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Foxconn wants to return to India established the first iPhone manufacturing

  Reuters reported that Government officials said Foxconn could soon in India iPhone. It may reduce iPhones in India the third largest smartphone market prices. At present, Apple lags behind Samsung and other local companies, such as Micromax.

  Maharashtra State (Maharashtra) industry Minister sabahashi·de tournament (Subhash Desai), told Reuters, Foxconn representative is looking for suitable sites. The world's largest electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn plans by 2020 in India 10 to 12 facilities, including manufacturing facilities and data centers. Dry goods share entrepreneurs scars how to overcome

  Because of commercial sensitivity, Foxconn declined to comment on its plans. Apple's mission in India also did not give any details. Sabahashi·de says, Foxconn has not made formal commitments, but said it plans to use India factory manufacturing iPhone, iPad and iPod, as well as supplying India and global markets.

  Counterpoint Research Market Monitor, a research firm data show that Apple in India's market share 10%, behind Samsung and after local competitors such as Micromax. Apple 16 GB iPhone 6 in India priced at RS 44000 (about us $ 687.82), Samsung 32 GB Galaxy S6 cost about 40000 crore rupees (about us $ 625.29). The Fuji kangruochenggong in India and build factories, could lead to India the Smartphone market prices, helped the company by decreasing costs and increasing competitiveness.

  In the wake of its customers sell Nokia mobile phones businesses, Foxconn last year shut down its India factory. For India, Foxconn's return is good news. According to Prime Minister Mr MODI's "India making" plan, India is currently developing manufacturing industries.


Foxconn closed last year in the international electronic business in India Nokia factory


  Foxconn closed last year in India Nokia factory

  India still lags behind China in technology. The lack of good infrastructure and vendor, limiting its ability to develop technology products. It also forces India more than more than 100 cell phone companies from mainland China and Taiwan area Gets the product.

  Foxconn is the Taiwan Hon Hai Group's brand name. In addition to Apple, Foxconn, Acer and Sony for millet and other OEM products.

  India's mobile phone subscribers ranked second in the world after China. Cisco expected 2019 India Smartphone ownership will reach 650 million units, and tablet computers will grow 9% of 18.7 million units.

  Foxconn will return to India recycled OEM Empire?

  Foxconn reportedly plans to India to build three production plants and parts used to assemble for Apple iPhone.

  It is Patently Apple, Foxconn considering build production facilities in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh to build a small research and development and new product development facilities.

  Foxconn has worked in India next to Chennai-Bangalore Highway to establish three new factory, designed for Nokia mobile phones and parts. Nokia after the bankruptcy, the company has also shut down three factories. But this time, Smartphone sales boom prompted Foxconn to return to India, local production of iPhone mobile phones. Foxconn, Apple's largest contract manufacturer.

  Sources said Foxconn will follow the India Government's "India making" policy announced its expansion plans. In India to build an assembly plant for Apple in India paving the way for opening flagship stores. 2014 fourth quarter, Apple for the number one mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics caused great pressure of competition.

  Last year's third quarter, India market, Smartphone shipments rose 27%, other emerging smartphone market ahead of the Asia-Pacific region. The international data Corporation (IDC) expects weak first quarter of 2015, partly in 2014, shipments in the fourth quarter shrank.

  "In the current situation, demand appears a trend, consumers demand products with high specs and low price. The next four to six quarters likely to maintain this trend, which, it is consumers will again favor charging premium quality mobile phone manufacturers, "IDC India's senior market analyst Karan Thakkar said.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Readily hacked around each of the devices is a kind of experience

  Yang Qing had 360 for 6 years "security".

  In 360, Antony Yang research directions to be safe. His Unicorn development team responsible for the protection of the 360 company-wide network security products "day tour". This product now from 360 for personal use into a 2C enterprise wireless hotspot security management platform.

  Antony Yang seldom attended "General Assembly" these occasions, but the way he talk sensibly about security but people didn't feel any hackers often "dull". In fact, he is on this year's 315 evening network security engineer.

   Wearing VR glasses controlled UAV is a kind of

Copies 3410812035400552_. jpg


  Unicorn Team is primarily responsible for radio and hardware-related security research, so they have a lot of exposure to hackers and hacker. Why are hackers attacking smart device? in Antony Yang's view, hacked smart devices can bring more fulfillment. "Website, but the website crashed. But attacking cars, personal safety may be subject to some loss. 」

  In the eyes of Antony Yang, perhaps this is a devastated world, because it is full of loopholes.

