Thursday, March 19, 2015

SATAN WEARS PRADA Announces Return To SURGE RECORDS, Release Of New EP 'Space'

THE DEVIL WEARS Prada iPhone has recorded its return to Rise Records around the release of the band's next exertion, a conceptual EP titled "Space", coming in summer 2015. The band's "Zombie 5 Tour Presented at Rockstar Energy Drink" celebrating you see, the fifth anniversary of the acclaimed EP "Zombie" kicked off in Nashville this past Sunday night and and will definitely criss-cross the country through mid May possibly, wrapping in Bloomington, Illinois on, may 14. The band is vocal the "Zombie" EP in its whole for the first time, as well as a new song (see video below) from the forthcoming "Space" EP, among many other fan most favorite. Commenting on THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA's return to Rise Records, vocalist Deb Hranica said: "We're all particularly confident in working with Rise repeatedly, again. The label has grown tremendously since connected with first release back in 2006. Having said that, we know their intention is still much like ever and we know it's a rucksack that will complement us well. We have been persistently hands-on and love to do just as we please, and they're a great setting for us to be able to continue that area while supporting our visions. Plaisir can be commended, deservedly, for their wholehearted drive at releasing albums consider in; and it's that enthusiasm which happens to be both welcoming and exciting for the band moving forward. " The "Space" EP marks THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA's first concept release since "Zombie" and the first on Rise Values since the band's sophomore release, "Plagues", in 2007.

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THE DEVIL WEARS Prada iPhone 5's latest full-length album, "8: 18", was released in September 2013 provided by Roadrunner.