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Focus on multichannel EEG program EEGSmart from the health field into a smart

Focus on multichannel EEG program, EEGSmart from the health field into a smart dress

  Part of the brain is the most amazing, most precise, human research on the brain has never stopped. Early in the last century, humans have been recorded for the first time human EEG. But before brain waves used for medical and scientific research. In recent years the rise of intelligent hardware, some companies are thinking about whether the brain-wave acquisition technology can be placed on the wearable smart device and converted to civilian use, EEGSmart of which is caused by hunting network (micro-letter: ilieyun) attention.

  EEGSmart research and development of smart device and a brain waves INFI INFIPlus United States TI medical-grade chips, joined create their own algorithms and solutions on this basis. INFI total FP1, and FP2, and O1, and O2, and A1, and A2 six a test electrode, respectively corresponds to forehead, and brain, and ear Hou three a regional, INFI Plus is this based Shang increased corresponds to control of C3, and C4 two a electrode, appearance Shang also more has two root thin of "antenna" (from official website introduced video view, this two root antenna seems to is can removed of). EEGSmart device can be collection to the user a variety of EEG, through combined with cognitive psychology and brain fatigue, excitement, focus, concentration, control, emotional identification and application of multiple responses. On this basis, through an open SDK and API-brain interfaces, INFI and INFI Plus can be extended to multiple applications.

INFI EEGSmart Netu

  Above, INFI parameter details

INFI Plus EEGSmart Netu

  Above, INFI Plus parameter details

  EEGSmart co-founder &CMO Chen Yungang hunt in an interview, said the current, the device first landed in the health industry, particularly in the mental health field. Chen said the mental health industry in China is still a big room, as the white-collar crowd, such as psychological stress increases, increasing people's awareness of mental health. EEGSmart and New Zealand University of Otago psychology majors, one developed a service in Guangzhou, can monitor the user's mental state, push the App based on the results of monitoring to the appropriate message or broadcast, to help users adjust the mood. If the monitor to the user's mental status problems for several days, also sent psychologists understand and follow up on the line.

  Meanwhile, App also offers ideas interactive pet games and community functions.

  Emotiv for foreign EEGSmart on the underlying product series, Emotiv Insight just made $ 600,000 on Kickstarter to raise platform good grades. Both are multi-channel intelligent wear products, Emotiv's success is an incentive for the EEGSmart in a foreign country.

  Home, in Taobao raised the success of Brainlink Kether projects also illustrates user's enthusiasm for brain-wave smart wear equipment. EEGSmart multi channel acquisition and analysis programmes and other manufacturers of single channel programme in very different ways: single channel on the strength of brain waves, which is what we call "focused" testing, EEGSmart directly into control and psychological level.

  At present EEGSmart as Jing dong first Incubator projects, project progress more smoothly, first generation of Jingdong product launched in October is expected to raise. Chen said, products and most importantly, how to integrate into the scene, creating real value for customers. Therefore, apart from the line, and product sales in the future will be more focused on and offline integration O2O modes, such as psychological advice.

  EEGSmart team a total of about 20 people, r 80%. CEO He Chao studied at Beijing University in computer science, PhD,CMO Chen and He Chao HKBU MBA students at Otago University. Not toys improper shipping tools large parts of

  Chen told hunt Yungang, brain wave combined with the wearable device, itself with a certain threshold, future areas for cooperation is very wide. Apart from the psychological field, sleep, yoga games, education, AR/VR, robots and other fields have extensive cooperation possible. EEGSmart will expand the field, however, product development, allows users to truly feel brain smart wear equipment of practical value is the most fundamental point of departure.

  Price as a lot of people care about issues, Chen stressed that price not much profitable, everyone can accept. So, we are waiting for EEGSmart in October, can surprise us.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Super cool table tennis tables built in Bluetooth audio

  Introduction: intelligent hardware business more and more rational, there are always many entrepreneurs insist that their dreams. For example, this table tennis table with integrated Intelligent audio system. 2800W was its built-in sound system, and has eight 6x9 speakers, very shocking, cool.

  Space-constrained circumstances, any multifunction devices will be favored. Recently, a new table tennis table-STIGA, has its own sound system Studio Table available. In this way, even Saturday night to revel, Stiga, this multi-functional table can meet all your requirements. Li Feng semiconductor Giants are transition to


Built-in Bluetooth audio pushed Stiga super cool table tennis table


  Stiga Table tennis tables

  The Stiga Table tennis tables look great sense of science and technology, 2800W was its built-in sound system, and has eight 6x9 speakers, in addition to the subwoofer and audio amplifier. It also has a built-in Bluetooth module, so it can be connected to a smart device, audio files directly to your device. Even more special is that the STIGA Studio Table even with LED lighting system and microphone interface.

