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Read Executive meeting of the State Council through the amendment to the banks

 How much a bank loan, in addition to its capabilities, also subject to suspension at the head of the "red lines" the LDR-75%. 24th Executive meeting of the State Council, held by the People's Republic of China commercial bank law (draft), deleted the ratio between loans and deposits shall not exceed the provisions of 75%. This will greatly enhance the Bank's lending capacity, strengthen the "sannong" and small micro-enterprise lending in the real economy.

  Loan is the amount of commercial bank loans/deposits, Bank-loan ratio, means that the Bank's profit-making ability. But higher bank loan is not possible, to prevent the excessive expansion of bank credit risks, current law stipulates a maximum loan ratio of commercial banks was 75%.

  "The inevitable result of the cancellation of the loan is. "The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance and banking Research Director Zeng Gang that, as an indicator of liquidity in banking supervision, LDR regulatory indicators under the background of interest rate liberalization has not adapted to banking debt costs continue to up the reality does not reflect the true liquidity situation in the banking industry will cause distortions in funding. Some banks in order to meet the loan requirements often occur month-end, quarter-"red point", deposit and loan "maneuvers," and so on.

  Amendments to the commercial bank law (draft) international experience for reference, and removed the ratio between loans and deposits shall not exceed the provisions of 75%, LDR from statutory and regulatory indicators to liquidity monitoring indicators. This is conducive to improving the monetary transmission mechanism, strengthening financial institutions to expand "sannong" and small micro-enterprise loans.

  According to Central Bank data, May increase social funding for 1.22 trillion yuan, 138.7 billion yuan less than last year. Among them, the Renminbi lending to the real economy increased in the month of 851 billion yuan, up 28.1 billion yuan in less. Meanwhile, despite the end of the first quarter of this year China's banking institutions loan-65.67%, but still a number of joint-stock commercial banks and city commercial bank loan ratio close to or more than 75% of the regulatory requirements.

  Hang Feng Zhong hua, a researcher at the Department of strategy and innovation, said cancellation of loan will directly contribute to the small bank credit, free up more space. In view of the small bank credit mainly targeted small and medium enterprises, will help promote the development of SMEs, and reduce its financing costs.

  Lian ping, Chief Economist of Bank of communications believes that in recent years, the rise of Internet banking, direct financing to factors such as increased bank deposit growth is slowing, subject to LDR assessment, Bank lending is accordingly limited. "At the same time, the deposit interest rate has remained at a high level, the stubbornly high cost of liabilities of the Bank and cancel the loan appraisal help lending rates downward, push the whole society financing costs declined. "

  The meeting decided to include amendments to the commercial bank law (draft), submitted to the national people's Congress. Lian Ping said, amending the law to go through strict legal procedures, the Bill can be submitted to the national people's Congress through the rear entry into force.

  "Commercial banks have at present widespread commercialization, market management, in the context of risk, no longer on its magic spell. "Guo tianyong, Director of banking Research Center, China Central University of Finance (micro-blogging) thought that the deposit insurance system in the process of being gradually improved, if some banks because blindly lending operation, disorderly, there was problem in risk control, you can deposit insurance system to protect depositors ' money safe.

  Zeng Gang believes that despite the cancellation of the loan regulation, but banking regulators are gradually introducing new, more mature international regulatory indicators, improve banking supervision. BAT may have passed away three years after the

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Buy it These new cars you need to know

Two years of the Beijing auto show has kicked off, number that is listed, the debut of the new car Kuang Kuang~, onion tired that Duang Duang ~!

Most onions are not happy that this show is not! Have! Car! Die! But manufacturers also had a way, use stars to get Ah ~

Green onions, or to concentrate on saying on Monday when we vote to see models, today, onions take a look at.

Luxury brands

1, Beijing Benz e-class long wheel base

This Mercedes-Benz booth plays must be the new-generation e-class, but the wheelbase increase 140mm long wheelbase version of the world's first.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

Long axis as domestic special models, specially designed back PAD the Control Panel, and cups with cooling and heating functions, as well as remote-controlled automatic parking, take the initiative and stitch functions.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

Not that texture, say that the appearance of Interior and technology, almost the same level in the most competitive. But there was a problem, the Mercedes-Benz s, e, c, the three brothers together, you can get out?

2, BMW X1

Longer wheelbase is absolutely in China, most fashion fashion fashion! BMW booth new domestic X1 a long wheelbase version, 110mm increase over the standard wheelbase models overseas.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

New car using a pioneer platform, even if the same wheelbase, pioneer of the space will be larger than rear drive, which X1 more than the old version and new rear-drive wheelbase also increased 20mm, so back row clear space advantage.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

286,000 yuan from the sale is expected on May 20. X1 SUV, Q3, GLA at this level of competition is increasingly fierce.

3, the new Audi A4L

Mercedes-Benz and BMW models new generation, love the fun of how Audi is not a wind?

New A4L and Q7 as MLB platform (modular longitudinal engines), exterior and interior design to new family, the wheelbase than non standard shaft adds 88mm, 40mm more than previous generations made A4L, you know, it must be long!

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

Interior feel technology, Audi the di ǎ o di ǎ o LCD Dashboard will also appear in the A4L ~

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

Power, the Department of the 2.0T engine is divided into low, medium and high power tuned, match 7-speed dual-clutch transmission is expected in June, it will be listed, we can look forward to lower prices.

4, Jaguar XFL

From the United Kingdom luxury brands Jaguar, looked at the performance of BBA in China has long been jealous of for a long time, also stepped out of his predecessors did, that's made the wheelbase is up to 3100mm.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

XF and cash had the same appearance, aspect is the body for the first time made of aluminum architecture that not only lighter, rigidity increased by 28%.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

A question for you, the body behind the "Chery Jaguar" logo, we bought back will be deducted?

5, Acura CDX

Acura released the first domestic model, the compact SUV--CDX, the appearance is very characteristic.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

As Honda's premium brand, Acura in China these years down the road is not so satisfactory, approached Andy endorsements new car performance is not much improved, did not know the CDX can you give it?

Joint brand

1, Faw-VW new magotan

Magotan was all too familiar, the replacement model was based on the research and development of Europe's eighth-generation Passat, new cars increase in size, power, trim, has some changes in the configuration.

Buy it? These new cars you need to know!

Terms of appearance, onions felt the biggest change is that basically no change ~ (oooo)

2, Volkswagen-guide Ang

FAI Ang is positioned to be a c-class cars to replace d-class Phaeton to be Volkswagen's flagship model.

The new car will be available in September, the first in the Chinese market, new car Audi A6 MLB platform research and development.

So friends can put new cars in the public version of the A6, massage chairs, electric door Deluxe configuration should be necessary.

3, CX-4

Mazda CX-4 Mazda's first world debut vehicles in China, manufacturers are defined as Coupe SUV, like raised, called ex-rad Sierra?

Wheelbase and CX-5 remain the same, but the reduced ground clearance, interiors also called ex-rad, Sierra, is quite similar. Power, 2.0L, and 2.5L create Chi blue sky power engine, matching 6AT and 6MT gearbox.

In the SUV at the high level of modeling such as CX-4 is more popular, there are few in the compact SUV market level, tired of seeing SUV founder profile friends can pay attention.

4, Honda, Crown road

Toyota Highlander have been sold in the midsize SUV market is booming, Honda also will not miss this opportunity to earn new cars to make up for the gaps in Honda no midsize SUV.

As with bin Chi and XR-V, new cars will also be on Honda and Dongfeng Honda sold out twin models.

5, Citroën C6

Citroën booth world debut the new flagship model C6, positioning in the c-class large vehicles.

C6 have been imported into the Chinese market, but high prices to make sales is not ideal. Watch Taurus, lacrosse, c-class cars series listing, C6 performance this time what?

6, Nissan Cima

CIMA? Felt more like a cigarette between friends ask: do? This positioned slightly above the sounds of CIMA, Nissan MAXIMA models is the North American market, in shape can be seen, his main sports style.

Partners at this level now is such a lot.

7, baowo BX7

Baowo was once a par with Mercedes-Benz and BMW of Germany brands, after sleeping for more than 50 years, was revived by our Fukuda, but then tried to restore the dashing is not easy.

Bao Wo BX7 in power, chassis parts and Mr Fukuda's own SUV has a deep cooperation, but have to say, from the appearance of interiors, and shadow of a European car, design is more complete, but the price seems to be some small hat to 302,800 Yuan Oh ...

Finished luxury brand, joint brand models, and give everyone a wave of own-brand models ...

Own brand

1, hover H7

Harvard has a small, compact, medium to large, large SUV, no midsize SUV, so hover H7 was natural born.

The H7 Harvard unveiled the red and blue labels both models, the main difference lies in the shape, blue tag H7 sells has been published, little friends what do you think?

2, Geely emgrand GS

This car very high degree of attention in the Onion fan, looks beautiful should be a factor. Geely emgrand GS in the strict sense of the term is a cross-border SUV, popular mean to increase car chassis, improving certain sexually.

Power 1.3T 1.8L naturally aspirated and Turbo two choices, Geely emgrand GS will be divided into an elegant, sporting a total of 11 models, enough members to choose ...

