Thursday, January 28, 2016

Care for the elderly instead of adult diapers wearable device is born


Care for the elderly instead of adult diapers wearable device is born


  Although this is a slightly awkward topic, but ordinary people may be hard to imagine that, in a large part of our daily life adult incontinence. According to United States Centers for disease control and prevention statistics, among people over the age of 65, about half are toilet can't take care of themselves, they rely on the excretion of adult diapers in solving daily problems. Technological development seems to only take into account the frequent use of smart phones and smart devices by Web users. Now, the United States firm Lir Scientific view, is the time to use technology to solve the embarrassing problem of adult incontinence.


Care for the elderly instead of adult diapers wearable device is born


  Lir Scientific services developed the world's first wearable device Brightly in incontinence crowd, it is worn on the abdomen, the biosensor can detect bladder swelling. Due to the contraction of the bladder is a containing conductive material balloon, bladder full when the conductivity changes, take advantage of this feature, biosensor detects in real time via Bluetooth to the Smartphone APP, system voice prompts the incontinent patient at the right time or vibration to the bathroom.

  Official website claims that Brightly biosensor done quite thin, close to human skin, hidden under everyday clothes, put on will not have discomfort later.


Care for the elderly instead of adult diapers wearable device is born


  It is worth mentioning that, Brightly is a replaceable battery design, users don't have to worry about battery exhausted. Developers hope the wearable device can become an extension of human organs, help more people realize their lives at their own expense.

  The product is still in the testing phase, users can be found at Lir Scientific official website to apply to become one of the first trials. Who can dig up Secondhand Treasure intelligent

  If the product can be as exciting as its advocacy can achieve exactly the reminder time, comfortable and wearable, perhaps, really like Lir Scientific company CEO has been emphasized: this is a wearable device of the dignity and independence of incontinence.

  Many startups are often the beginning of the dream is to change the world, Lir Scientific companies another way to service in small areas of the elderly, in fact, only United States incontinence more than 25 million adults in the country, adult diaper market related to the more than $ 16 billion, as long as good a group of people, is another way to change the world.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Filling station little dots mean on the new tire will tell you the correct answer

New tires usually have a small dot or circle, looks like mark, Yes, it is the lightest position marking tires. Tires and wheels are not balanced in weight, wheels for most positions in the gas nozzle, tire the lightest wheel corresponding to the location where most installations, wheel balance achieved. Fast track new concept car reveal the Acura design

Find new tires installed dot is misplaced? Don't worry, installing the new master tire balancing, wheel alignment is what we often say. If the steering wheel shake is the case, it is likely a wheel balance problem, you can do a wheel alignment, or check whether the screw of the wheel is loose.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  Nebia Shower recently conducted on Kickstarter to raise a shower, raised amounts more than $ 380,000 (target $ 100,000). In the popular crowd, and before we could see Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the scene. Apple officials said Nebia was the Cook made a personal investment, and Apple hasn't half dime, the other side, Schmidt is the Schmidt Family Foundation under its own name charities invest, not only that, but even the YC has shot. This and no tall technology disposal device is able to obtain so many celebrities favor, surprise, also appeared to be reasonable.


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  H2MICRO nozzle technology

  Technique consists of injecting fuel nozzles, metal powder injection type, efficient farming, forestry, irrigation, hole cleaning nozzle type, most home sprinkler nozzles in the latter, formation of columnar-type flow. By CFX (CFD) software to simulate water inflow from the pipe to the Nebia nozzle out of the whole process of fluid mechanics and thermal parameters and optimize the NEBIA shower experience through trial and temperature and cleaning ability, get the H2MICRO nozzle model, the flow in each nozzle precisely 100 fog droplets.


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  Unique Matrix design, makes the shower body and the surrounding air can get the maximum level of heat exchange, this design ensures Nebia and efficient energy use. In energy-saving at the same time, careful sense of atomized body improves overall shower experience, will allow many people to extend the time of stay in the bathroom. In addition, users can also select a different droplet size, experience the different hydraulic bathing experience.

  Excellent ability to saving

  According to Nebia data, Nebia shower consumption of 6 gallons, while the traditional shower you need 20 gallons of water, compared to ordinary showers save water up to 70%.

  Muji's style


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  Nebia appearance of the simple yet textured, it features a one-piece design of nozzle and support, bracket can be adjusted. It supports the use of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane polymers), provide a framework for H2MICROTM the nozzle support head 45 ° rotation can be achieved.

  High thermal efficiency


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  According to statistics, during the bathing process, heated water can exceed the total cost 61%, and 97% of heat loss in the flow of water in the process of, the rest of the 3% the heat is converted into the air and get on you. In other words say, bathing, you can feel the temperature and heat a few are from under the water.