  This device, STIGA's website describes as follows: STIGA Studio Table with hand-made, both sports, entertainment functions. 2800W sound system equipped with built-in 360-degree stereo speakers, to provide users with unmatched sound quality.

  Even more special is that the built-in LED lighting system, providing stunning color combination. And you can also set the lights synchronized with the audio player function of the system, light can change color as the music changed. Its microphone input port is set, you can independently adjust the microphone of a sound, it is more convenient to use.

  After the user has purchased the STIGA Studio Table, the company will be free shipping, door installation and provide high quality services. Of course good service can only say "wool grows on the sheep's back", as the STIGA Studio Table sells for about us $ 14900 (about 92520 Yuan). Well, after seeing the price before for STIGA Studio Table species of grass should have pulled out of the bar.

  Editor's review: ping pong table that cost nearly 100,000 yuan is certainly not ready for general public, it is difficult to imagine a like playing table tennis is willing to spend so much money to buy this product. So, so some products to make people see that someone is to let people use.

Friday, March 25, 2016

AR innovation scan a QR code on a bag of potato chips you can get instant

Virtual brand advertising applications of augmented reality Blippar recently and potato chip manufacturers Walkers made a new attempt, the two will jointly create a AR weather forecast.

VR iPhone case

Simply put, we eat in the open air of Walkers French fries you would through a convenient way to learn about the weather. Blippar potato chip bag to be scanned the QR code above, we can use cell phones to download free Blippar application, and real-time weather information is automatically displayed on the Smartphone screen. Walkers programme from August to September, this time in all add Blippar QR code on a potato chip bag. VR iPhone case virtual reality VR case

Blippar in a variety of products used to add different ads, because promotion more successful in Europe, Blippar plans to bring the model into the United States in order to be successful.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Watch new feature swimming recorder

  On the market today can be used to record swimming fitness Tracker does not even support this feature, used in most cases when you must swim in the water before you adjust to a special mode. Withings, obviously, this is too much trouble, so the Activit under e and Activit é Pop watches joined the capability to automatically detect the wearer swim, let you both into the water or the water, could avoid manually setting trouble. Of course, taking into account the two devices resistant up to 50 meters, so that when we dive, or to remember to pick them. Popular science whether the cancer will spread


Monday, March 21, 2016

New GoPro Sports cameras released without protection box 10 m waterproof

GoPro HERO4 Session

GoPro HERO4 Session

  July 7 morning news sports GoPro camera company in the United States launches its new HERO4 Session, this sharp change in appearance compared to the GoPro and protection box is no longer needed, you can waterproof. COTS becomes the focus of future development of

  HERO4 Session is characterized by design, compared with all GoPro products are different, it uses a square appearance, 1.5-inch cube body smaller than a HERO4 Black/Silver 50% light 40%. GoPro is our smallest and lightest sport camera products.

  Another change HERO4 Session is no longer in need of protection can be realized 10 m waterproof function, of course, coupled with case waterproof depth will increase. It has only two buttons on the fuselage, respectively control video and WiFi function, press the two buttons and can also take pictures or different features such as time-lapse Photography.

  Because of its small size, Session does not support 4K video capture, photo resolution 1080p resolution at 60 frames, 720p 100 fps, and specifications such as 1440 resolution 30 fps, also supports 8 million pixels of the leaflets, shots and time-lapse photos. And retains HERO4 features Black and Silver products, includes the SuperView, Protune and low-light shooting mode automatically. Users can also use the GoPro application or a Smart Remote Remote control.

  HERO4 Session screens are omitted. It has a built-in dual microphone system, better noise reduction, because there are no waterproof boxes, which feature in the audio collection product is better than it was before.

  HERO4 Session in China's recommended retail price of RMB 2998, on July 7, 2015 presale, sale at GoPro authorized retailers on July 27.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Magic Leap I ll wait for you until next July

A no revenue has not already offered products technology company, just with an ambitious vision and some immature code, on a 12 billion-dollar valuations, cash to raise to $ 542 million from investors.

This is the Magic Leap. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

High finance Google brought in this little-known start-up company among the ranks of young leader in a technology company, also of media want to Leap the history of Magic in the world turned upside down.

Magic Leap is doing, why it's able to attract Google money bets only a concept emerging companies? You will decrypt a complete Magic Leap for you.

Who is the Magic Leap?