Imperial GS's biggest bright spot is high, configuration in safety, comfort and technology are at the same level, the new car is expected to go on sale in early May, what are the most important? Price myself ~

3, roewe RX5

This car roewe brand new family-style designs, also said the introduction of models and it will be similar.

New car also has an information point, is that this is a joint venture with the company to launch the first Internet car, right out of the car, MA began to the auto industry.

Good, quick looks at the key new vehicles, smaller partners is not cool? Anything you want to know new car, even though your onions. Featured new car market miracle cottage in SUV

Today's program has to end here in the next issue we'll see yo ~!

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Huawei founded by ren zhengfei even if next fall is Huawei nor do the black

Huawei, founded by ren zhengfei: even if next fall is Huawei, nor do the

"Are incompetent, stupid, is so decentralized, ingenuity play various princes, the achievements of the company. "

Ren that Huawei has this far is because "some 150,000 employees, guides and customer tolerance and traction", he will be only the "benefit-sharing approach, their talents to glue together." Ren zhengfei, attention to organizational success far beyond his accomplishments describing or put yourself at the top of organizations, he is doing more to hold up the group, and the Organization's overall achievements Huawei.

Maybe this can help us to understand such a fact: ren zhengfei, Huawei's largest shareholders, but only 1.4%, the rest of the 98.6% for all employees.

Jobs where are the greatest? Forbes magazine once commented. "Steve knows what you want, but his greatest achievements are: he knew people in the 21st century need to listen, in a friendly voice to confirm a message-even though the machine is not responsible for, but we are responsible for. "" Early jobs ' obsession with innovation, exquisite, and later he would rather users feel. Clean, bright, orderly Apple store, is his most enduring legacy. Apple store like glue, with a gentle, precise and patient way technology and consumers join together. "

This is the most essential spirit of Steve jobs, ren zhengfei, is: to consumers as the origin and destination of all thought.

Ren zhengfei, Huawei, organization, employees and products, which all help the company formed its unique culture. "All the resources of the world are likely to dry up, there is only one resource can be endless, that is cultural. "

Even so, people were asking, when traditional established companies in a position to maintain the past glory, and next fall will be Huawei? The future, the next 20 years, Huawei will be misery. Huawei can often win without defeat it? Huawei also has a strong power of thought and willpower to overcome any challenge it?

In 2015, the books published by CITIC Publishing House, again the next fall will be Huawei, might be able to help you solve the puzzle.

Not listed, it is possible to dominate the world

"Little rich run, rich fell. "Regardless of is China of also is Western of many industry company, listed Qian vibrant, listed Hou not to two years, company on began unrest," rich "up of personal or became not seeking enterprising, or was competition opponents dug angle, more serious of is sold stock Hou, from company dug a talent, independence Hill, became company of competitors, even became terrible of hostile who. It is clear that this is a serious weakness in the human resources management system.

"Is not listed, it could dominate the world! "Ren said privately. It contains at least three meanings: first, the fighting spirit of the team. Too much of "pie" will corrosion a a people, and a organization of vitality, will corrupt team of "essence God", this is most terrible of "body necrosis syndrome"; not listed, has international industry standard of pay treatment, annual also has considerable of bonus and relative stable of dividends, "both on team has interests of attract, while and can keep fight", this is at least in Huawei achieved has success of balance.

Second, control of decision-making. Huawei is so fragmented ownership structure, a capital investment can be easily formed from any control. But when short-term profit for financial capital around the nature of the development pattern of Huawei, Huawei is not far from collapse.

Third, Huawei's pursuits. Huawei could go today, and beyond the Western giant, to become a competitive international companies, is because its always "far", a 10-year goal to plan the company's future, but unlike other industry peers, always be the short-term volatility of capital markets led by the nose. Capital is the temperature of the animals, and most impatient of world of Warcraft.

For example,, dang Motorola investment 5 billion dollars of Iridium star plans failed Hou, capital markets with feet vote, Motorola from to has decline; and Huawei had in 3G products Shang investment close 6 billion Yuan Yuan, is long period harvest (or "civet cats for Port-au-Prince" put 3G products Dang 2G sold), Ren and opposition, not allows development "small smart" products...... If the company is a listed company, capital speculators will have what? Conclusion is self-evident, perhaps ren stepped down a long time ago, perhaps Huawei early death ... ...

Academics an insight view (ren zhengfei is sometimes thought): "if its Western counterparts have a not-listed company, there would be no company today ... ... Very simple, not in the short term, China United States business strategists, but these great United States strategist must be subservient to the capital will...... "

When Huawei will be listed? Ren shareholders Convention in April 2013 and 2014 on the press twice, repeatedly: in the next 5-8 years, or even longer, Huawei will not consider listing, there will not be any capital, including mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Attempts to dominate the world, Huawei will perish

Cisco sued Huawei in the catastrophic crisis and reverse the process of crisis, Huawei has actually learned more. Nearly two years of litigation, Huawei experienced the most severe of the Tribunal to review almost every pore, are magnifying glass took over. Since then, Huawei to enter Europe and especially United States market goes through Western customers, and even government agencies take turns "torture".

A domestic government department head ren zhengfei, asked: "what is Huawei entered the international market experience, can introduce ourselves to others? "Ren replied:" is complying with the law. Must comply with the laws of the host country, the United Nations legal ... ... While United States domestic law to international law because the United States is too strong, it can under United States domestic law, against you anywhere. China's legal system is not perfect, or perform too well, no rules, some Chinese enterprises have not formed in strict management. They thought that on the international market, also boosts the result got himself into misery. "

Ren warned company executives: don't let rival for Huawei to a conclusion. Board is alive and is the directing mind is rigid. Huawei to wants to not was others defined for "mystery of black widow" and "reckless of Gladiator", on have full to open, despite Huawei since think past is open of, are because go has open of road is has development, but others still accused you "closed", and "alternative", description Huawei of open also is not full of, so, Huawei also to more open. Ren had a metaphor: I invite you to visit, you are to the family living room slipper, Tickle feet, it will cause the owner of hate and exclusion, Huawei would never do such a rude person, we need to be more open attitude to prove to others: Huawei is in accordance with international rules.

That Huawei could get out of the "strong fighter", "AO" historical trap? At a senior staff meeting, ren in a very calm tone of caution:

Any strong is produced in the balance. We can be strong enough to no longer powerful, but if a friend didn't, we can maintain it? Obviously not. Why do we have to beat others, dominate the world alone? Want to eliminate others, dominate the world of Hitler and Genghis Khan, and finally perished. Huawei alone if you want to dominate the world, eventually perish. Why don't we put all together, and strong cooperation? We don't have a narrow point of view, who want to destroy. We and the strong, to have competition but also cooperation, as long as the benefit we will do.

Huawei, founded by ren zhengfei: even if next fall is Huawei, nor do the

"Huawei to cooperate with others, can't be ' black widow '. The black widow is Latin America a spider, the spider after mating, female spiders eat the males, as their hatching young spiders of nutrition. Huawei to cooperate with other companies before, after one or two years, Huawei ate or dumped them. We were strong enough, the heart to let go, a little modesty and profound look at the issue. Not the enteric, otherwise it is the King of Chu. We must find a better model of cooperation and achieve win-win. Research and development is still open, but more open internal and external opening. "

"Huawei's growth, not only people who like us, there are people who hate us, because we can cause a lot of small companies do not eat. We want to change the status quo, opening and cooperation to achieve a win-win, instead of on the rotting bones. 20 years ago we had a lot of friends become enemies, after 20 years we want to turn enemies into friends. When we pulled in this industry when a large group of friends, we had a road victory. "

An army of 150,000, walking alone in the world

In 2000, ren zhengfei, Huawei has recommended an article: of the sleepless in Silicon Valley. After reading the full text, you can really appreciate what United States core competencies.

Paper wrote: "these programmer, software developer, entrepreneur and project managers stick to ' sleep, you will fail ' doctrine, with a lofty ideal, thanks to the large glass mug coffee, they will sit in before issuing the Glow light display has been working four or five o'clock in the morning, sometimes even up to 6 points, rather than lying comfortably in bed. This is the price of participation beyond the time zone of the international market: every day there is a new starting point for continued feverishly developing ' Internet ' techniques...... "

"Working late into the night is almost today about 200,000 high-tech army uniform in the Silicon Valley way of life, people who work according to traditional schedules two alternating sessions a day, while in the high-tech industrial park in the parking lot, maybe at 3 o'clock in the morning was still crowded. And many of the people in the night as day the night Office home computer connected to the network...... "

"Just like sports, high technology is mainly dominated by young people, depending on the limits of the aging process. According to statistics, in this industry, single man under 35 years of age account for the vast majority – some people while they're still not before getting old, desperately, as himself and squeeze out some products (paid from company leadership)...... "

Interesting of is, "mat culture" is not Huawei original, in Silicon Valley on has completely same of example: "Netscape (Netscape) Communications Limited of employees past often sleep in Pu has mattress of specified of room in the, but, company has revoked has this room, to encourages employees stop work home to", but, "employees always requirements again opened Pu has mattress of room". Similarly, Huawei, you hear someone question the "mat culture"? Today, in the company under the employee's desk, you will see colorful cushions.