  Nebia thermal efficiency can be improved is the breakthrough, by atomizing produce more dense smaller drop in certain water conditions, provides more than the normal shower water surface area, so that users and the surrounding environment will direct the air get more heat from the water, ideally, improves the thermal efficiency to 13 times. This is most effective way to improve efficiency during the shower.

  At present, this product is already in Apple, Google, Stanford University, and other institutions for trial. On the Kickstarter for support of user sells for $ 299 (about 1890), is expected to be officially sold in May 2016.

  An article on

  QR code



Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  Cobblestone in the home can be all the speakers wireless


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  Pinch: the smart bracelet also can support the treatment of chronic pain disorders


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  BedJet: make your bed instantly gets warm or cool

   3D printing express rushing to ride the Internet

Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


  Branto Orb360 panorama full HD video home security yield


Intelligent shower Nebia Shower favor Cooke and Schmidt together


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  Truly eTimer 2 heart rate Watch: a feature-rich, less face value



  Cool anti-gravity magnetic intelligent audio subversion of the traditional audio sound more ethereal music

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

AP is a virtual reality and allows you to experience luxury living

  Journalism uses virtual reality (VR) has is not news, but the associated press (AP) selection is a bit strange. Last paragraph to it recently in the Oculus store named "top" (the suite life), now can be used on Samsung Gear VR. It also supports viewing in a browser. IBag Wireless charging intelligent anti lost wallet

the suite life

  the suite life

  When users put on Gear VR, you can visit the world famous luxury suites. Unlike virtual reality before the New York Times record news, this "life" show all the world famous luxury suites, let you experience "life" was like.

  That not only include Singapore Airlines and Queen Mary's second cruise (Queen Mary 2), duplex suite, even includes New York City Seasons Hotel the most expensive Ty Warner Penthouse Suite---spent a night there will be 50,000 dollars. You can freely in the luxurious surroundings of "walk", can also be a key to switch perspectives. Word will give you immersive experience.

AP life

  "Each new publishing technologies are reshaping the way we experience information. Today's virtual reality allows us to immerse yourself in the story, which allows us to see the next generation the hope of change. "Associated press interactive news director Paul Cheung said," we will carefully look at every new technology, the highest editorial standards to ensure that it conforms to the associated press. "

  Let people feel "life" is an interesting thing. However, as of right now, this and Google Street view isn't much different. Show suite hotel more like the thing to do. Really let people see and relate to a news agency.

  Responsible for the video recording of the VR's Matterport company CEO Bill Brown said: "we believe that virtual reality will stand in the forefront of the next generation of news media. "

  Say this when he thought it should be advertising it?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Google Nest generation smart thermostat spy photos exposed the most successful

  In early 2014, thermostats were $ 3.2 billion acquisition of the company dropped from a Google-Ho Nest, intelligent household industry after quickly broke out. Recently, third-generation intelligent thermostat spy photos exposed Nest, although not 100% sure it is the new thermostat Nest, but at least from the appearance point of view is very similar.

Google Nest-generation smart thermostat spy photos exposed: the most successful smart home products

  On the surface, the most direct is show on the screen, which can show more information for home users, easy for users to view the State of the environment in your home at any time. Specific function, also have to wait for third-generation Nest out after we become aware, and at least two generations of products will have a certain feature upgrades. Iron man were still far from out of the screen

  Regardless of whether this spy photos are real, but have been previously reported, the third generation of Nest temperature in the record information that is already on the FCC Web site, it can be seen that the exposure of the spy photos also has some truth to it.

  However, since it has been unveiled at the FCC believe according to the product's release date is not too long ago.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Game s future or will power the development of VR technology

  Talk about a single player game, discussions on games the last two years, is endlessly, if that list they said probably may not be able to finish for three days and nights. Game industry rapid development in recent years, more and more loudly in front of masses, but I do not know since when, stand-alone game began to fade out of sight, our hard to find single game figure in life, leaving behind a variety of footprints left by Moba games and a variety of online games. Present domestic game market online games endlessly, occasionally talked about a single player game, stay at 70, 80, and after the head probably just mixed with sentimental memories of youth.

  Domestic single decline online gaming

  It is undeniable that 2001 was the pinnacle of the domestic game development time. In time, the agents of the domestic game has more than 50 companies, developers have more than more than 30 listed within a year of new works at around 300. Unfortunately, did not last long, steep four years after this the figures dropped to 35. Up till 2007, it has been unable to reach double digits, in the scale of billions of market games each year, but only one or two listed. Obviously game success only in 2001 at that time, stand-alone game drop altar has become a reality.