Apart from a few speeches and press conferences of the mysterious, Magic Leap in the industry has been very low-key, news reports rarely, very few official statements, and even the official website doesn't mention what they are doing. To know is that Magic Leap to specialize in in the field of virtual reality, if it made the sharks can swim in your Office, elephants can stand on your hands, the Dragon will fly with the birds.

Magic Leap, I'll wait for you until next July

Magic Leap was not started with technology companies. Early in 2010, the famous Magic Leap is now a Studio, the AR (augmented reality) is not interested in, but who sell and sell novels, stories, movies, and even issued Abovitz (Magic Leap CEO) albums of the band.

In 2011, the Magic Leap forward in it a big step on the AR, issued an AR app called Hour Blue. After this, Magic Leap seems to have found his tracks, first Web site professional and mysterious, then began to call themselves the technology company, and have a "real life cinematic experience into" Grand choice.

Magic Leap website wrote: we did a very cool thing, it is unprecedented.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

The glorious deeds of Magic Leap

If you only knew Magic Leap financing and valuation event, Tucson, you pattern is broken.

Company CEO Rony Abovitz, once as a founder, created a company called MAKO surgical robot company, finally sold the $ 1.65 billion.

In addition to the amount of financing from some other news you can also see the importance of Google Magic Leap: the lead investor, and financed entirely from Google, not Google's investment arm, Google ventures. And now Google, the second most, virtual head sangdaer·pichayi full line of products will join Magic Leap Board of Directors.

Magic Leap has many patents, these patents cover almost all the problems that may arise. For example, when we watch a 3D scene, only the eyes focus depth when viewing distance varies, we will experience more real. Magic Leap has such a patent: through technology, light-generated 3D graphics with our eyes see on real objects around the same. This technology can automatically adjust your eyes artificial 3D scenes with different focus depth, create virtual objects and real-world illusion of merge.


Magic Leap, I'll wait for you until next July

In the area of the AR is still in the exploratory stage, Magic Leap is fast becoming a legend. As 2015 United Kingdom part of the Manchester International Festival activities, Magic Leap Framestore the company together, jointly responsible for the Gravity effects in house building. This "The Age of Starlight"-themed activities, may be the world see the Magic for the first time unique and mysterious effect of AR technology Leap.

Join Magic Leap bosses is endless. In addition to Blockbuster's former CFO Scott Henry Beats music, formerly Apple game designers, technical team member Graeme Devine, Open CV creator Gary Bradski, more responsible for the Lord of the rings, huobiteren, the Nineth district Richard Taylor of the science-fiction movie special effects, and so on. These cattle can go to almost any funky company serving around the world, but they all choose Magic Leap.

What to do with Magic Leap?

Magic Leap a trademark document in July this year showed that this technique was described as "wearable computer hardware, namely, optical display system combined with dynamic light display. "

In the field of virtual reality, whether it is the most representative of Oculus, or other device, imaging the 3D effects are covering reality, floating in front of virtual projections. Magic Leap to do, besides mentioned outside of super high resolution, want project to light the depth and breadth of change with the change of perspective, to close the naked eye 3D effect. This immersive effect, Dizzy less, can also be shared with others.

As for the finished product will be like, there's no clear conclusion. But Magic Leap Job Links revealing many secrets. They need a bunch of chip manufacturing and design experts, chip can display more energy efficient, this is especially important for wearable device. Some job posting descriptions and "Android technology, quad-core mobile processors, cellular radio, GPS, noise cancelling headphones, 3D depth sensing camera" keyword.

Voice engineer job posting suggests that we may have some Magic Leap technologies: speech recognition, Telepresence, live sound effects, as well as sound transmission and reproduction. Perhaps Magic Leap will be supporting provides ultra-realistic sound support to enhance realism.

Speculation on Magic Leap, most reliable version is that they were going to do a lightweight headset, similar glasses, top depth sensors, projectors, cameras, and more configuration used for induction and recognition of realities, and reappear in the virtual world. They may use Android, has its own app store, entry point is the game and an interactive comic book market. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case


Magic Leap, I'll wait for you until next July

Magic Leap's magic can be realized?

Before joining Magic Leap Beats CFO described the technology as "real history";

In his speech described himself on former Apple engineer Devine signed a confidentiality agreement when she saw it for the first time after the response "it seems impossible, take at least 50 years, but it really happened."

See the magic of the technology say it goes beyond language to describe, leaving a bunch of curious people have guessed. This is more like a place in the future of technology, mean a great deal to virtual reality interaction.

