of course, there are hot LOL. However, she was welcomed by the people on the fighting fish to a large extent playing games with her and not, depends more on her singing and playing the game shown in the process of self-evaluation "your truth" features.

  "I love fish, really. Fighting fish are mainly popular, viewers, and then there's Cong. He himself has no shelves, often playing with anchor gaming, I just ran. "Sloppy Chen described this in an interview may be present, China stole the rich second generation.

  Chen in fighting fish was completely on fire, and this trend is spreading from betta platform back into the wider Internet space, led the Internet again and the fish's attention to her interest, "jialing" nickname came into being. In the opinion of many, the self-deprecating "is 1.8-meter", live audience is black not black in their female anchor has become a sister betta, in addition to live her self-deprecating and ironic style, let more people talked about was that she and Wang Sicong from time to time in front of a live talk to each other, these tend to attract a lot of fans.

  "At one point, a young man stopped me in the street, but didn't think I picked up a pen wants to sign him, he had gone. "Chen told us that" some friends know I do live, but not as many as, after all, is not really red. "

  In fact, Chen now has more than 280,000 subscribers on the fish, as at mid-April, access to fish than 134t.

  Anchor's popularity, the higher returns for the more lucrative. Live on the flag, Tiger and other gaming platforms, this specific form of return obtained by recharging for the user flag coins/coins, beans/Ricinus communis L/Y coin silver, and on the fish, it is gefilte fish.

  If satisfied with the host, the audience, will be presented to the latter of these virtual equivalents, which are anchors on live video platform largest of direct income. More audience, more access to fans like anchor income naturally rises. In order to get men's attention, there will be a female anchor boredom while walking in a sexually explicit manner in front of a live, some anchors is trouble to ask the audience for live fish ball.

  Anchor, the audience and the full value of fish is betta.

  Bucket fish 2014 year-end planning displayed, this a years get fish pills up (144.6T) of game anchor is popular cloud, as to April mid-, this anchor of fish pills has cumulative reached near 323t, according to bucket fish of award rules, deduction personal income tax zhihou, 2014 years Qian 5 months not to of time in, he in bucket fish Shang get of income on has over 140,000 Yuan Yuan.

  Gefilte fish only part of the anchor in the fighting fish on the platform to earn income. If the host has enough popularity, official cooperation with the Agency, signed an anchor from betta get basic pay per month, popular anchor would open shop or endorsement for Taobao shop to get additional revenue. Bettas live 2014 peak the highest and anchors most concerned about ash, for example, in his Studio page, his endorsements, including luggage, clothing, snacks, such as 5, a shop and a travel Web site. Presenter endorsements are often merely titular, then pulled from shop a number into each year. Also, there are many anchors will open their own shops or even create their own brand, "fans of economic" brand for more rewards.

  Platform for host is making money, but in the eyes of platforms, anchor plays a similar role.

  "Anchors like Sol, sending sister really is too precious, the anchor where the audience will go along. "The video industry, who asked not to be named told us," with audience flow, the flow there is advertising, so you look at the site last year to head anchor is the win. "

  In December 2014, betta contract with the Tong Google b station broadcasting black issues in court, and back over the past year, bullets dug between the video-streaming website corner and onstage rivalries also dizzying.

  Anchor in between competition, competition between platforms, such a situation is worse, but between reality and the Internet made a nuanced and ambiguous state.

  If you say "jialing" influence is only fighting fish storm names and related circles, then, Angelababy (Yang Ying) as well as popular stars such as TFBOYS in a betta live on the platform suddenly to unprecedented concern heights. Neither the actress nor the teenage idol group, from the moment they chose to live on the platform as a whole, fighting fish is no longer just a limited barbarian identity in the world of the Internet.

  Bucket fish are became increasingly popular, but hanging paradox of place may is, if it zhihou development for a popularity platform, large user and the star of influx on including Qian electric competing players, and daily in the of general staff, and lovers, zainei of online of anchor are for, may will became not small of threat, on mass of attraction and commercial value, apparently cannot and those reality in the of Star par.

  Popular anchor, on the Internet and in real life are two totally different concepts. Not everyone want to completely break the gap between reality and the Internet.