Current Huawei Central Institute President Huo Dawei, 2001 to Huawei United States Institute travel, first times to Silicon Valley wants to experience about what called "not sleep of Silicon Valley", comes as when of IT bubble rupture, many venture company are pour off has, "Silicon Valley into has died Valley", even so, local one scientists night at 11 o'clock more with he to Cisco of parking, still has many car stopped in there, the scientists told he, "parking has car, certainly are in overtime"...... Let Huo Dawei impression deep of is, in and local employees discussion of when, he to they introduced has Huawei of values, original thought understanding will has difficult, unexpected big sector of employees of reaction is: "on Silicon Valley people for this is common sense, to customer for Center, only struggle to success, was is truth well......" Huo Dawei which awareness to, Huawei culture and Silicon Valley culture is completely match of, this culture is not Huawei original of. The Internet times new raise pattern

Huawei today has 150,000 employees, including nearly 40,000 foreign workers, they represent different Nations, different religion, different characters, different parentage and education background, but across different cultures, under the leadership of a group of Asians, for more than 20 years, without publicity, will firmly walk in every corner of the five continents in the world ... ...

What is the link they link? Shared values and a common vision.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Secret shares a mysterious company 7 persons 1 zero revenue market value of

  While *ST Star Beauty refused all media visits, but the elephant invisible firewall, it is hard to conceal traces.

  1.5 "zero revenue", 6 years the main industry, 10 cumulative profit of less than 2 million Yuan ... ... A series of management "fiasco", the staff of only 7 people's pocket to be listed *ST Star Beauty (000892.SZ), had survived and the ebb tide of the a-share market kept a place for a long time.

  Even more bizarre is that almost "naked", in capital market "very hot".

  On September 2, *ST Star Beauty unveiled and Huan Rui century television media group restructuring and trade plans to raise matching funds, to be injected through TV media assets, revenue and economies in transition.

  In fact, this is the *ST Star Beauty's sixth reorganization in 6 years. From the end of 2009 with big holdings of real estate company restructuring began, in April this year received Huan Rui century reached the "olive branch", with the two sides trading plans announced, *ST Star Beauty "Phoenix myth" seems to write again.

  On September 9, the reporter to *ST star beauty, Chongqing is located in the headquarters survey found that compared with other listed companies style front, the company housed in a common resident in the building. An interview with President of the United States, Secretary of the Board Xu Hong *ST star, skirt around it.

  Insiders disclosed to reporters, speaking from the shell, *ST Star Beauty is a "good", because the asset is empty, its valuation valuation is lower than the average, and you can see right through, better integration for the backdoor.

  7 low-key stealth company headquarters building across Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei district, Chongqing City, the bustling shopping district, network operators in Chongqing City Industrial Park in a nearby residential building, reporters saw a 120-square-metre three-bedroom converted into three offices, entrance and interior are no company logo signs. Currently is worth about $ 4.7 billion worth of *ST Star Beauty Company headquarters, quietly hiding here.

  Journalists from entering the company, see pendulum altogether has five desk in the empty Office, number of employees around the Office here.

  "*ST star beauty and now it's really only 7 people, 5 at the company's main office, 2 subsidiary office in Shanghai. "On September 9, *ST Star Beauty one insider told reporters that the 5 employees, including the President and Secretary of the Board Xu Hong, Chief Financial Officer Tong Zhiqiu, 2 finance officers and 1 driver.

  It is 7 employees, supporting the *ST star beauty as the most basic operations of listed companies to ensure its daily operation.

  Journalists to understand the status of its business and operations when *ST Star Beauty secret, Dong Xu Hong, President "was in a sensitive period, and interviewed" for, rejected a reporter's interview.

  When a reporter asked, "is there to negotiate the business staff and partners" When Xu Hong reply there is no business.

  *ST Star Beauty Yang Kaiyong property executives to introduce, within the residential property owners to rent the House to a company, "there are dozens of small companies within a building, don't know each other. "Despite the" small is beautiful "the electric company" neighbors ", but a Pocket 7-person firm *ST star beauty it is not simple as they seem.

  *ST sanai hailing Star Beauty predecessor in January 1999 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, completed in 2000 after asset restructuring, the main business transformed from mechanical parts for the telecommunications and information industry.

  Is a promising industry, guessed that were met with large shareholders auction caused mortgages owned by investors because of poor management.

  "2005 is the most difficult times in the star beauty, at that time capital chain rupture, shrinking business and court cases continue, the loss of personnel, staff 9 months pay. "The internal people, experienced the Holocaust *ST star beauty through bankruptcy reorganization, current major shareholder Shanghai Xin was introduced to.

  Reporters check out *ST star beauty over the annual report found that from 2005 to 2015, 10 years, total operating profits of less than 2 million Yuan, assets were auctioned in 2005 before and after all liquidation. At present, the *ST star beauty only 1.35 million yuan in total assets, are vested in the only subsidiary star macro business consultation Shanghai Co., Ltd.

  6 years the main industry all work for the shell *ST Star Beauty 2015.5 annual report showed that from 2014, the company revenue is zero, no business. Meanwhile, since 2009, *ST star beauty for 6 consecutive years annual report made clear that the company has not yet determined that development issues will be addressed through assets reorganization in the future.

  *ST Star Beauty Insider also confirmed that 6 years after the bankruptcy, except for subsidiaries operating outside of work, *ST stellar employees work at Headquarters to follow up on reorganization, issuing the notices on a regular basis and daily bulletins, as well as coordinate with regulators to ensure normal operation of listed companies.

  That is to say, subsidiary employees from 2010 to 2013 has its business operation, all other employees in the company, in order to "protect".

  In fact, the shell road, *ST Star Beauty can be described as "elaborate".

  In 2010, in the case of business has not been established, *ST star beauty to the shareholder loan of 500,000 yuan to set up subsidiaries in Shanghai Star macro business consulting company, through subsidiaries operating overseas investment, providing advisory services and other services to companies profit. Keep the change First Alipay China market is born

  For 2009, 2010 net profit losses for two consecutive years, "wear star hats" *ST Star Beauty 2011 17.88 million Yuan through subsidiary companies of revenue, profitability, and critical success.

  However, these insiders told reporters that the 2011, 2012 *ST Star Beauty smooth shell, the main reason "from major shareholder concession business opportunities", that is, large shareholders through customer orders to the subsidiaries, affiliates performance, so that it can save.

  *ST Star Beauty 2012 annual report, the company will further reduce the subsidiary relying too much on shareholders delivered the abnormal situation of business opportunities, enhance their hematopoietic function, the basic task of trying to survive.

  Therefore, *ST star beauty, life is the most basic of tasks, is the core task.

  2014 *ST Star Beauty stop subsidiary business, making the company revenue is zero, but it obviously does not rule out future was warned in the key moments, the subsidiary will stand up again, in the same way, by major shareholders "blood transfusion", continued.

  In addition to substantial shareholder "blood transfusion" subsidiary profit, zero income cases, companies running costs come from?

  *ST Star Beauty insiders, the company operating expenses stemmed in part from loans to big shareholders, the other part is a subsidiary business retained some cash in the process.

  And, without going through the Board on the notice of motion does not disclose the associated part borrowed, *ST star beauty to the way zero-interest loans to large shareholders, because they do not involve the amount of interest, in the bulletin or on the motion of the Board, involving related-party transaction amount is zero is displayed.

  In addition to "stable rear", the *ST star beauty in this procedure several times to seek reorganization in order to inject high quality assets, determine the main direction.

  The end of 2009, *ST stellar planning big holdings and real estate companies to restructure and turn business into a real estate development and management, but the programme was suspended in June 2010. In January 2012, *ST star beauty once again planned reorganization, restructuring the end of one week in a hurry. August 2013, *ST Star Beauty large shareholder Shanghai to introduce strategic investors of projects fail. In November 2014, Shanghai plans to once again transferred shares to Suzhou Hao Tian Rui and the investment centre, but this restructuring is still lost.

  February 2015, the *ST Star Beauty restructuring Zhejiang nine office services group, the restructuring has failed.

  On the road to restructuring, *ST Star Beauty seems to be more humble.

  Market value of 4.7 billion acquisition "for the shell to" *ST stellar financial situation is grim for many years, but its current market value of about 4.7 billion yuan was welcomed by the capital market.

  The end of 2014, Suzhou Industrial Park, Hao Tian Rui and investment centers and their concerted action Fang Nengbin through acquisition the acquisition of large shareholder Shanghai to its entire stake in the white *ST star beauty, but acquisition without the consent of shareholders forced aground.

  February 2015, the *ST Star Beauty restructuring Zhejiang good offices group failed proposition has not dispersed, after just 2 months, *ST Star Beauty comes the recombinant Huan Rui century fad, this is *ST Star Beauty 6 six years of restructuring.

  In April 2015, Huan Rui centuries other 2 companies is intended to price took over the hands of shareholders 25.84% shares of 700 million Yuan. On September 2, *ST Star Beauty's announcement, to be closed buy Huan Rui 100% equity shares issued, while Huan Rui joint, Tianhua Hong Road, Tsing Yu Qian, Qing Tai Shui Wo non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds up to 1.53 billion yuan. The acquisition, valued at 3 billion yuan Huan Rui century.

  Statistics show that Huan Rui century is a film and television company top enterprises in scale, subordinates, including film and television drama, talent agencies, games and other business segments.