Stanford University says imaging team leader weizisitan, Magic Leap to achieve highly realistic augmented reality based technology required lots have been demonstrated, however, all they have to do one of the things no one else can do that: improvements and integration of these technologies. But it is necessary to solve some very big challenges requires the integration of optics, electronics, algorithms, sensing technologies in areas such as the human visual system.

If Magic Leap technology to achieve human VR experience will move into a whole new level. Fastest in July next year, we can feel the great magical powers.

Millet 4C

1246 votes

Millet 4C

In India millet 4I released version, which the machines will feature a 5-inch 1080p display, carrying the two A57 1.82GHz Xiao long, four A53 1.44 CPU core 8,086 core processor run built-in 2GB/3GB memory and 16GB/32GB the body storage, equipped with 5 million pixels front + rear 13 million pixels lens combination.

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How to properly ridicule HTC Vive virtual reality helmet

How to properly ridicule HTC Vive virtual reality helmet

HTC collaboration with game company Valve research and development of virtual reality helmet Vive was excited by all the virtual reality enthusiasts. Try the audience, its experience as much as the Oculus. Vive by some device expands the space of the wearer, so that its virtual world can react. In fact, Vive is designed for gaming, you can experience the virtual world in one area of the room. However, there are quite a number worthy of ridicule.

Moschino retina iPad mini case

So much so that the line 

Virtual reality Vive equipment package includes a helmet with computer connection is needed, two wireless stick controller. Hand held controller, where the thumb is to click on the touch, the finger where the Start button, while holding input function is activated. This one needs to learn the operation generally takes only a few minutes to get used. In the demo site, HTC gives audiences a Design Studio by Skillman and Hackett develops virtual reality tool Tilt Brush painting tasks. The demonstration was thrilled by the presence of people. But also exposed the limitations, such as data cables! While the controller is very light, helmet makes people feel comfortable, but when you immerse themselves into the virtual world, you need a distraction to avoid Vive device data cable on this matter. In addition, in a room in the area needed by a rope wrapped around the waist, so as not to go out of the room.

Screen defects 

Vive by laser tracking system achieve the wearer's position and direction information. And Valve Corporation's Steam VR software platform through which data and information on the controller, have a clear picture for the wearer to interact with virtual worlds. However, Vive a flaw inside a virtual world. Although the device is equipped with two display screen resolution of 1200 x 1080, however, can still see red, blue and green on a gray screen. This situation makes people less seriously immersed. However, be forgiven, after all, is the developer version of the live show, and this year will be on the market should not have a consumer version of this to happen.

How to properly ridicule HTC Vive virtual reality helmet

Interactive freedom

On March 1, the company Wemo virtual reality Lab announced on its official website in the 3D ocean world TheBlu project collaboration with Valve. Vive in the show, the audience can immerse Vive in the sea world. Experience said, he stood on the deck of a ship, through the hands of the controllers interact with fish around. Underwater world is very real and can squat down or to walk a few steps in different directions, virtual world environment will also change. But that is not without limits. In addition to the ocean world, there are toy soldiers used guns, artillery, tanks and ships besieging a castle. The wearer can only watch! God just like humans. Most exciting presentations are short video on Valve's shooter Portal of the Aperture. Where users need to repair drone, if the task fails, will be laughed at by GLaDOS in the game. However, has a lot of restrictions on the freedom to interact. In addition, basically, apart from his hands, no other interactions, Moschino retina iPad mini case

Focus on the content

In addition to the above ridicule on the device, in fact, virtual reality is also worth attention. By Owlchemy Labs to create Job Simulator, the game, match the virtual reality helmet, allowing users to experience a variety of first-person perspective. The company built the screen very close to the real life. You can experience as a housewife washing clothes or something, and feel very real. Drawing tools and virtual world Tilt level Brush is a killer application. It allows people to experience can draw a shape with a solid, not just on paper of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional provides a good way for people to explore.

In General, virtual reality Vive is a stunning product. Helmets fit very well with the controller, and there's no obvious delays. Virtual reality experiences are also in place. If the device experience is getting better, and richer, it is estimated that, everyone at home will want one.



How to properly ridicule HTC Vive virtual reality helmet

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~ Moschino iPad Mini Case

Millet Note Hat Edition

1798 people voted

Millet Note Hat Edition

Millet Note Hat indeed stronger than other phones with the same processor performance, as to whether the legend of "Xiao long version V2.1 810" played a role, we have no idea, but there is no doubt that it does have a lot of advantages in kernel optimization. Millet Note Hat voices to remain consistent and Standard Edition, but more on the transient performance of sound excellent. In addition, the hat to dive at low frequencies also will feel in place, also has some strengthening of sound field.