  Hardware vulnerabilities: of all things Internet war

  All things Internet times, each link may be loopholes, but each vulnerability can affect the entire ecosystem.


Copies 525118880064772164_. jpg


  Internet architecture is still more traditional, ends, clouds are the hardware itself. Our mobile tablet is a Terminal, this is the most common type of equipment. Cloud is the traditional interface of server resources. Hardware now mainly refers to the intelligent hardware. Speaking of risk, there are three aspects of risk, risk, server side risks and risks of the hardware itself.

  Antony Yang and his team are doing an experiment, they forged a smart home devices, cloud platform to deliver real environmental data, ultimately renders wrong data on the mobile terminal. Data should be provided by the sensors, but this aspect of the application of the vulnerabilities of cloud services, and eventually gets completely wrong as a result of environmental monitoring data. This is an example of a typical hardware application vulnerabilities is applied. "Sometimes you get a device that can handle all the company's products. 」


Copies 2015-07-11_024343_. jpg


  Of course, for the Center attack should not be ignored. Antony Yang smart outlets, for example, use the UDP transport is taboo on security applications. When this device uses AES encryption, will lead the attack succeeds a device equivalent to all equipment for a successful attack.

  Hardware the physical layer vulnerabilities, Antony Yang referred to an example. As by bus, interface attack car ECU module. Hardware reverse analysis of the hacker used methods there are many, such as dismantling of contact, circuit, find the serial port, such as JTAG. Antony Yang also refers to the TTL of the router interface TTL interfaces and JTAG interface, electrical boxes, and so on.


Copies 2015-07-11_024433_. jpg


  Many hardware physical vulnerability, we can what protection? Yang Shu feels the need to focus on 4 aspects: first of all is the location interface hidden as much as possible, and the second is to use a special plug-in and unconventional interface, and the third is to use special linear order and, finally, can design separate debug interfaces, use signal or encryption chips.

  Wireless communications: a ubiquitous

  Attacks on wireless communication, geek Park described previously in the hacker world, focus, passion, talent and ability is the hard currency of the article already has a very detailed description.

  Antony Yang on the spot focus gives the example car wireless RF signal to attack. Safety conferences they do regular on-site examination of how to break a car door. Now, when many of the cars designed for cost reasons, will only consider whether the RF signal is an effective device, and does not detect and analyze whether the owner around the car, this gives Antony Yang some "opportunities".


Copies 2015-07-11_024453_. jpg


  When in auto modulations, Yang Qing found whether Audi or the public, Chery is Volvo, debugging in a similar way. Among them, some more considerations than other manufacturers BMW and Volvo.

  Antony Yang to run his own car and also has a special plug-type tire pressure sensor. Through two days of analysis, data restore, for some decoding. Finally, access to the specific data structures, understanding the data encryption methods. Specific encryption method is put in front of the digits are added together and then divided by two, and finally arrive at a result. This level of encryption for security researchers is very low. Antony Yang and his partner were experimentally sends entirely the wrong data to the tire pressure sensor, realizes the effect of random control automobile tyre pressure, tire pressure can be easily transferred back to normal.


Copies 2015-07-11_024511_. jpg


  Drone aircraft flying for the now very popular, Yang Qing's team also did not want to miss. Within the six-ring, drones are grounded, GPS chip detects no specific location, if in the no fly zone will lock the machine cannot take off. They cheat through GPS signals the end to drone on the rooftop of 360 companies flew up. In the eyes of Yang Qing, spoofing GPS modules just for fun, there is no special difficulty and fun. The really interesting things for this vulnerability can achieve new possibilities. "No fly zone for drone is a double-edged sword, unmanned aerial vehicle detected everywhere in the no fly zone, unmanned aerial vehicles will drop, the drop operation on the part of the drone is unconditionally enforceable. We give it a false position signal of Tiananmen Square, fell as soon as it detects is a restricted area. Under such circumstances, we can imagine some hijacked the drone. 」

  3G, 4G by the network will use communication technology. Under current 2G, Yang Qing and his team can be hijacked. Antony Yang recommended that car makers future force binding 3G or 4G of the telematics network, because hackers can easily use their own equipment to build a 2G network. Then hackers will make your device is connected to its network, allow you to flow through its base stations, traffic hijacking.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Ten robot venture company is most likely threat to humans

The rapid development of artificial intelligence and robotics industry to more and more people are concerned about, as the spokesman of Silicon Valley, Elon Musk who last year claimed that artificial intelligence is "summon demons"-the study of artificial intelligence will be the future of humanity's greatest enemy. (Read: the Economist Feature article: the awakening of the machine)

Soon after, Musk, and Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, who jointly issued an open letter, wrote in a letter:

It is because of the enormous potential of artificial intelligence, those devoted to how to enjoy the well-being of mankind, and avoid potentially dangerous research is valuable.