  Huan Rui century Chairman Chen Yuan on June 2 of the general meeting of shareholders on record, Rui Huan the biggest cause of phase *ST of the century stellar, *ST star beauty of the shell is very clean, very suitable for mounting small capital companies, but also facilitate the restructuring after the business consolidation and strategic development.

  "Huan Rui for centuries, whether for long-term, independent development not to be annexed, is also aimed at addressing the problem of financing, for follow-up projects to provide a steady flow of funds, it will have a more pressing public demand. "September 11 film senior researcher Li Xingwen told reporters that" backdoor listing is much faster than the IPO. "Li Xingwen believes that Rui Huan *ST the restructuring of the century stellar and backdoor listing is in 2014 backdoor Thai Asia shares failed on the basis of new selection is made.

  Taiya shares announcement, after Huan Rui Ke-Tai-Asian of the century shares "breakdown" the main reason is the refinement of the restructuring deal on both sides could not agree.

  On September 10, the reporter called Huan Rui Jiang Lei, Deputy Chief of the century, inquired about their strengths and weaknesses of the backdoor, "at present time is not suitable" for the rejected a reporter's interview.

  Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission said a long-term operational head of the IPO market, speaking from the shell, *ST Star Beauty is indeed a good case, because the asset is empty, valuations lower than the average, and a see through, better integration for the backdoor.

  Li Xingwen also think, on light assets television company for, does "buy not up" assets high of shell resources, given *ST Star Beauty "empty shell" of situation, Huan Swiss century more easy "pry moving it", get relative more of equity and say, "*ST star beauty in restructuring process should not mention many requirements, Huan Swiss century of initiative will more strong some. "*ST Star Beauty hidden within a residential building at Headquarters. *ST Star Beauty "insurance survival" suspected of playing the market message only 1.34 million yuan in total assets, through the regulation of related party transactions revenues, many investors throwing money "to support" 6 years 5 degrees after a failed reorganization, *ST Star Beauty lifesavers again seize the reorganization.

  *ST Star Beauty "1.5 years and operating income, after 6 years the main industry", but still seem to be "prepared", and not as pessimistic as imagined in the future.

  According to *ST Star Beauty habit of "coup" in the delisting warning edge, on the one hand by way of surface operation regulation of related party transactions revenues of listed companies, on the other hand for the introduction of the backdoor and asset.

  "It amounts to Hibernate, shell is waiting for a good opportunity to restructure. "September 11, tianfeng securities analyst Wang Shengbiao said in an interview with reporters," this is a natural phenomenon of the securities market. "However, the Director of finance and Securities Institute of the University of science and technology in Wuhan Dong Dengxin, *ST Star Beauty playing around with suspicion of market rules. "*ST Star Beauty behind the shell actually is a waste of resources, should not allow the company to stay in the a-share market, hope to market the fittest clean it out. "Dong Dengxin thought, the current delisting *ST stellar space, so that they can not return appearances and IPO listing of administrative examination and approval system, allowing more companies to buy shell resources, *ST Star Beauty so no worries about the buyer, and thus more" picky ".

  Walk in the back edge of the city, rules of the game

  Comb *ST Star Beauty shell means reporters found that both seek assets reorganization and in the operation of adjusted revenues, are to avoid delisting rule as a precondition.

  Provisions in accordance with the delisting of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, 6 the dimension to measure whether a-share listed companies will be forced to retreat. First, net worth is negative. Second, revenues of less than 10 million Yuan. Third annual audit reports for the adverse opinion or unable to express a view. Four statutory time limit is suspended after the listing of the company are not disclosed in the annual report. Today five stock trading volume is too low. Six is the stock price below par in a row. Listed companies for 20 consecutive trading days the daily stock closing prices are lower than the nominal value per share.

  In the period from 2008 to 2010, when total assets of *ST Star Beauty face only 51,100, 84,800 and 949,100, faces possible touch "net negative" red lines through the big shareholders ' interest-free loan of 500,000 star macro business consulting subsidiary was established in Shanghai, and this time moved up listed total assets of the company as a whole can be improved.

  Similarly, when the 2009, 2010 net profit losses for two consecutive years, revenues of less than 10 million cases, the 2011, 2012 subsidiary Shanghai macro business consulting revenue rapidly, making "wear star hats" *ST stellar success.

  "*ST Star Beauty without delisting criteria, of course, will not be delisted, which is decided by the market rules of the game. "Wuhan University finance Professor Hu Changsheng said in an interview with reporters.

  In his view, to meet the legal standard, it will be delisting occurs.

  *ST stellar stock price per share par value 1 appears to be unlikely. "Some of our investors ' unwillingness to make junk delisted, is the revenue and bad companies, there are people willing to buy his stock. "Dong Dengxin said.

  Dong Dengxin introduced in the United States "a dollar a delisting" standard works, half of its delisting companies is that under the terms of the delisting, but under China's national conditions, investor always expects the share.

  In *ST stellar stocks, for example, sending its shares up to 11.32 Yuan per share, total value of 4.7 billion. Reporters combed found, regardless of the success of the restructuring, restructuring plan announcement, *ST star beauty will usher in rising share prices for everything.

  Market behavior or regulatory loopholes?

  So, *ST stellar long-term zero-revenue, without industry, should delisting from the level further regulated? words financial experts and securities held.

  Yingda securities Li Daxiao said in an interview with reporters, Director of the Institute, *ST stellar phenomenon reflects the delisting is not strict enough, in order to effectively curb such "trash" delisting criteria and rules, and delisting procedures, should be reformulated.

  Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission listed Office official said, even if the delisting system further improved, capital market, insurance and selling shells are the market's behavior, is itself the capital of one of the most effective ways, which will remain, will not disappear because of the delisting system strictly. "It is really a good crust, even if the system reasonably, would anyone want a backdoor listing approach to listing approval, after all, is too cumbersome. "On September 10, the reporter called regulatory Bureau of Chongqing, said a Director surnamed Sun, *ST stellar long term" stiff but not dead "is the company's behavior, everything is subject to company announcements. Reporters asked its uniqueness deserve special supervision, the controller does not respond.

  "It is not refinancing, not scourge who, nor money moving stock, but it did not operate, but it has listed the Tablet listing the places, it doesn't fully go bankrupt, insolvent, if I had to put it back, this is not a harm to people who hold their shares?" Tianfeng securities analyst Wang Shengbiao believes that should be decided by the laws of the market *ST Star Beauty should exit.

  Despite the *ST Star Beauty survival methods are some contempt, Dong Dengxin says that delisting criteria respecting market, investor, investor does not make *ST Star Beauty city, regulators can't help, it did not meet a mandatory delisting criteria.

  The listing Office official also said that once *ST stellar some significant special cases of violation, the SFC will have the relevant supervision measures, not arbitrarily let it persist.

  Li Daxiao said "some speculators seeking resources desire so strong, if no further big stock market risk coefficients, then the speculators will have been enthusiastic about Shell resources. "In fact, in capital markets, relative to the selling cost, *ST Star Beauty shell costs nothing. Also willing to spend of the *ST star-shell, one of the important reasons.

  *ST stellar November 2014 priced Shanghai Xin 25.84% shareholders 605 million, and 6 months later, the same stake, Huan shui the three companies took over the costs of 700 million market value direct gained nearly 100 million, this surplus floating alone, enough to make *ST Star Beauty re 6 years no problem.

  Registration or shock wave

  However, *ST Star Beauty wants to continue to stay in the a-share market to survive, are not as safe as imagined.

  According to early 2015 work scheduling meetings at the beginning of the CSRC, will this year introduce a registration system, this from the other direction, means that a shock.

  So-called registration system, even for a listed company audits, subject to the conditions prescribed by securities laws company can on its own IPO, you do not need consent of the SFC, as long as the required documentation to.

  "Registration system after the implementation of new listings more easily. New value will be lower and lower, those junk from rapidly falling a few dollars to a few cents. "Dong Dengxin said that the registration rules of the game, were rapidly reduced by IPO costs, resource scarcity will be broken. "The IPO is easy, does not require administrative approval and market threshold is very low, no one wants to buy, that survival to shell companies, because there is no buyer's market will soon quit. "However, the listed head of Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission believes registration system and not such a" universal ". "Shell resources and/or have his market value, is the United States and Hong Kong, he is often the backdoor listing of resources. "The Director believes that this shell company registration *ST star beauty, the biggest impact from the price. *ST stellar selling price will be reduced because as markets open up, the overall price and earnings will be in line with international standards, when resource prices will be more rational.

  For this will be born and things Li Daxiao argues that the reality may not be so optimistic. "Registration is between the administrative examination and approval system and market-filing system, that means he can be infinitely close to the administrative examination and approval system, also can be infinitely close to the record business. At present, is hard to say whether the broader IPO market opportunities. "The above listed Office official added that registration is not a trial, is not the same, more transparent and more in line with market rules. "If the industry is recognized by the market, the company carries on business in very good condition and development prospects are very good, registration will make it easier for these companies to access capital markets. "Conditions are excellent and *ST star beauty in itself, its risks to survive in the road can go long, yet is a question mark.

  However, the implementation of the registration system is still unable to determine. Dong Dengxin told reporters that the 2015 in accordance with the Commission plans, registration should be put in place, but now the stock market price and registration system reform process was interrupted. "Exactly when will launch also said, if regulators fear the stock market turmoil, fear of stock's Center of gravity moves down, it will push back the next. "

Friday, April 22, 2016

Millet tried online store online sales are still the main

  Has always been good online sales of millet began to line up.