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New motor vehicle new magotan made April the first Volkswagen car God again with

VW models has always been to "pain in ***" naming, and Faw-VW in 2016 heavyweight high a strategic car, made new magotan will be officially released in April at the Beijing auto show. Domestic media recently revealed that new cars are expected to be on July 20, put on the market. Hey, do not know magotan listing, the Passat can also do people buy?

Domestic new basic continues the European version of a whole new generation Passat magotan design language, a new family-style front design with lines on both sides combined more headlamps. The tail, new cars are equipped with tail lights LED light source, but exhaust using a bilateral two-flat design. Body size, domestic new 4866/1832/1464mm magotan lwh respectively. Wheelbase is 2871mm, which lengthened wheelbase compared models 80mm, compared with cash vehicles grew 59mm.

In addition, according to previous reports, the new cars will be equipped with new entertainment system, multi-function steering wheel, and looked up and displayed, a number of configurations.

Power systems, made new magotan provides 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI, and 2.0TSI for consumers optional engines, according to previous reporting information, including 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI for the third generation of the EA888 engine, with a maximum output power of 179 horsepower and 220 horsepower, compared with cash vehicles increased by 19 HP and 20 HP.

Well, butt ugly, but eating these days are relying on the face, butt ugly just ugly, who, after all, fan bingbing face can fire. Unlike the small series, had talent for many years.

When someone said, "fix the DSG, burning lots of oil", but now small series I don't care to cook without burning the oil off constant axis, I just want to ask you knocked down? HA HA. BYD finally get replacement car can save the sales

Have to say God popular recently is quite famous, tell us exactly is more famous ~ first Largos Tang knocked, then Golf was even hit by Wrangler, and Volkswagen 4S shop was hit by a car owners, and later in Changchun Tiguan road rage show feet hit the law and, finally, in Lanzhou road spontaneous combustion ... ... Hey, ask you a question: you do this is to prepare for arrival of 315?



Saturday, March 12, 2016

Using expensive electric desk is what kind of experience

  Price us $ 2990 (about 19,200 yuan) Desk is it sounds a little crazy? Stir Kinetic Desk M1 is such a product. Of course, expensive is not unreasonable, it is a built-in electric motor and adjustable height, even a touch screen embedded on the desktop can be reminded after the user sitting standing to achieve more health Office Forms. Below, a look at its experience.

  Design features a comprehensive

Using expensive electric desk is what kind of experience?

  You will have a feeling: sitting at my desk, cervical discomfort aching need to stand up properly and move about at this point, even hope stand-up, obviously Stir Kinetic Desk M1 can meet this demand.

  It has a simple design, metal table legs by electric motors lift, and hid the eight power plug on the back of the table and four USB interfaces, functions are very comprehensive. In addition, the table in use is very stable and does not produce any shaking.

  Screen is not decoration

Using expensive electric desk is what kind of experience?

  In fact, the electric lift table does not Stir Kinetic's first, but it was the first touch screen into the desk of brands. This 5-inch capacitive screen resolution is not high (800*400 pixels), but it's very practical, you can easily perform a variety of devices, including set up, connection WIFI and so on. When the user has finished entering information such as height, weight, sex, stand can set goals that Stir Kinetic Desk M1 offers a different experience: standing reminder.

Using expensive electric desk is what kind of experience?

  In the Office during the day, the user can adjust the desktop with touch-screen height, and it is an active reminder tool, when users need to stand time, reminders will be issued. Funny thing is, Stir Kinetic Desk M1 also supports multiple users, when other people need to use table, host via touch screen log out, while other users are logged on through a Smartphone app, and establish connections with Stir Kinetic Desk M1 desk, enjoyed lifting and standing reminders. In other words, Stir Kinetic Desk M1 is more than just an electric lift desks, also is a concern to some extent health's Internet equipment. Ben Goertzel in our lifetime wisdom of artificial


  There is no doubt that Stir Kinetic Desk M1 is an expensive desk, users may not be able to bear. However, it did achieve a modern, new desktop experience, and health concepts into them, and implement the initiative to remind, does have a good experience, if budget allows, it is worth a try.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Substituted for Port au Prince China became the hardest hit by Apple refurbished




  IPhone is the world's most popular mobile phone, in the United States market iPhone user loyalty is very high, over 90%, quarter of 2014 years Apple in the United States market share is 47.7%, more than all of the Android Smartphone market share, iPhone in the United States market popularity.