Again and again, "warned" comes from a basic premise: artificial intelligence it had from the laboratory into factories, what is more, is artificial intelligence "arm's robots into human society. Next, machine heart exclusive comb for you is most likely "threat" to human robot startups.

Industry overview

Most robot startups, such as etch Robotics, Gamma 2 Robotics at this stage as well as GreyOrange Robotics, focuses on industrial process automation;

Represented by the Bossa Nova Robotics "personal robot", and human and physical interaction with other objects, and the environment;

Jibo is a social robot can learn habits and better service to the users;

10 startups in big soldier Rethink Robotics

The company mainly produces industrial robots and a robot Intera Platform performance management platform.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: April 2015 d round of financing for the second time, $ 13.4 million

Total financing amount: $ 100 million

Major investors: Amazon founder Bezos, Expeditions, and CRV, GE Ventures, MTV, Goldman Sachs, Two Sigma Ventures,, Wellington Management

GreyOrange Robotics

Provides automated sorting robot for warehouse company.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: August 2015 b round of funding, $ 30 million

Total financing amount: $ 39 million

Major investors: BITS Spark Angels, and Blume Ventures and the Hatch Group, and Tiger Global Management


Consumer-oriented social robots, with vision, hearing, and can help users from multiple angles.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: July 2015, a round of financing of $ 11 million

Total financing amount: 38.58 million dollars

Major investors: CRV, and Formation 8, RRE Ventures, and Samsung Ventures, and Two Sigma Ventures

Harvest Automation

Production, automated robot, capable of team work, suitable for materials processing and agricultural production.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: October 2013 c round of funding, $ 11.8 million

Total financing amount: $ 33.51 million

Major investors: Cultivation Capital, and Entree Capital, and Founder Collective, and Life Sciences Partners

Fetch Robotics

Production for the warehouse automation robots. City mobile phone conversion do satellites will

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: June 2015, a round of financing of $ 20 million

Total financing amount: $ 23 million

Major investors: O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and Shasta Ventures, and Softbank Capital

Bossa Nova Robotics

Have a mObi spherical robot platform, aimed at the consumer market.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

Last round financing in August 2015, a round of financing, $ 9.11 million

Total financing amount: $ 9.11 million

Major investors: Innovation Works, and Riverwood Capital

Gamma 2 Robotics

Mainly producing robots for automated safety system: G2R Cybernetic Brain, using this system, the robot can manuals make decisions such as the booklet.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: April 2014, a round of financing, $ 3.55 million

Total financing amount: $ 3.55 million

Major investors: Foxlink Group


Main warehouse robot autonomous vehicle technology.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: seed round February 2015, $ 3 million

Total financing amount: $ 3 million

Major investors: Almaz Capital Partners, and Columbus Nova Technology Partners, and I2BF Global Ventures


Main Relay robot, which can be passed between people is a robot, are focusing in the field of medicine.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: seed round April 2014, $ 2 million

Total funding amount: $ 2 million

Major investors: AME Cloud Ventures, and Felicis Ventures, and Google Ventures, and Morado Venture Partners

Empire Robotics

Versaball main production system for robotic arm to provide "the catch," technical support.

Ten robot venture company is most likely

The last financing: July 2014 convertible bonds (Convertible Bond,CB) $ 460,000

Total financing amount: $ 990,000

Major investors: Buffalo Angel Network and the SoundBoard Angel Fund

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

China Institute of 5000kW turbo shaft engine Assembly of heavy lift helicopters

  Fair opened today in Tianjin, the third helicopter, the aircraft industry has not only brought China the first flying car, "sailing", but also showed the Chinese Institute of 5000kW turbo-shaft engine model. Investors talk about Luo Yonghao appreciate him

  It is understood that this engine will play a major role in China's aircraft manufacturing sector, which not only can wear on the heavy-lift helicopters, and can also provide power for the tilt-rotor aircraft.

