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Htc Lumia 1030 Release Date, Descriptions & Features: vs iPhone 1; Microsoft Phone Winning?

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / APRIL 02: Nokia executive vp Stephen Elop announces the new Htc Lumia 930 smartphone as he blabs during a keynote address during the 2014 Microsoft Build developer conference entirely on April 2, 2014 in San francisco bay area, California. The 2014 Microsoft Make developer conference runs through July 4. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Previously, it was rumored that Intel was quietly killing Nokia McLaren, which is also known as the Nokia Lumia 1030.

However , reports have it that Intel is actually pushing through with this "iPhone killer" and may be releasing it the coming year. In fact , leaked images of the credible successor to the Nokia Lumia 1020 have reportedly been circulating internet sites lately.

AndroidOrigin said the latest resize of photos "show the device compared to the metal iPhone 6 case, so it seems there was clearly some heavy competition planned. type

Is Microsoft positioning its front runner phone to go head to head with Apple's bestselling product? If that's the case, 2015 must be a year of ambitious strategies for the company.

The Nokia Luma 1030 shown in the photos often is allegedly still a prototype, but it looks fully functional. However , it's quite possibly that this device will still be subjected to lots more modifications.

"The alleged Lumia 1030 will supposedly feature a 1080p express, 2GB of RAM, 32GB on-ship storage and, if initial misconceptions are to be believed, a quad-core Snapdragon chipset, " GSM Arena pronounced.

"The device will have a dual-LED flash, as opposed to the xenon one captured in its predecessor, " the site spotted, adding that it will also support 4G and additionally sport slots for a microSD along with micro SIM.

In photos which in turn show the Microsoft McLaren side by side along with your aluminum iPhone 6 case, it appears the former is bigger.

"The appearance of the currently is 6, along with a label visible in regards to the handset that says 'prototype residences of Microsoft Mobile' without any reference to Nokia, shows that this handset the relativity recent, " TechRadar outlined. "The most interesting aspect of the get is the huge camera situated in regards to the back of the handset. It's significantly eye catching, and means the Lumia 1030 lacks the minimalist variety of other flagship phones. "

In regards to the handset's look, The Verge ended up being told by "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans" that "the device was created to look like a successor to the Lumia 1020, but that the camera was all across 20 megapixels in reality and primary Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520. "

There also have been talk over Microsoft enabling the McLaren on "Kinect-like 3D Touch gestures. type However , the company is still reportedly working away at the basics to fine tune this research. It is allegedly possible that some of these has will be seen "in the phone variant of Windows 10. "

Could be the upcoming model might be a success. We'll know more about this for sure one more time updates come through, as no typical confirmation has been made by Microsoft up till now.

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