  Become Apple's largest market in China

  IPhone also popular in China, according to data from market research firm kantarWorldpanel from December to February, the IOS devices 27.6% market share of the Chinese market, iPhone6 and plus market share in China reached up to 10.2%, know that this is a cell phone more than 5000 Yuan, the Chinese market has always been dominated by low-end mobile phones.

  2014 fourth quarter, Apple with the introduction of two big screen iPhone handset, sales 74.468 million iPhone mobile phones an explosion 46%, revenue reached $ 74.599 billion rose 30%, net profit of $ 18.024 billion an increase of 38%, all this is high. Chinese market in this quarter became the company's largest market, according to UBS (UBS) estimates that the total market iPhone cell phone shipments in China 36%, exceeding the United States market share of 24%.

  Face of China's huge market, Apple was not enough attention, due February 2015, its only 12 stores in China, and Guangzhou as one of China's four major cities was until this year out of the first Apple retail store. Apple's high prices and selling and too few outlets in the Chinese market in China as most Apple refurbished machine areas.

  Refurbished machines in China

  Refurbished iPhone made in China, Hua Qiang bei in Shenzhen's most famous, in March this year the global times reported, shennan and Hua Qiang Nan lu flying times Tower of Babel communication market, a large number of refurbished used phone, second-hand phone business here with a special machine to the shell to suppress renovation, reconfigure parts and repackaging. According to industry sources, the refurbishment of an iPhone as long as 5 minutes.

  Apple sale Hou for booty phone "wash white", 2014 Shanghai cracked a single case, Shanghai big Austrian communications market of franchise second-hand phone of stall will dirty phone sent to Hangzhou of "love front workshop", in no invoice and warranty card of situation Xia "love front workshop" a engineers on to warranty period within quality fault of name for sent repair who replacement phone, in short a years within the engineers on get has 86105 Yuan wouldn't.

  This year suddenly hung up "orange" that its iPhone mobile phone American Matt lost during a party last year, after nearly a year to sell to China's "orange" hands, then Apple iCloud led "orange" Matt shared photos taken on the new iPhone in his hand.

  Apple has been sent to the user machine maintenance are taken only for the repair of policy replacement costs around 1598, and if selected maintenance maintenance is 1298, such circumstances will select a replacement for most users. In 2012, however, when the United States released by the market research firm IHS report iPhone5 item cost if 1238, even replacing a new cell phone that Apple was still profitable, but more often the so-called replacement is often the user's mobile phone to replace a Board.

  According to industry to introduce, these boards are not necessarily a new motherboard is often returned to the repair center to fix the motherboard replacement down to become "good", the user replacement cell phone motherboard is probably that these cycles many times "good".

  Even the replacement product back to the factory as new social channel shipping. 2011 famous fake groups Wang received a single delegate, the other Apple stores, joy city in Beijing bought an iPhone4, phones, enter mobile phone serial number from the Apple website only to find that the warranty and poor official one-year warranty for 6 months, Wang Hai, that "we have every reason to believe that this is a refurbished machine"! Not toys improper shipping tools large parts of

  Apple in the United States the company sells refurbished iPad, iPod, MacBook and other products, is not selling refurbished iPhone mobile phone. 2010 iPhone4 news as a result of a bad antenna design problem led to phone calls, Apple promises to iPhone4 recovery and give customers a full refund, but Apple has no information to show that recycling cell phones how to handle it. China's parallel channels effective help Apple sell refurbished machines, perhaps such recyclables to these non-developed countries, such as China.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

China s robotics industry faces four major issues scattered chaotic complex weak

  The China manufacturing 2025 Plan release, detonated China's robot industry and robot industry policies plus is not over yet. Industry Ministry has decided to develop robot "Thirteen-Five" plan, and this plan will be the fastest at the end of October this year and support the development of the robot industry policies will also be launched, vigorously promote the application of robots in key manufacturing areas.

  Robots are an important tool for promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, carry out intelligent manufacturing, green production is an important content of the 2025 made in China. This is decided by the current reality of China. With the decay of the population bonus, development of China's industry is losing forward momentum, some people even think that China will lose the "factory of the world" status. In hiring under the double pressure of difficult and expensive, the survival of small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises are also facing great challenges. Even in the relative wealth of the central region, also facing a rise of industrial development needs. Thank Tesla charge can be elegant

  Back in 2000, when Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi presented the "central to, industrial, electrical and mechanical development, exhibition to labor", in order to dream of the rise of central China, Expo was born. So far, the fair has been held for 15 years, rich in content to the theme distinctive, trade, caused a strong reaction in the machinery and electronics industry at home and abroad, known as the "exhibition on China's first Midwest Manufacturing."