  Now domestic single game of survival space increasingly small, although in 2014 China game market (including network game market, and mobile game market, and single game market,) actual sales income will has up to 114.48 billion Yuan Yuan, and 2008 compared more more is full turned has 10 times times more than, but this a market phenomenon of appeared maximum of hero is PC online game, and page tour and phone online game of rise. Online gaming companies in the market these days are basically wind and stand-alone game company's survival more difficult, not only are markets games and products are in decline, market share has shrunk.

  Thus, failure has become an undeniable fact that single game. What factors contribute to domestic games on the way to burst it? and what can you do to save domestic stand-alone game? once classic game type in people's minds, I think it's time for the future of the domestic game, and to think.

  Two "hole" that led to domestic games down

  , Feeling hindered domestic games development

  Some say feelings hinder the development of domestic games, there is no denying that now speak of "feelings" is indeed more and more of the game.

  According to the 2014 China travel market trends report shows that 2014 developers (CP) end of 83.6% over the year, in terms of product type, card first (increased from 795 to 2,134), casual second (increased from 666 to 1603), role playing third (increased from 563 to 1187), leisure or 116.4%. Although products, there has been a qualitative leap in the market, but very few single explosive in the market.

  At present, both the domestic online game is a stand-alone game too much lack of games should have some originality and good faith, lack of creativity makes the game stuck forever with the older generation of game mode; lack of good faith is directly caused by manufacturers and the opposing player's situation. And both, creative and easy to get good faith is hard to find. Entry of new blood may be able to help get creative, but sincerity is further tested whether or not the manufacturers in good faith for the sake of the players. While only having both creativity and goodwill games, single games will Tippin ' in the domestic market.

  Now the gaming market of pirated games is rampant, and profit-making mode is single, if the game made even the most basic optimization of the player running the game are done, and how many people will hope for a homemade PC game?

  Second, the policy introduced a stand-alone game makers living space becomes smaller

  As more and more corporate restructuring or the establishment of the game hand into the hand of the Research Department of the battlefield, rapid growth in number of products to the market. , And when the market became crowded after the influx of more and more manufacturers, led to state regulators as "carriers complaints against excessive" and other factors, issued a series of policies of the stand-alone game makers living space squeeze.

  Weak networking really good VR technology is the key

  Throughout these days mobile game market popular severe hand, more and more original casual games dominated by pure single start weak networking in order to survive, incorporating social elements, integration in the social system, such as friends list, etc. Now markets there are several weak networking games achieved excellent results in the market, but I think with only weak network wants to subvert the future of games is not enough.

  Along with domestic game host for 13 years the ban successfully, Microsoft and Sony both host aggressively marketing giant in China, domestic game makers these days have rolled up their sleeves in order to fight an emerging industry. Although currently host game in domestic market of performance and no imagine in the so better, but this all are is derived from Yu domestic players years have user habits, regardless of Steam host also is Xbox One, and PS4 in early are not too feel this is is can understanding of, and now with China players consumption habits of change and the domestic host game audit policy of relaxed, as family entertainment of leads, host game and the host itself will ushered in outbreak type growth.

  It is well-known that this complement each other with the game host is a head-mounted virtual reality helmets (VR helmets), both at this year's E3 game show, or in the ChinaJoy Expo, hosting games and VR technology mix together attracted many exhibitors queue up every play, gamers great expectations about this new technology.

  In addition, thousands of insight into the game in the country has more than 40 companies plan to develop virtual reality equipment market, and many manufacturers have released a developer version of VR equipment and related games. Different from the traditional PC, host paired with VR equipment will be more suitable for stand alone article, the explosion of new game play new equipment will be an opportunity for the domestic game. Domestic games can leverage the power of VR is inseparable from the rise of domestic hardware, game manufacturers working together with support of the domestic players.

  Although markets VR technology is not yet mature, but in my opinion VR technologies will usher in the outbreak one day, stand-alone game maker only awaiting the arrival of VR times, parties have the opportunity in the highly competitive domestic market again brilliant, let us wait for that day to come! 3D printing is used to print ankle surgery foot

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New controls have been added to the product Apple bought a facial recognition

  Apple's new release just around the corner, but the news seemed to give Apple a preheating.

  Macrumors says facial recognition company Faceshift "may" was bought by Apple, but a number of reports from foreign media sources seems to have sent the message to "confirm".

  Faceshift the company's technology is a 3D sensor, achieve real-time capture facial movements and expressions. After the company launched the Faceshift Studio plug-in for Maya-d modeling tools, the video below shows Faceshift real time capture process, more intuitive.