  Yesterday, millet's first real sense of offline store in Haidian, Beijing Modern Plaza opened. It is reported that the experience store you can buy millet full line product, fast repair service and provides face to face. Millet science and technology President Lin said, this millet attempts to give the solid experience and online sales, did not rule out in the future in the country built more experiences like this store.

  This online store is still called millet House, an area of about 380 square meters, is the largest and longest operating hours business area of millet line shop. Previously, only one millet millet in major cities across the country are mainly responsible for after-sales service. Lin said that the millet is offline for the first time experience combined with after-sale maintenance, can provide experience and selling millet include cell phones, television, total, routers, air purifiers and other products. New products in the future will be synchronized in the store for sale. Industry sources say, millet entered the offline sales, or marked their supply chain have been integrated, will bid farewell to the previous buying patterns.

  Millet is not the first company to set up offline store cell phone manufacturers. Apple store of needless, Association, Lok has also rolled out early at home store. Millet science and technology President Lin said, this store is just one millet tried after millet of offline retail process has no experience, and the operations, logistics, warehousing capacity presents new challenges. If contemporary Mall operation works well, will expand in more cities across the country.

  Industry sources said, setting up online store, millet is facing sluggish sales growth and opponent catch up breakthrough Act. Millet is lack of offline retail experiences, this model also requires authentication, even if the validation is successful, also needs to address the issue of counterfeit goods and channel management. Open line, millet is shoulder heavy responsibilities.

  Why open the upgrade version of millet

  Statistics show that, from this year, China smartphone market growth has slowed in the past end of the era of high growth. With the popularity of smart phones, the phone itself increases market is more and more limited. In addition, mobile-e-commerce channel sales growth rates are slowing, annual growth in e-commerce sales 40% early, downward trend is clear.

  Limited market now is facing increasingly fierce competition. Apart from the millet, Huawei, Meizu, music video, hammer and other brands in the last break. According to millet July sales data, mobile phone sales of 34.7 million in the first half, and millet before the scheduled annual sales target of 80 million to 100 million. In the case of many competitors chasing, millet achieve this year's target is extremely difficult. Facing hard times and a highly competitive market, millet is seeking more access to users is a top priority.

  Lin bin, "said millet rich product line, more and more consumer feedback needs to enhance the online experience of links and experimental result is good." Previously, millet line TV did try: offline experience every Saturday, 100 games held throughout the country, achieved a conversion rate of 19%. Convened to participate in the experience users are online and offline experience online purchase, millet is responsible for direct shipping.

  Lin said the millet choice settled in the business rather than a separate store, mainly want to use Mall traffic looking for incremental users. The future, this model is successful, will consider more like shopping malls. But Lin also stressed that the "millet product sales are still dominated by e-commerce channels, settled in the shopping mall online store is mainly responsible for the experience and after sales, offline retail will take time."

  Lin said for this offline mode now is not thinking so far, future millet proprietary left to join route, also requires a combination of the experimental store operations again, but this idea has been there.

  Offline experience models to be tested

  Online integration has become an industry trend. O2O offline store, in addition to suning, GOME, a layout of East Beijing at the beginning of last year. Le select and channel partners, set up a special experience. But industry sources say, music store under the eye effect does not expect good, limited flow of people, is not particularly obvious effect on sales. Cheng Xuyuan look over here From Google s special

  In addition, the online store is a slightly higher cost model, in this connection, the Apple store sales per unit area is worthy of millet, millet reference to already low profit margins do not seem to. Millet this specializes in online marketing and offline marketing enterprises how to balance profit and operating costs below the line would need time to learn, also need to be tested.

  Millet offline store mode if the validation is successful, fake fake store will then appear. Lin said this is millet great harm. Millet's marketing Chief, Wei Lai admits now millet is counterfeit, but the difficulty of fighting against, we first need to break local protectionism, more need to invest a great deal of manpower and material resources. From the source view, millet channel governance is needed, but how to go about it, for now, the millet has also come up with the scheme for the time being.

  With the smart-phone market saturated, increase of the millet market was in four five-tier cities even the vast rural areas. Part of brand mobile phone manufacturers have to channel sink to villages and towns, in rural markets, millet will also face a fight. How to cut into the rural market, go offline store mode or find another way, millet is still fumbling.

  "Bad-mouthing millet's voice never stopped", Lin said, "but millet is also very satisfactory, millet will step by step to do good service."

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gourd phones Chinese Valentine s day romance publishing flagship couple custom

  On August 13, Hulu mobile on August 20 will hold a fashion show in Beijing, gourds official letter not only exposed the Conference of mobile phone related news, and began a boisterous microblogging tickets events. It is reported that this launch will be in Chinese, Beijing color bars, the main couple phone.

Gourd phones Chinese Valentine's day romance publishing flagship couple custom soft hits

  Hoist technology announced in April 2015 brand was founded, and in May of the same year, gourd phones in all the preparatory activities Jingdong opens in July, announced to raise the success of your event and hoist technology so quick movements is the word of the phrase: the world of kungfu, but not broken. However, it is sufficient to prove the gourd has strong technology strength. More crucial, ' exclusive positioning ' for gourd phones set a threshold for friends to formidable competition, represents the orientation of gourd phones from simple hardware competition as one of the advantages of competing hard and soft modes ".

  Research and development on the phone, gourd phones both in hardware and software have their own stick and characteristics, including the need to do your own ROM, border of a cell phone to try to use the best material to be narrowest at the battery must equal 3350 Ma, also ensuring that the light and so on. Insist quality, brings the cost of, and hoist technology CEO in this regard does not give yourself room for compromise, he knows the face value, locate and solve a user pain point is currently the primary contradiction, not cost, adhere to the only valuable thing users, stick to their all for users of beginner's mind.

  Insiders also point out that gourd lovers phone hardware is impeccable, with mainstream 5.5-inch large screen, 1080P resolution display is very clear. Core is equipped with a high pass 8 core 64-bit processor, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM memory combinations, the largest extension to 128GB, make the machine's performance is very strong, perfectly Android5.0 system. Photos, Hulu mobile phone is equipped with a 13 million-pixel primary camera, containing LED fill light, as well as front lens of 5 million pixels. Dry goods share entrepreneurs scars how to overcome

  "Exclusive customized" software is the greatest emotional bright spot, hoist technology Aurora breathing lights, bottle gourd in unique key, love APP,ForU system, lock screen picture 5 couples, such as DNA elements for couples-only user who provides emotional and practical products. Hoist technology with its own strong technology and research and development, opened the era of order of precedent.

  Apart from the couples mobile offerings, and employees at the Conference there will also be egg appear inside a gourd, there should be cooperation with other brands, news that did not disclose, concerned couples mobile phone user can direct attention to this site, follow the author witnessed gourd phones release eggs.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Black tenderness behind the technology cherry released silent shaft



  Cherry cherry, mechanical keyboard leading brands in the world, today members of the Macromedia Flash Player MX series new switch family-Cherry MX Slient mute mechanical axis. Cherry has been committed to research and development of mechanical shaft, early last year which was released on the CES make Cherry MX RGB switches of all the players excited. Cherry MX mechanical switches of the show has been hundreds of millions of times prove the next evolutionary phase of the switch. The MX switch built-in gold contact technology, high precision, the best typing experience and an extremely long service life by millions of users appreciate. Peripherals of the world famous manufacturer of high quality mechanical keyboards, in particular in the field of gaming keyboards, uses Cherry MX switches.

  Mechanical keyboard feel is outstanding, but its relatively large key voices in certain situations, often ridicule "disturbance", to that end, new Cherry MX Slient mute mechanical axis can be a good solution to the troubles. Intelligent feast counting on 28th 29th one plus

  It is reported that tested the world's first mechanical keyboard-pirate ship carrying Cherry MX Slient Starf RGB, in the actual process of typing can be effectively reduced by about 30% press the voice. While the structure of the MX Slient switch with common shaft is different, using two-stage noise reduction structure axis, total travel down to 3.7mm, travel 1.9mm, divided into black shaft, red shaft, black shaft RGB and RGB Red shaft in four languages, and also is applying for patents related to the new axis. Cherry China official website Twitter that the shaft in the near future will also be applied to Cherry and partner in mechanical keyboard

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Warranty the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance

Maintenance remove it?

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

Although the State General Administration of quality supervision has explicitly stated that places outside of the new car in the 4S shop or dealer for maintenance, not because of the damage caused by maintenance, three bags of 4S shop or dealer does not absolve the responsibility.

But the reality is this: Small car class rift Say GoodBye magical windshield

Warranty new car if outside of maintenance (oil change, oil filter, air filter, etc) as soon as the car problems, some 4S shop will push to say is replacing oil filter caused by faulty, therefore cannot guarantee because they involve oil thing difficult to determine, so we can only wrangle with each other ...

Under the current situation, onion recommendations related to power, brakes, replace the oil in the gearbox and other mission-critical systems, or in the 4S shops, other consumable items such as air conditioning filter can be considered changed on the outside.

Onions said a lot about the maintenance need to be aware of content partners get back ~!