  Top 15 successful experience under the guidance of 2015 China international machinery and electronic products fair after careful planning forthcoming September 2015 after 23-25th at the Wuhan International Expo Center. This is a collection of industrial automation solutions, manufacturing and process automation, electrical systems, industrial IT and manufacturing information, micro-system technology, robots are used as one of the industrial automation industry event. As an important part of the industrial automation and robots, more important content is an integral part of the show, a feast of automation is about to open.

  Robot industry development is selected, the robot industry in March driven by market demand. However, I see, behind the opportunity, danger is lurking.

  Robots to the Red Sea from the Lan Haijing issues is not to go around Key Biscayne

  While China's robot market is dressed as a hot scene, but the Android market is not one where people, at least on the domestic robot business is not so. Core technology innovation is poor, lack, high-end and low-end repeating the fall issues, are an important factor restricting the development of China's robot industry. Robot issues eventually point to the issues of industrial development, which became the robot industry-indespensible kan, restricting the further development of China's robot industry.

  Currently, several major issues of China's robot industry can be summed up as the four phenomena: scattered, chaotic, complex and weak:


  Current robot industry, corporate, brand, research institutions, but the lack of communication between many companies and research institutions, fighting each other, resulting in a lower-end technology research, waste a lot of time and effort, and high-end technology and unmanned research, lack of core technologies. While research institutions in the academic and practical applications out of research just to paper and title needs conversion rate is low. China's robot industry, "scattered", causing between units unable to concentrate a superior force to the core technology research and development, weaken the competitiveness and innovation of China's robots.


  China's robotics industry "chaos" as manifested in product strategy, industry planning and intervention on the part of administrative chaos. The development of intelligent equipment for robotics and other emerging industries, have been the focus of policy support, blindness and local governments and enterprises put into construction, exacerbating the robotics industry turmoil.

  Currently robots are hundreds of enterprises, planning or construction of robot industrial park also has more than 40 more, and these enterprises in the industrial park "complex, small," little differences between each other, the technological content of products is not high, cannot form a closed chain, there is a certain blindness and repeatability.

  Robot's lack of technical innovation of enterprises in China, apart from a few robots outside the enterprise can participate in international competition in individual areas, work for robot brands abroad most of the robot company. Many brands of domestic robot industry, facing a shrinking more and more price range, enterprises can only prices to snatch market. Grass and trees Sun, Chinese robots overall competitiveness is not strong.


  China's robotics industry "miscellaneous" mainly in the software standard miscellaneous impurity impurity, communications standards and industry standards.

  Each robot is incompatible between manufacturers of products, which intensified the competition between each other, but also in the selection of robots for the consumer products causing disturbance.

  The development of an industry, if you want to form a complete chain of upper, middle and lower reaches, must have matching industry standard systems. Although China's robotics industry continues to develop, but research did, no uniform standard, it is difficult to make the robot development, production, manufacture, sale, integration, and service industry chain are forming an orderly and refined.

  At present, China's robot industry industry mechanical industry standard established by the standard was adopted in 1996, also there is no uniform quality assurance testing organization specifically for robots. Therefore, the lack of standard system, a major obstacle will be the healthy development of the robotics industry.

  National development and Reform Commission has decided to set up in the country now three robot testing and assessment Center, once completed will greatly enhance the standardization work of China's robot industry building and product quality, promote domestic technology fast, healthy and orderly development of the robotics industry.

  Robots to the Red Sea from the Lan Haijing issues is not to go around Key Biscayne


  Domestic robots and alien robot brand a competitive disadvantage, mainly in the qualifications of vulnerable, funding chain branded weak and vulnerable.

  Most domestic robots started relatively late, foreign Robotics robot market in China for many years, has a strong brand, resulting in a lot of enterprises procurement robot not considered a domestic robot, even domestic robots have a very high price. Domestic robots have no opportunity to display their products, competition in the China market in the passive. Meanwhile, the robot manufacturers are often dominated by small and medium sized enterprises in China, set up time is short and the number of engineers is less, qualification is weak, often at a time when customer service provider filter robot were turned away.

  In terms of funding, because the robot is a high-tech industry, requires a lot of money and effort in the early, many due to initial the robot enough reserves, growing up is easy to capital chain rupture and die young.

  With different domestic robots, robot foreign enterprises to seize the Chinese market when on a "carrier battle group" in the form of industry, more competitive as a whole.

  Overall, the four pain points are the bottleneck in the development of China's robot industry, but also the direction of the urgent need to break. If a domestic robot can overcome these issues can go compete with foreign brands, for the broader market. Otherwise, descend into infighting in an endless loop, continuously extruding robot product originally narrow profit margins, cut back, turn a "Blue Ocean" Android market "Red Sea".