  AVIC helicopter company said Chief Designer Wu Ximing, China has been considering a quad tilt rotor aircraft--the blue whale. 5000kW class turboshaft engine, the "blue whale" will take off up to 40 tons of weight, internal load of 20 tons, is currently technical accumulation phase.

  Experts also stressed that China 5000KW turboshaft engine developed without foreign help.

China Institute of 5000kW turbo-shaft engine: Assembly of heavy-lift helicopters

Blue concept

China Institute of 5000kW turbo-shaft engine: Assembly of heavy-lift helicopters

United States "Osprey" tilt-rotor machine

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Under 50 health tracking equipment recommended cheap and easy

  At present, as the promotion of wearable technology on the market below 50 dollars but fully functional fitness tracking devices and there are today, we say to these inexpensive wearable fitness device, if you are looking for a device, that editor can only say: you're lucky.

  1. Misfit Flash

Under $ 50 health tracking equipment recommended: cheap and easy

  Misfit Flash is by far a very popular fitness tracking devices on the market, mainly through the Smartphone screen to display content to track sleep and walking steps, its battery life of up to 6 months. Misfit Flash Amazon sells for $ 24.99.

  2. Misfit Flash Link

Under $ 50 health tracking equipment recommended: cheap and easy

  Flash Link is the Misfit of the company's new products, this circular movement monitor has a very sweet price, $ 20 price is very close to the people, and have the function of remote control lighting, music. We may consider in the living room and placed a few small things such as the realization of different operations. OtterBox Note 4 Cases

  3. Moov NOW

Under $ 50 health tracking equipment recommended: cheap and easy

  Moov NOW website sale price of us $ 59.99, the price is not in line with the topics below $ 50, but it is the world's first artificial intelligence trainer product, it will not only record your exercise movements and gestures, but also give you real-time voice and video guide. In addition, this product for up to six months of battery life, compact shape is very likable.

  4. Jawbone UP MOVE

  Jawbone UP Move is mainly aimed at the low price of the entry-level market, this product is equipped with LED display, can only provide a step counter and calorie consumption, such as monitoring, as well as simple sleep track. However, it uses MotionX technology, can UP via Bluetooth wireless connection, Amazon sells for $ 39.99.

  5. NuYu

Under $ 50 health tracking equipment recommended: cheap and easy

  NuYu looks like an ordinary tracing device for small size, it has a monochrome screen and a different color styles, excellent water resistance, and by supporting the App data statistics and analysis. This product Amazon sells for $ 50. OtterBox N4

OtterBox N4

  6. Thunder snake Nabu x

Under $ 50 health tracking equipment recommended: cheap and easy

  Nabu x no more complex design, body only 3 LED. Red represents calls, green for SMS, and blue represent Facebook messages, you can choose whether or not your mobile phone to read these messages. Its battery life is 5-7 days, the standby time is up to 30 days, Amazon sells for $ 49.99.

  7. Jawbone UP24

Under $ 50 health tracking equipment recommended: cheap and easy

  Jawbone UP24 has a stylish appearance, and a variety of colors and styles to choose from, to monitor a user's movement, and sleep, also provided some health advice. The device can also be connected with the computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth, and have 7 days of standby time. Jawbone UP24 Amazon sells for $ 49.99.

  8. Fitbit Zip

Under $ 50 health tracking equipment recommended: cheap and easy

  This product does not support sleep tracking and measuring the height, but the step counter, distance and calories of monitoring can be done. In addition, the variety of colors and styles, wireless syncing and not limited to one part of wear in a way that this product has a very flexible form of use, its website sells for $ 49.99.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Triumph in the skies and experience a bright fly

  In General, pilots are to develop: theory and simulation study on, after the experienced trainer, trainees in order to open a real aircraft. And if a fighter pilot, it takes a long time, surely money is essential. Hard pioneering Zhu Chen Xu exploring mobile VR

  Lei feng's network journalists today to introduce, is a simulation of the F-35 aircraft, users put on the magic of virtual reality glasses, sat in the cockpit, you can experience a bright fly. Directly on the video.

  This looks kinda SIAO device could really be applied to Luke air force base. Look from the video, the entire device is quite large, with most consumer-level VR device thus far.

  Entertaining but it is also very strong, stationed in a playground in the future eventually.