  "I hope people do not know that I live in better because I feel slightly embarrassed, after all life and show me there is a difference. "Chen told us.


  Until now, the betta is a source of complex stories. The story comes to a stand, fighting fish and the fly animation (hereinafter "alpha").

  AcFun registration in Guangdong Administration Council of company name for "Guangzhou love porridge network technology limited" (following referred to "love porridge"), according to Guangzhou love porridge network technology limited articles displayed, April 2014, the company by Chan Siu-kit (9.9 million Yuan Yuan) and Wang Qianhu (100,000 yuan) common funded established, October, company equity structure occurred changes, Austrian fly Chairman Cai Dongqing a jump became funded 9.2 million yuan of big shareholders, and Chan Siu-kit of funded amount only for 800,000 yuan. Betta site registered in the Administrative Office of the Guangdong company called "Guangzhou betta network technology Co Ltd" (hereinafter "betta network"), Chan Siu-kit in April 2014, invested 10 million Yuan to set up, in October, the company capital places is increased to 12.2429 million Yuan, Cai Dongqing capital 4.6829 million Yuan.

  If in a station and the story, which play the role of being used, then another protagonist of the story, is worth more than 28 billion yuan of Alpha animation so obviously do not suffice. Perhaps in some sense, and betta future growth, the final decision on it at alfy what kind of strategy is in place in the territory.

  From the actions of the past year, fighting fish apparently succeeded in getting everyone's attention. Eye-popping wild style but it also made the industry waiting for mayhem to the curious state of mind, we almost all have such questions, this flat ground the company at first glance what is money?

  In fact, the and the stark contrast to unfurl high pies is that betta in the commercial was "be careful"--of course, if fighting fish is successful, we could use "rational prudence" to praise, and failure, of course, can also use "slow would totter hours" to accuse it.

  And the battle flag, Tiger and other broadcast platforms, betta users does not directly charge way to get fish balls, and must be obtained through everyday tasks, but this does not mean fighting fish in which no commercial measures. In addition to the basic "information-bound" and "check in" and other daily tasks, user if you want to get more fish, you need to swim to the other page online registration, upgrades, and recharge to achieve, which offers rewards of up to 100,000 fish to the user feedback. Not surprisingly, these games are listed in the fighting fish Home promotion of cooperation projects.

  On April 13, 2015, betta introduced "pay system" and "shark's fin" to achieve a disguised VIP Member system and promote fish ball inflation objective. However, fighting fish there is no fish balls into and anchor extraction, which means that it hardly get much benefit from these measures.

  Almost all fish no interests of respondents spontaneously expressed doubts about this platform audience, they generally felt that the audience level of fraud may far exceed the contract amount for the anchor. Most exaggeration from a retired esports pros, he pointed out that the betta's true audience size is often broadcast on display half or less of the number, and these fraud even was the result of site and anchor worked together by default. Although they acknowledge that this argument has no actual evidence.

  In heavy fog, many people doubt the fighting fish.

  "Don't mention money, Twitch did make money, live video is burning money, is the first loss. Even excluding water, betta back down at least a small 100 million, "a video industry expressed concerns about the betta," since fighting fish to play, well, everyone is making money, also began trying to burn the money, then how long do bettas can carry? "

  Foreseeable in the future is not in a short period of time, the betta may continue to maintain the current high input, high growth, high risk, low return gesture. For the betta, the future is not easy. Bullets video broadcast industry as a whole, the same.

  After all, once the buying process, video, site of fierce fighting for everyone was too bitter Ming impressed. No one knows, fighting fish volume is solid enough to guarantee it until the moment of final victory. Or rather, no one knows, in this new trend after a turbulent, live video can eventually leave what is the endless sand was founded the gold, or that pays top academics.

  Everyone watched curiously and wittingly or unwittingly involved.

  Xiao said in an interview,

  "Betta, is cruel in itself", "but in the end stayed, it would have to be a big fish. "

  Fighting fish, this is the rationality.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ali s past Tsai now worth tens of billions of dollars adding Ali s salary is

  The first 500, MA shocked Beijing

  The fall of 95, MA yellow pages Marketing Director He Yibing, China took early in Beijing to test the waters, in Beijing for the Chinese yellow pages campaign. However, due to the Government's attitude towards the Internet is still unclear, media dare not highly publicized on the Internet. Ma can do is to use the media to express their view China yellow pages information, even if it is a!