  As you can see, Faceshift's face in the video capturing tool almost without delay cases, capture facial expressions change, and restore to an alternate character expression, reported that Faceshift-generated animated characters look consistent with reality, and because of this, the company has been closely co-operating with games and animation Studio. Dash may be sprouting insect robots anyone can

  Macrumors, said information provided by Faceshift shows that it has been bought by a company, company director of Baker and McKenzie law firm lawyer Martin Frey, although it is not affiliated with Apple, but Apple through the law firm to handle the legal matters.

  But what if Apple bought the company can do? 9to5Mac speculation that Apple's various acquisitions predicts Apple will capture technologies to be updated in hardware products, such as Apple TV, motion capture, facial recognition as part of Apple's video-game is also not a bad idea.

  Apple purchased in 2010, Sweden face-recognition company Polar Rose, then acquisition of real-time 3D motion capture technology firm PrimeSense, the company has designed for Microsoft's Xbox Kinect motion sensor.

  Earlier predicted that the Apple TV can add voice control or even 3D cameras, increases such as motion capture and voice control. But now joined the capture operation seemed unlikely, and actions have been quite frequent in Apple motion capture, acquisition, there are many domestic media for Apple's virtual reality, game areas and even intelligent speculation erupted frequently in the living room.

  Apple for the application of Visual technology in a conservative state, Apple's approach is generally, as well as its experience at maturity, these technologies will be applied to the product.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

86 expert in artificial intelligence Siri will be more clever


  Reuters reports that Apple is hiring large numbers of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, trying to improve the ability of iPhone users ' needs.

  According to Apple's jobs, they are looking for at least 86 with machine learning of professional and technical engineers, these technologies will be applied to software development, here refers to the iOS system and voice Assistant Siri.

  Artificial intelligence has been everywhere, and at the Apple Developers Conference this summer, new iOS9 OS joined the Proactive predicting function, according to the current time, location, the application you are using personalized support, such as when you are working out of the House in the morning, and Siri will be able to analyze the traffic for you to plan your route to work.

  Spotlight search bar provides the usual contact news near and applications, and other information, including news News aggregation application of recommendation, also use artificial intelligence technology. Baidu Lenovo BYD the smart glasses technique which

  Meanwhile, Apple emphasizes the protection of user privacy. At the Developer Conference, Apple deliberately pointed out that Siri interactions remain in the terminal equipment of a local, search history and there is no associated users Apple ID, not to the cloud.

  While Siri has a relatively liberal privacy policy, to retain user data for 6 months time. But other services, such as the Apple map, retains user information only for 15 minutes.

  Google Now able to retain user data for two years, features a more powerful, it can analyze your emails and text messages in advance planning schedules and routes, Now published in Developers Conference this year on tap and even to identify the contents of your current screen, more accurate delivery of services, such as translation, searches, identifying songs and so on.

  But in order to protect your privacy, in the case of limited data, set-up by the engineer Siri can meet consumer demands?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Worry free community completed a financing round of 20 million

  On October 13, mobile O2O community living information service platform "community worry-free" announced the completion of a financing round of $ 20 million, the investor has not been disclosed. According to reports, this is community worry-free financing within 18 months of the third, before then have access to seed and angel investment, company team had hundreds of people, to push teams close to 1000 people.

  Statistics show that "worry-free community" was founded in May 2012 in Shanghai, to plan and test operation on August 8, 2013 started operation in Shanghai.

  According to the "community worry-free" official disclosure of the figures currently in Shanghai outer loop over 100 delivery area, hundreds of delivery workers cover about 5,000 community. On a national scale, "community worry-free" has been opened in 56 cities, radiation 280,000 community, the number of users reached 1 million, supporting property, takeout, home economics, express, 20 services such as supermarket, precise optimization of 100,000 service businesses, manual verification, to ensure that information is correct.

  "Community worry-free" early Tang Hao, founder of the original company's head of marketing, Vice President of independent business have security of tenure.

  Tang Hao said, the company received series a financing of the industry's biggest show business prospects and team recognition, funds will mainly invest "capillary" distribution team's size and capability improvement and further refinement of the service, community living services "artisan" group support and community service platform for mobile promotion, and so on. IBag Wireless charging intelligent anti lost wallet

  Recently, some investors to NetEase science and technology, said community O2O service products this year, generally higher valuations. Earlier, the Buzz community also based in Shanghai announced nearly a billion of angel financing, but recently was the news that the high cost of market inputs, resulting in capital chain rupture, had to cut costs. The investor said, communities O2O venture is a bitter, entrepreneurs must not blind expansion and ignore the line quality and quality of service.