  At present, China's robot industry development the importance of domestic enterprises to work together, as well as Exchange and common progress. The 16th China international machinery and electronic products fair is a robot products and technology platform, but also provides a good platform for the industry. Trades can take this understand the latest domestic robots, and enterprises can exchange, learn from each other and work together to create a new situation of China's robot industry strong and large. Chinese enterprises have the initiative in the market, Android market, China can become new markets for international high-end robotics.

  Not small series scholar complex like injury spring sad autumn, is really drops feel to Chinese in commercial Shang more smart less big wisdom, with previously of PV, and LED as, robot is may is next was we play bad of industry, and Government support in these industry whether up to has due of role, this problem worth scrutiny, ultimately, a knife cut of support policy hard meet China diversified market of actual needs, was should up to help push role of kindness, led to of results is often is raised has a hold policy thigh, and Food subsidy fund industry parasites, robots also appears to have this trend ... ...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2 0T BMW 7 series would you buy it

Then March came, spring is not far away. All major manufacturers at this point have issued new cars. Onion yesterday went to the sunny Sanya, participated in the BMW 7 730Li launches of new models.

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

Prices and configurations

As we all know, the new 7-series last year, onions have also been dug in excavator in the new car this car, 730Li for this release is the new 7-series models, which leading luxury and price are: 898,000 and 1.028 million.

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

Configuration, it's 7 signs of several technologies or keep.

Such as control and comfort is very important for carbon fiber body, magic carpet air suspension.

Carbon fiber body

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

Magic Carpet air suspension

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

Semi-automatic driving technology and 3D panoramic images, intelligent key, gesture control, touchscreen, and more.

Auxiliary car within 0-210 km/h, lane keeping and lane change Assistant

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

Smart key

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

Gesture control

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

There are also luxurious luxury fittings, such as welcome light carpet, starry sky panorama sunroof, 8 flavor fragrance, PM2.5 filter systems and so on.

Welcome light carpet

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

Star panoramic sunroof

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

The BMW also offers a number of exclusive range of customization and optional, such as lots of people like laser headlights are optional.

2.0T BMW 7-series, would you buy it?

What new power systems?

Goes on to say that the biggest change was the focus of power.

The 730Li uses a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0T engine. Maximum horsepower 258 HP and peak torque of 400 nm, with 8-speed automatic gearbox. Naturally aspirated 3.0 and previous generation six-cylinder engine power is the same, but the torque of 90 nm, and more importantly, torque from the 1550 RPM maximum torque can be achieved.

Meet weighing 80 kilos compared to the previous generation's body, made 0-100 from 7.5 up to 6.3 seconds, official combined fuel consumption decreased from 9.9 liters per hundred kilometers to 6.3 litres.

Onions, and a short test drive from view, this new dynamics N20 2.0T more refined than the previous generation, at low speed is basically feel the engine noise, as long as the speed is above 1500 rpm, both power output and the feedback to the driver are correct.

High speed, noise will be obvious to some, it seems, hardly comparable four-cylinder engine with six-cylinder engine's weight, but this weight, may be less sensitive to the drivers is not easy to detect.

Gearbox still intelligent, in the comfort mode, the accelerator pedal can also be easily controlled gearbox shifting rhythms.

In the trial period, remove rear other than do not lie flat seats in first class, and 740, 750, no difference in ride comfort. Ultimate secrets here Parking is no longer worried

As we test drive the 730-air suspension and intelligent body magic carpet systems, comfort is still high, but do not know if the tire pressure is different, slightly more sensitive than 750 test drive before.

Some netizens think before 7-series than the s-class is still sensitive to onion 7 on a hang of this generation of comfort beyond the s-class. Of course, if taking into account include comprehensive factors such as wheel size, tire pressure, can only say that onions had test drives of the two cars is such a feeling.

2.0T on the flagship is the trend

In fact, the flagship model equipped four-cylinder turbocharged engine trend is unstoppable, the former Jaguar XJL, VOLVO XC90, now is the BMW 730, and powered the overall performance of the system with the innovation of science and technology is getting better, I believe the future will be used in more luxurious brands.

For the average consumer, onions are still recommendations need to be selected based on their actual conditions, and be sure to test drive experience in person, then choose their own.

Allium if selected, six-cylinder the temptation is too great, estimated 740 on the try. But after a test drive if you feel dynamic responses without too much noise, vibration and drop, even drivers themselves enjoy the back row, 730 might be a good choice.

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