  Several twists and turns, he met at a friend's referral was a leading driver of the Beijing Youth daily, with luck, MA yellow pages information articles and 500 Yuan, China gave him, and said, "no matter what the medium, even you. "The driver was able, made a 5 media, of the China trade news on the front page.

  Then, he found the managing editor of the China trade news, he knew the editor are insightful, or no information placed his front page. He later recalled the two meet, said: "when he and I do not understand the Internet, but he felt sure the Internet game, said Ma, I'm with you. " Battle of the Internet three BAT who is in the

  The editor is also very powerful, with Ma to visit the State information centre, Ministry of culture, the National Sports Commission, but no substantive progress. At the same time, he accidentally met in a CCTV Fan Xin vines. Fan Xin man was moved by the enthusiasm of the Ma, Jack Ma, has decided to make a feature film of the scholar Ma, Jack Ma, the true record of the sad encounter in Beijing. This film became a true portrayal of the early Internet in China.

  Soon, things started to change. Jack Ma, the fan when he was editor of the people's daily was struck by in the people's daily, the Ministry of information's speech, then reported to the Central, the people's daily online project started, MA's theory of the Internet caused a sensation for the first time. He has also been interviewed at CCTV of the Oriental horizon opportunities.

  The second 500, MA is now worth tens of billions of dollars of Tsai

  Moved from Beijing to Hangzhou, 4 years later, Jack Ma, Alibaba with 500 Yuan a month ask first world class partners – Tsai.

  Tsai, born in a family of lawyers, has a doctorate in law at Yale Law School, has a lawyer in New York two years work experience, worked in Sweden silver ruida Asia Division, President of venture capital. At the time, Tsai has a million-dollar annual salary.

  Tsai MA on the understanding from the United States BusinessWeek for Ma's feature article: distance may still be followed, how do buyers and sellers to find each other, it is prerequisite for the import and export trade. Physics distance between two points is a straight line distance. Break the physical limitations of the Internet. There is a Web site, it lets buyers and sellers from around the world have an online market, buyers and sellers don't have to chart to find each other. Americans found it, thinking that it is located in the United States in Silicon Valley, because it is the first version using idiomatic English. But it happens in China, in China, Hangzhou, famous for its scenery more; this person named Alibaba, Hangzhou electronics Institute of technology, is an English teacher-turned-Ma.

  Since its launching in 1999, Alibaba's English website, was the focus of venture capital at the same time, Tsai noted. First-timers, in-depth understanding of Ma's views. Second visit to Tsai decided to join Alibaba.

  Tsai said objectively: "I used to be a lawyer, and knows how to set up a company, and can help companies to raise capital. I know other people do not have knowledge, so they trust me very much in that regard. "Tsai to join, there is a significant increase--Alibaba persuasive in attracting international investment. He is Jack Ma and Alibaba group needs the most people, but at that time he also had concerns: "you came to me, I could afford you? I could wage a 500 Yuan every month, you'd better think again. "

  From the millions of dollars a year to pay only 500 Yuan a month, Tsai can even buy dozens of Alibaba. But he gave it all up, joined the company, and today, it does not necessarily have to deal. Alibaba partners system, there are two who are permanent partners, one is Ma, and another is believed Choi. Now listed as Ali, Director of one still believed Choi.

  After 15 years, from the original to give up millions to Ali the annual salary listed, worth as much as $ 6.3 billion.

  "Alibaba special caught my first was Ma's personal charisma; second, Alibaba has a very strong team. "This is probably the most attractive Alibaba Tsai.

  MA with 1000 block ushered in the golden age of Alibaba, has opened up for the Internet age. For more than 10 years later, the Internet is still important today, still many traditional enterprises rise of hope!

  Dan Ren said, not a powerful enterprise may not be challenged, nor weak of an enterprise cannot compete. That is because this is the Internet era! anything is possible!