Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reversing lamp: Rubik's Snake

If placed on a desk or bedside lamp, you can play with objects, such as Rubik's, just a few steps to reverse, would allow lighting transforms a variety of modelling, people might be pleased now! This lamp in the picture, can let you play through emails they won't let go, and have given themselves a reason for homes. ysl iPhone 5 case

Lamps designed by Oikimus Maria and Ivan Zverev Rubik's Snake, from a Magic Snake (Magic Snake) this classic casual puzzle game. Will reverse the operation of Magic Snake gestures combined with lamps, in addition to the Rubik's Snake in outside home space to create new things and changes, and training master's head, let your imagination shine. Through a 360-degree rotation each solid block, based on demand and display sites, turning out snake-like, triangular, and don't know what different looks. LED fog light rays from a surface of Plexiglas in deeply, that it "contains a warm light" warm atmosphere, almost every single home living space.

YSL Quilted Case with Pearls Chain for iPhone 5/5S Purple

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Wish more on the market that lets consumers participate, second to create interesting designs too! What do you think?