Citation processing

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

The friend did not tell local or offsite citation processing, that onions are tell us about ~!

Local citation processing

If it is a point violation, generally bringing the vehicle, driver's license and the Peony card, and can handle any of the traffic to the nearest law enforcement, if the owner is a notice, can also go to any of the industrial and commercial bank;

If the violation is not the point, non-car owners can also use the card to help payment the Bank.

In some places there is no card, citation processing may carry this illegal ID card, driver's license and processing, to traffic law enforcement, banks and other places.

Different citation processing

If distributed illegally in violation of networking with local citation processing procedures are basically the same.

But need to be aware of is that this violation can only be captured by the camera in different places of violation, if it is being "stickers" can only be in violation of local traffic enforcement departments to deal with;

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

If the violation is not distributed in violation of network, although not available on the Internet, without affecting the vehicle, but if too many violations in the same place, next to go, caught in violation of the existing, more embarrassing, so in order to avoid trouble, the drives need to be more cautious in the field!


If the "was" and "Strip" citation processing disputes, can carry vehicles travel card, driver's license and other documents to the place of violation of traffic law enforcement complaints, verification.

Vehicle deck

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

"Suits" more troublesome to deal with, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, should apply as soon as possible to the vehicle Management Department for a new licence.

Need to carry a motor vehicle registration, vehicle, driver's license and owner identification cards and other documents to the traffic management Department licensing process, application for a new license plate.

"Suits" there are basically two situations:

Only sets

Only original car license plates, can clearly tell the difference between car with the original car;

In this case, bringing the running, driving the local or violation of traffic law enforcement departments for processing and filing, you can cut out the illegal. But it cannot fundamentally resolve the future "brand" repeated violation, needed to transport law enforcement department to apply for a replacement number plate as soon as possible.

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

License plate, vehicle

Car and car models, a number of basic, well resolved car with the original car.

This situation is not promptly removed illegal, you need to apply directly to the law enforcement process, replace with new license plates.

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

Where can I handle?

"The suits" at the location of the vehicle and violation of traffic law enforcement can handle.

For example: licence of Tangshan, Hebei, in Qingdao, Shandong province have "car" violations, in Hebei Tangshan and Qingdao, two areas of transport law enforcement department.

Because each area there is a difference between processing time and carry, it is recommended that prior to partners in dealing with the small telephone, lest a futile trip.

Offsite for a replacement driver's license

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

Huizhou, the partners lost driver's license can be made;

On April 1, the new implementation of the motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use, can be located under replacement, renewal of a driver's license and approval, instead of back to driver's licenses issued and that for they do not have to provide proof of residence and temporary residence (except in cases such as school bus driver's licenses, military driver's license).

Offsite traffic rules

Warranty: the car needs in the 4S shop maintenance?

Langfang, not learning. According to onion known: button out of traffic violations to learn traffic rules, but only driver's licenses issued to illegal treatment study, so the smaller partners can choose to study in Handan or Beijing.

But not consistent everywhere, which is to consult the transport law enforcement department.

Well, today then, kids have a problem ask directly, you're very welcome ...

Onion app public: car onion rings. In the "auto onion rings" micro public reply, ' maintenance ', ' regulations "and other words, you can view the other cock explosion of knowledge tricks and useful tips.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Godson a new quad core processors with ecological construction

Godson, a new quad-core processors with ecological construction

  Godson branch in Beijing today released new generation Godson 3A2000, 3B2000, independent instruction also launched the Godson LoongISA, as well as a new generation of high-performance processor micro-architecture GS464E.

  According to reports, this release Godson 3A2000, 3B2000 integrated quad-core GS464E processor core implements LoongISA instruction system. LoongISA instruction system based on the MIPS64 architecture over more than 500 orders, in basic instruction, virtual machine instructions, X86 and ARM binary translation-oriented instruction, four vector instructions nearly 1400 new instructions.

  Also released the processor microarchitecture GS464E integrated technology of IvyBridgy with Intel and AMD Steamroller levels. Godson said technicians, micro-structure is the CPU's core technology, determine performance, power consumption, cost, safety is the most important factor.

  In this release, Godson not only launched a new processor and instruction set, and start eco-system around the chip layout.

  Godson the launched of Loongson based version of the operating system software and hardware standards and community LOONGNIX and want to attract developers and partners to join.

  Godson technician also said that independent hardware and software starting from API, independent developers (ISV), but it's also the Godson is currently short Board, needs to be further strengthened.

  The officer also noted that Godson-markets in 2010 since the transition to a number of accomplishments, has encountered some problems, such as with other processor clock speed only 1 time, but 10 times this problem of poor performance, the Godson then going to the effort to improve. Catch the suning hammer will go to Japan selling

  In addition, at the scene in the dawn, aerospace science and industry, tongfang computer, Neusoft, ruijie networks also released based on the Loongson processor 3A/3B/2H series high performance services, computers, laptops, firewalls, Gigabit network switch solution.

Friday, April 8, 2016

In addition to e books e ink e ink screen or what

  As we all know, e-ink e-ink screens can bring very good battery life and good contrast in bright light situations also has very good visibility. When it comes to e-ink electrophoretic screen when we first think of may be similar to the Kindle e-reader, but in fact, this technique uses far more than that. Juicy Couture iPhone 6 cases

  Recently, the E-Ink company of Giovanni Mancini, Senior Director of global marketing, talked about the future direction of e-ink e-ink screen. Next, we take a look at E-Ink in which areas will likely occur in the future.


Juicy Couture iPhone 6 cases

In addition to e-books e-ink e-ink screen or what?

  Kindle electronic reader series lets us feel the full benefits of e-ink electrophoretic screen, Paperwhite Voyage and other products to consumers, has left a deep impression. However, we need to recognize that, the development of the e-reader market has slowed, increase every generation e-reader products are very limited, but that is not the reason consumers replace equipment.

  Color E-Ink

  Color e-reader is considered to be the electronic reader is the next trend. Many people believe that lack of color is the one big disadvantage of e-ink e-ink screen, although it's performance in e-readers are still very good, but for those who want to experience the color of text users, LCD display would be more popular.

  E-Ink e-ink screen is mainly by changing the charge on the back of the Panel to set the color of the visible part, are usually black and white, according to Giovanni Mancini said, this principle can also be color e-ink display, but it may not be able to enter the consumer reading device, appear in the sign show and would have a greater chance in art exhibitions.

  Smart labels Juicy Couture

  Over a period of time, shelf labels have always been e-ink e-ink screens of a field of study, the goal was to create a display that doesn't need batteries to work, obviously, E-Ink can do it, because it can collect energy from 3G or RFID and other wireless signals.

  Using e-ink e-ink screens as a very big advantage of the label, it will appear in decay does not occur for a long period of time. Giovanni Mancini showed his nameplate, the above information is available through the smart phone's NFC features, since more than 1 year's time are still visible.

  Smart bank card

In addition to e-books e-ink e-ink screen or what?

  E-Ink e ink one of the advantages is that it is thin, thin enough to put it in the Bank. Giovanni Mancini showed us Coin, a smart card, NFC payment functionality provided and magnetic strip. It is worth mentioning that, we will be able to consolidate all bank card to a bank card, as long as a button to switch to use.

  Intelligent packaging

  E-Ink e ink a final area of innovation is intelligent packaging, user information can be shown on the packaging to product use. For example, if equipped with e-ink e-ink screen on the drug packaging, you can help users record their own medication time, this memory for people, is a very useful feature.

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Open mind a world free of mosquitoes and what happens

  Elimination of any kind of organism will have a severe impact on the ecosystem, and if there is any mosquitoes, maybe it really does not.

  Every day, Eva di·Mofei Geeta (Jittawadee Murphy) will open a hot, locked room, this room is located in the Walter Reed in Silver Spring, Maryland (Walter Reed) Army Institute, which closed a group of malaria-carrying mosquitoes (Anopheles Stephens). She crushed millions of mosquitoes of fish as food, and pregnant females from a coma in the mouse stomach to suck blood drained within one month – 24 of the rodents! Murphy studied mosquitoes has more than 20 years, has been looking to limit the spread of parasites carried by method. But, she said, she would rather they disappeared from the Earth.

  There must be many who had supported her. Worldwide 247 million people are infected with malaria each year, millions of people will die. Mosquitoes spread yellow fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, Rift Valley fever, Chikungunya virus and West Nile virus, resulting in a greater medical and financial burden. And is pest factors: their populations are too dense, even Alaska reindeer suffocated, but now it is summer in the northern hemisphere, mosquito populations is reached a seasonal peak, their mouthparts, sunk deep into the flesh and blood of the people in the northern hemisphere as a whole.

  If the world no mosquitoes, will be how?: someone (or something) will miss them? nature study on mosquito biology and ecology scientists threw out a question, get some amazing answers.

  There are about 3500 a mosquito named species, of which only one hundred or two hundred bites or harassing people. They live in almost every continent, Habitat, play an important role in many ecosystems. "Mosquitoes have been around for at least 100 million years on Earth," Murphy said, "they evolved together with quite a few other species. "Killing a mosquito might make the predator with no food or lose media pollination of certain plants. And explore a world free of mosquitoes is no longer just an imaginary experiment: people have invested a considerable amount of effort is to eliminate the most harmful, the most contagious diseases of the species.

