Friday, March 6, 2015

Riccardo Tisci Opens Men's Givenchy Maintain in Paris

Since taking the dominates as creative director of ladies haute couture at Givenchy iPhone at 2005, Riccardo Tisci has built seriously the fan base. Despite their vary type of styles, everyone from Kim Kardashian (who walked down the aisle in a courture Givenchy creation) to Julianne Moore to Madonna have all decreased for the Italian designer's creations. Nonetheless it's not just womenswear with which your 40-year-old has found success. Tisci's Givenchy menswear line has also impressed, with units including Jared Leto, who memorably rocked a lilac Givenchy tuxedo your 2015 Oscars.

Givenchy iPhone 5S Case Painting Dog

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Our body to WWD, the success of Tisci's menswear collections contributed to the opening of a flagship protect in the Marais neighborhood in Venice, which opens today, as well as upcoming men's stores planned to open inside New York City and Milan in the pouring in year. A London store is inside sight for 2016.

Each freedom of the interior of the Paris protect, which Tisci had a heavy surrender designing, features a slightly different aesthetic, swayed by one of Tisci's inspirations. Like the entry salon, with its "dark, polished wood and green vulnerable walls" against the backdrop of large white subway tiles, is the breathtaking execution of Tisci's sixties and seventies Greek design-inspired vision. Said Tisci in the flagship store, "In each freedom, you have a different journey, but roughly speaking when you look at it, you feel that happen to be in a iPhone 5 case Givenchy world. "

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The two-level store will sell customer favorites and this includes leather backpacks and sneakers on top of formal wear and runway box of goodies.