  But scientists have discovered that in many cases, the ecological gap caused by the disappearance of a mosquito will soon be filled with other organisms. Life will be as before, even better. Considering that they are the major disease vectors, "it's hard to say they would harm, just allowed a bit of collateral damage. "Insect ecologist at Illinois State University shidiwen·zhuliyanuo (Steven Juliano) said. World free of mosquitoes would be "safer for us," from Brazil Santa Catarina Federal University Medical entomologist kaluosi·bulisuola·makongdesi (Carlos Brisola Marcondes) said that "mosquitoes away significant implications for humans. "

  "Polar disaster"

  If mosquitoes disappeared, the most affected area is Arctic tundra, inhabited clump of Aedes (Aedes impiger) and black-footed Aedes (Aedes nigripes). The eggs will hatch after the snow melt in the second year, just 3-4 weeks developed to a mature stage. From Canada to Northern Russia, within a very short period of time every year they are very large, and in some areas may be formed thick clouds of mosquitoes. "On a global scale is a very rare situation," entomologist dannier·sitelikeman (Daniel Strickman) said. He was the United States Department of agriculture in Beltsville, Maryland regional medical and Urban Entomology program head, he added, "there is no other place in the world, biological quantities can be so large. "

  About what will happen if the Group disappeared, scientists holding different points of view. Entomologist of the North Carolina Department of environment and natural resources bulusi·halisen (Bruce Harrison) is expected, if there are no mosquitoes as food, Tundra-nesting migratory birds will be reduced by more than 50%. But other researchers do not think so. Fairbanks area, Alaska of the United States fish and Wildlife Service Center, a wildlife biologist, kaiqian·kuerbi (Cathy Curby) think that the Arctic is mosquito does not appear in stomach samples of migratory birds in large quantities, and midges (chironomidae) is a more important source of food. "Humans may overestimate the number of mosquitoes in the Arctic tundra, because they are only selectively attracted to us. "She said.

  Mosquitoes per day from the drains of up to 300 ml of blood per reindeer, which we used to think gang of Elk should select the Windward routes to escape the mosquitoes swarm. When the migrating caribou herd in the North Valley, and small changes can cause a major impact on the route: they walk on the grass, eat lichens, transporting nutrients, would be eaten by wolves, which will eventually change the ecological environment. If these are taken into account, mosquitoes, disappear in the Arctic will have a considerable impact, but also in other places like this?

  "Aerial cuisine"

  "Mosquitoes are easy to catch and good to eat. "Aquatic entomologist at the University of Michigan lichade·meilite (Richard Merritt) says. If there are no mosquito larvae, there are hundreds of species of fish had to change their diet to survive. "It sounds simple, but eating habits which have seared the fish genes. "Harrison said. For example, mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) is a specialized predator of mosquitoes, are very good at killing mosquitoes, are raised in rice fields and a swimming pool as a means of pest control, no mosquitoes, they might be extinct. This kind of fish or other fish disappear will have a tremendous impact on the whole on the lower reaches of the food chain.

  In addition, there are many kinds of insects, spiders, salamanders, lizards and frogs will lose an important source of food. In a study published in 2010, researchers in France Camargue region of microbial insecticides sprayed within the Park, and to observe conditions for insect-Martin. They found that, in the wake of microbial insecticides sprayed on average only chicks per nest produced 2, while in other sites, hatched 3 Chicks on average.

  A large number of birds are likely to turn to other insects that prey on mosquitoes, the insects in "mosquito time after" multiply to replace the niche of the mosquito. Other insect-eating plants and animals may not remember them: bats mostly eat moths and mosquitoes in the stomach or not to 2%. "If you're consuming energy," United States Centers for disease control and prevention, medical entomologist zhennite·maikalisite (Janet McAllister) asked, "would you choose to eat 22 ounces of a moth, steak, or 6 ounces of mosquitoes in Hamburg?"

  Lot of options on the menu, it appears that most insect predators in a world without the mosquitoes won't go hungry. Mosquitoes seem no greater impact on the ecosystem to allow people to temporarily abandon them would be the idea.

  "I can help"

  Mosquito larvae in the global aquatic ecosystems pose a considerable biomass. They can be found in all waters, regardless of time after rain, or the tree hole, or old tires. In the flood plain, the density of larvae to their motility can cause ripples on the water. They feed on rotting leaves, organic debris and micro-organisms. Problem is, if there are no mosquitoes, and other filter-feeding creatures will come to replace them? " Biological treatment of organic debris are many, and mosquitoes are not the only one, is not the most important one, "Giuliano said," If you take out a rivet on the wing, is unlikely to stop flying the plane. "

Open mind: a world free of mosquitoes and what happens?

  In waters around the world, mosquitoes are an important component of biological communities.

  Maybe mosquitoes disappear real effect depends on the water. On North America's East Coast purple pitcher plant (Nepenthes) contains a miniature waters approximately 25 to 100 ml, and mosquito larvae are an important member of this small close group. North America bottle grass mosquito (Wyeomyia smithii) and bottle of grass chironomid (Metriocnemus knabi) is the only living insect, living here are rotifers, bacteria and protozoa. When the other fell into the water after the drowning, chironomus chewing his body, bottle grass mosquito larvae feed on residues, plants provide nutrients like nitrogen. In this case, the Elimination of mosquitoes may affect plant growth.

  In 1974, the ecologist yuehan·adikete (John Addicott, now in Canada University of Alberta kalijiaer) published findings about predators and prey within the structure of this species, indicate the presence of mosquito larvae, and enrich the diversity of native animals. In his view, the mosquito control when eating the number of dominant species of protozoa and other native animals to survive. For plants, the wider consequences remain unknown.

  If the mosquitoes "ecosystem services"--that is, humans benefit from nature, this may become a strong reason to keep mosquitoes. United States Rutgers University evolutionary ecologist at the University of New Brunswick Dina·fengsaika (Dina Fonseca) cite the ceratopogonidae, chironomidae, sometimes also known as insects called midges (no-see-UMS) this species as a comparison. "People were insect bites by ceratopogonidae, or because they are infected with viruses, protozoa and worms, you will want to eliminate them," she said, "but because the ceratopogonidae mosquitoes are pollinators of tropical plants such as trees, eliminated they would cause us no chocolate to eat. " Storm overseas mobile phone had a shot at it

  Adult mosquitoes depend on nectar to give themselves with energy (only to get some female mosquitoes require a blood protein used for spawning), if there are no mosquitoes, a Pollinator will lose thousands of species of plants. McAlester, who rely on crops, they pollinate seems quite useless. "If there is a benefit that they stay, we would have used them," she said, "anything we don't need no mosquitoes, except make them go away. "[The mosquito: where do you like me? the human: I like you get away from me a little bit. ]

  Ultimately, does not seem to be a mosquito and other creatures can't do things you can do, except maybe this one-they are extremely good at sucking the blood from one animal, and then plunge into another animal, which provide an ideal channel for the spread of pathogenic micro-organisms.

  "Elimination of the harmful ecological effects of mosquito population increases, and this is the result. "Sitelikeman said. Many lives would have been saved, more people will no longer be affected by the disease, and many countries are no longer plagued by malaria. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, mosquito eradication may make gross national product increased by 1.3% (this is according to the World Health Organization estimates that every year due to diseases of GDP consumed), the money can be used to speed up local development. "The disappearance of mosquitoes can reduce the financial burden on the health system and hospital, public medical expenditure will be used for vector-borne diseases into other priority health issues, also reduce the dropout rate. "In Manila, the World Health Organization malaria scientist jiefuli·XI (Jeffrey Hii).

  Ecologists from the Florida medical entomology laboratory feier·lunibosi (Phil Lounibos) thought that "Elimination of mosquitoes only temporarily alleviate the human suffering." His research shows that efforts to eliminate a class of pathogenic microorganisms carrying species will be in vain, because the ecological gap will soon be filled by other organisms. His team from the tip of Florida to collect the female yellow fever mosquitoes (Egypt Aedes), found that some of them have been the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) fertilization, which can carry a variety of human diseases. The fertilization of female yellow fever mosquitoes losing fertility, shows how one species replaced another.

  In view of the mosquito-borne disease caused by the serious humanitarian and economic consequences, most scientists think human overall health improvement will exceed the costs of population growth. In ecological systems will cause "collateral damage" point of view, will not win much sympathy for mosquitoes. "Every living thing has an important role in nature" and the romantic view as insufficient to justify mosquito trial. There are mosquitoes in the world, is not intentionally left them ravaged, but because of limited capacity.

  Thus, while humans can inadvertently make the good species (from tuna to coral) pushed to the edge of extinction, but all efforts have failed to get the mosquito survival is seriously affected. "They and no in environment in the occupy prison not hit of location," United States mosquito control Association of insects learn home Qiao·kanglun (Joe Conlon) said, "if we tomorrow on can let they disappeared, that they by active of ecological system estimated also on playing a hiccup, then calm to continues to running, natural will has other of species to alternative mosquito, and as is good is bad on said not clear has. "

Monday, April 4, 2016

IOS9 compete with the Android m Win10 and a third




  On May 28, 2015, the Google I/O Developers Conference officially launched the Android m, then on June 9, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) officially announced iOS9, on July 29, Windows10 released will come save Microsoft, the big three operating system release to follow, surely filled with gunpowder in the air.

  Mobile share, Android is definitely occupy first in 2014, market share up to 15%,WP8 global market share 81.5%,iOS 2.7%, only 1% in China, even more worrying is that WP's global market share is still declining. If it's just from looking at the share, Android seems unstoppable, WP has received a suspended death sentence, but really the truth?

  Google's desire to achieve it?

  Don't forget has Android 5.0 (l) released Shi, Google of ambition, tries to will Android condensed specification up, can reality is, to currently weizhi, Android 5.0 in Android all version occupy of proportion just over 10%, and in domestic market 5.0 version of proportion more low, except domestic manufacturers several just released of new machine outside, most still carrying Android 4.4, even user constantly calls for upgrade, but manufacturers still unmoved.

  Android 5.0 success is opening, but it opened more and more unfettered, if described as Federal Android, Google this Summit has repeatedly challenged the authority of the Federal Government and the Federal Convention are gradually failure, probably the most important reasons is that Google can't control hardware. Google should also be aware of the problem, so bought the MOTO, eyeing its patents on the one hand, and try to build federal military hardware.

  But with the MOTO sell its hardware business association, announced Google's attempt failed, but Google does not come up with nothing, but as a pure Internet company, Google can do is constantly upgrading Android experience through direct services and applications such as Google play control Android, and Android m again to tighten permissions to launch Android, such as Pay, fingerprint to unlock.

  Idea is good, but at the international level, the challenges facing CyanogenMod Android, Amazon, faced MIUI ROM, Flyme, a third party challenge, the challenge is not just differences of the version number, but to turn into vassal separatism.

  Third party ROM, Google applications and services have been removed, most into their applications and services, in millet, for example, from stores to the games, from the service to pay, all from millet and millet also achieved higher revenue. Similarly Amazon blocks all Google applications and services, build their own app stores, content stores, browsers, cloud storage and E-mail.

  Can say that Android becoming dress millet, Amazon and other companies, so as to grasp the bottom of the Internet portal, rejection was supposed to belong to Google's profits. Of course, some people will say that because of our special situation, Google can not use the service, which gave birth to the rise of third-party ROM, in fact, even in the absence of the objective circumstances, Android will fall apart, because Google from the beginning to the end is to guide the manufacturer rather than a strong control.

  Have someone evaluate the Android open source: "" open source "is like a demon, once let it go back to the Crystal bottle was not so easy." Open Android manufacturers have joined the Google camp and promptly made Android a global share of mobile operating systems, but this camp is a loose, Google no contractual relationship with manufacturers, vendors and manufacturers, even fierce competition and medals.

  In this internal friction, decline of HTC, Samsung is also in decline, and the rise of millet are increasingly controlled by Google, were doing a separate stove, like millet 4 supports windows10 mobile version, which moves as Samsung then as one track, make a Bada to threaten Google, who let Google do not have their own army?

  So when Google launched Android 5.0, the manufacturers not to upgrade as soon as possible, the first thought is how not to damage their own interests and maximize this benefit. Domestic manufacturers in particular, after the release of Android m, the vast majority remained at 4.0, such as millet millet Note Hat shop goods, millet in the delay actually 4, millet Note push the Standard Edition 5.0 upgrade.

  Android can beat iOS 9 m?

  Android 5.0 will undoubtedly make the Android brand new, the default Android out of the ART mechanisms used "cards, slow" reputation, New Material Design design, was dumped by Android, "ugly" hat, let the user's eyes light up, this Android as iOS's most powerful opponents.

  However, only in 2014, the fourth quarter, sales of Apple's iPhone as much as 74.832 million units, in the case of a slowdown in global Smartphone, continues to maintain high growth, especially in markets such as Europe, America and China, and contrarian drives desktop Mac sales rise.

  After the death of Steve jobs, a lot of people think that Apple's decline is inevitable, just Cook using Steve's legacy, but the fact is that Apple is not only not declined but continues to maintain high growth. How did Apple do, after all, both iPhone and iOS in substance, has not changed much, even in the eyes of some users a step backwards, but not in the way they purchase. To the equipment of the future play Guide

  A large part of the reason is that Apple is able to provide users with a consistent, standardized quality of experience. Of the iOS core competitiveness. Android 5.0 essence is already comparable to the iOS system, but in a runaway State, regardless of vendor or APP, Google cannot achieve effective control.

  In Android of products Shang, experience most not same, in Nexus equipment Shang can experience to operation of smooth and silk sliding, however is missing localized of service, and in cooperation manufacturers of equipment Shang, due to each manufacturers of custom different, and optimization different, and aesthetic different, and provides of service different, led to each Android products to people of feel are is not as of, experience is mixed.

  And that's when some rogue APP should not be to fish in troubled waters, including the well-known Internet companies such as BAT, permission to open arbitrary using Android, take over the user's service resources, drag on the system operation, which will further damage the user experience.

  So Apple natural selection is another way we can call it tyranny. Large hardware, control of product chains, small APP design and permissions, Apple has been the establishment of stringent monitoring standards, you are God in their ecosystem.

  So, Apple will inevitably be attacked, whether developers are also competitors. Relative to the open Android, Apple is too monotonous and boring, what do you take Apple for you, and cannot be changed, or rather, what I want. Unless you jailbreak, you customize the song ring tones to busy half. It is an Apple, even if it constrained the idea of developers and users, blocks innovation.

  Judging from Google and Apple's developers Conference, iOS and Android m haven't changed much, which added support for Google paid and fingerprints on the ground floor, to further tighten controls on Android, application key placed under the umbrella of closed-source Google app. Whether manufacturers will, however, we do not know.

  It can be said that Android m doing is trying to retake control of Android and iOS 9 is to get through the entire biology, using standardized operation and services, in place more facilities under Apple's ecosystem, of course, something that was Windows 10.

  Windows 10 has a chance?

  Android is in a civil war that divided, when Apple was busy on all fronts, Microsoft has not been idle, bet your future on Windows 10, can say Windows all Microsoft is 10.

  Apple cloud synchronization through the ecosystem as a whole way of thinking is different, Microsoft chose unity, all devices whether desktop or mobile or home entertainment device, which is a unified operating system that is running Windows 10 GM appx format.

  This in contrast to Apple does not matter who is right or wrong, because this is the time to witness, we conclude anything now would risk being the face of the risks. However, I still insist that Windows 10 will usher in revival, especially on the mobile terminal.

  Windows 10 mobile, formerly known as WP8 committed too many mistakes, in WP7 WP8 hang when the user, for example, in WP8 WP8.1 pit developers, and far behind in updating the other operating system, here I had to ridicule Microsoft took 3 years to listen to the needs of users joined the rotation lock screen function.

  Third-party applications don't have to slot a, it is a chicken and egg problem, the issue can only be resolved through Windows 10 Grand unification policy. These mistakes derived from Microsoft's arrogance and hubris, for Microsoft to pay a heavy price, but Microsoft is ruling Overlord on the PC side, it can be a high price to pay, and to correct their own mistakes.

  Microsoft certainly isn't all wrong, the Windows8 times that Microsoft is at least an open account system and consistent interface experience. Windows 10 times, users and Apple, in different Microsoft devices, you can get a consistent, standard experience, including cloud services, interface, smooth operation, and so on. Of course, the PC-side mouse operation are unavoidable, but mouse will be less.

  Compared to Android, this is Microsoft's advantage in WP on the device, whether high-end machine Lumia930 or low-end machine Lumia520, almost the same user experience, but Microsoft is not as closed as Apple, vendors, developers, users still have a certain degree of freedom to speak of.

  However, both Android and iOS is Windows 10 mobile, you'll find similar growing between them, don't know is borrowed from each other or are copying each other, but, even better eco-conception, eventually will fall down to the user experience.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Gartner China smartphone sales per cent decline in Q2 for the first time

Gartner: China smartphone sales per cent decline in Q2 for the first time

  According to Reuters, market research firm Gartner said in a report Thursday, Smartphone sales in the Chinese market 4% per cent decline in the second quarter of this year, for the first time ever.

  "The Chinese market has reached the saturation point-that is, growth in the mobile phone market is basically driven by upgrades and first time Smartphone buyers left. "The Gartner market research director of Anschau er·guputa (Anshul Gupta).

  China is the world's largest smartphone market, sales in the second quarter accounted for about 30% of total global sales.

  Gartner report also pointed out that global smartphone sales growth has fallen to its lowest level in 2013. Standing at the crossroads of Chinese TV independent

  Apple iPhone sold worldwide in the second quarter and in the first place, market share increased from 12.2% earlier this year to the second quarter of 14.6%. Among them, iPhone sales in the Chinese market in the second quarter compared with 68% increase to 11.9 million units.

  Large-screen Apple phone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the main contributor to help the company set sales records, the two products have been released to date is 11 months old.

  As competitors Samsung, market share in the second quarter of this year has dropped to 21.9% from 26.2% in earlier. In April this year, the company released a whole new generation of Galaxy S6, but product sales were still big screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

  From the perspective of percentage of global sales, Huawei ranked in fourth place. The company set a 46.3% per cent growth rate in the second quarter, mainly because of the international business and China 4G the growth in Smartphone sales.

  On Wall Street Thursday in regular trading, Apple shares with the market down about 2%, to close at $ 112.65.